Manifest Destiny – it was a phrase that molded a controversial period of American history. When we think of Manifest Destiny. we think of our nation’s firm pursuit to capture land from the Atlantic to the Pacific. plundering Native American fatherlands and naming them our ain. It’s easy to hear the term and expression at it as a barbarian alibi to hold all this land to ourselves. But was it truly merely a word to cover up the cruel world of American imperialism. or was it something more to Americans? The term manifest fate was widely used and interpreted. but it ever seemed to sketch three basic subjects. Those subjects were virtue. mission. and destiny. Manifest fate focused on the virtuousness of America’s people and authorities. American Exceptionalism was the belief that America’s history was exceeding. in comparing to other states and that it was “good” and ethical unlike what has been seen in other states. Exceptionalism showed in the beliefs of people who thought that God had selected America as a “City on a Hill” ; a function theoretical account and an ideal for the remainder of the universe. particularly still-developing countries. Besides. many people believed that America’s people. the “Anglo-Saxon race” were. in footings of morality. intelligence. et cetera. of course superior to other peoples. although we know now this would be capable to alter.

Supporters of manifest fate believed non merely that they could spread out and rule. but that they besides should. They believed it was the mission of the United States to distribute democracy. making a universe in the image of America. Others disagreed ; they thought that the United States should merely stay a function theoretical account for other states. and that that was their mission. Manifest Destiny was the belief that the United States was destined by God with the mission of spread outing across the continent. from the Atlantic to the Pacific. To the American people at the clip it was much more than some alibi to spread out. it was as a deeply frozen portion of our civilization for both societal and spiritual grounds. Peoples believed it to be an obvious fate set before us by God as a superior state to spread out. The phrase was foremost coined in 1845 by journalist John L. O’Sullivan. John L. O’Sullivan. although non the first individual who supported the construct. was the first individual to utilize the term “manifest destiny” . He coined the phrase in 1845 in his essay titled “Annexation. ” which urged the United States authorities to annex Texas.

He believed that the United States had been given a mission by God to distribute democracy. non by force. but merely by distributing across the continent. “We are come ining on its pathless infinite. with the truths of God in our heads. beneficent objects in our Black Marias. and with a clear scruples unsullied by the past. We are the state of human advancement. and who will. what can. put bounds to our onward March? Providence is with us. and no earthly power can. We point to the everlasting truth on the first page of our national declaration. and we proclaim to the 1000000s of other lands. that ‘the Gatess of hell’ — the powers of nobility and monarchy – ‘shall non predominate against it. ’” In these words he exposes the strong spiritual influences of Manifest Destiny. To those who believed in Manifest Destiny it wasn’t merely a dedicated dream. it was a God-given promise endowed to the American people. He said that by non annexing Texas. the authorities was “…limiting our illustriousness and look intoing the fulfilment of our manifest fate to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our annual multiplying millions…” O’Sullivan believed that manifest fate was non merely a theory. but a moral ideal.

The phrase. nevertheless. was non popularized until Whig Robert Winthrop. who opposed manifest fate. ridiculed the thought in public. There were many readings of manifest fate. but most reflected the widespread feeling of Nationalism that was sparked by the decision of and triumph in the War of 1812. Many people supported manifest fate for loyal. economic. moral. or religious grounds. Others. being mainly Southerners. supported it because they thought it would assist distribute bondage. However. some opposed manifest fate because they believed that its protagonists were utilizing it as an alibi to warrant their ain agencies. Robert Winthrop of the Whig party. on the other manus. was opposed to the theory of manifest fate.

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He ridiculed the impression in public. stating. “I suppose the right of a manifest fate to distribute will non be admitted to be in any state except the cosmopolitan Yankee state. ” Winthrop believed the alibi of “Divine Providence” was simply used for justification where opportunism was the existent motivation. The two point of views on the issue of Texas would be the American point of view and the Mexican point of view. The Americans believed that the land West of them should belong to them ; they had no regard for others. They merely moved in and declared it their land. From the Mexican point of view. this was stealing the land. the Americans did non believe the same manner. so that brought up a struggle. The Mexicans saw the Americans as the enemy. and frailty versa. so they started contending. Finally. after a bloody war. the Americans won and got to maintain Texas.

The US Government used both dialogue and military strength to derive district. The add-on of Oregon was an illustration of the US authorities utilizing dialogue. Most of the clip. the US used peaceable agencies to get land. they bought or traded land from other states that occupied the environing country such as Britain and France. this is how the US gained the Oregon Territory. However. when a state was non willing to give up its land. they would take it by force. the Mexican War is an illustration of this. After their licking. the Mexicans gave up the California part in the Mexican Cession. These agencies were successful and the US expanded to the Pacific Ocean. Manifest Destiny. although often debated against and coroneted “racist. ” is still engraved within American civilization. It defines out quest to greatness. and showed our might in contending for the glorification we felt we deserved in the growing of a great state.


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