Manifest Destiny: The Following Generation Essay, Research Paper

Manifest Destiny: The Following Generation. The United States of America pushed the Indians farther and farther west onto reserves. The state went to war with Mexico ; we were vanquishers because we had the power and the haughtiness to believe that it was our fate to cross the distance between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. One great huge state, one that the history books would ne’er be able to bury. The thought of Manifest Destiny was fathered chiefly by one adult male, Mr. Thomas Hart Benton. This expansive ideal of unifying all the land under our great authorities will now be carried into The Following Generation, by the current United States of America. Now the end is to unify the United States and the Country of Mexico into one great large comfortable state. The best authorities that could be instituted in the state of Mexico is a Constitutional Democracy. The United States Government to be exact, I want to spread out the U.S. boundary line all the manner down to Chiapas, the southern most state of Mexico. Once portion of the Union, Mexico will be automatically brought to full province position with two voting members of the Senate, and 197 voting members of the House of Representatives. Their citizens will now be afforded all the rights that United States citizens have, that means minimal pay, no more sweat stores, land redistribution because of the many old ages of development by big pudding stone corporations. They will hold established military bases, centres of authorities in each state. The substructure of the province will be brought up to the degree that the remainder of the United States is held to today. Each old Mexican state will maintain their names ; they will merely go counties of the new province, merely like in the remainder of the provinces. The capital will evidently stay the same in Mexico City. The System of regulating known as a Constitutional Democracy is the best option for the state of Mexico. The really best option for the state of Mexico is to fall in the brotherhood of provinces, which as one are known as the United States of America. The Constitutional Democracy that we have in the U.S. is the best for Mexico because & # 8220 ; it can be antiphonal to the people. Second, because they are governed in conformity with the cardinal regulations and agreements, they are limited in the ends they can prosecute and the agencies by which they can prosecute them. Finally, like all authoritiess, constitutional democracies can be designed to regulate aptly, therefore supplying effectual authorities & # 8221 ; ( Magstadt 104 ) . Translated that means, a constitutional democracy is antiphonal to the people because the people run the authorities. This quotation mark besides says that Constitutional Democracies are based on the cardinal regulations of a state. Which means that whatever your people hold beloved is precisely what your authorities is traveling to protect. Their chief ends are to make as the people want. This besides means that it is about impossible for the authorities to get down governing on its ain caprices. If the people do non desire it done, so it can non be done. A Constitutional Democracy based on Federalism, merely as the United States & # 8217 ; , works in many ways, here is a structural analysis which illustrates the complex workings inside the system. & # 8220 ; Federalism represents a division of power between the national authorities and regional subdivisions. In the United States, there is a constitutional division of power between national and province authoritiess. Article 1, subdivision 8 of the Constitution, for case, delineates many countries in which Congress is empowered to pass. Harmonizing to the Tenth Amendment, nevertheless, all powers non granted to the national authorities are reserved for the provinces & # 8221 ; ( Magstadt 110 ) . That means that in the U.S. we have a system in which power is divided between the centralised national authorities and the local, province, metropolis and town. This system was adopted because in U.S. history people were afraid of one cardinal authorities going oppressive and turning into what we had merely got done contending in the Revolutionary War. At the National degree, there are three subdivisions, the executive, the legislative and the judicial. The executive consists of the President and his advisers. The President serves a term of four old ages and can merely be elected twice. The legislative is split into two parts, the House of Representatives and the Senate. In the Senate, each province gets two Senators. In the House each province one representative per 500,000 people in the province. In Mexico, going the 51 province will give it two senators, and one hundred and ninety seven representatives.At the local degree, the Mexicans will hold a Governor who will be stationed in Mexico City. Each old Mexican state or province, will now go the counties of Mexico. Each will hold two senators, and a relative sum of representatives. All will be straight elected merely as it is here in the U.S. The grounds why the Mexicans will accept this new authorities and really get down to thrive under it are rather simple really. First all Mexicans will now be United States citizens with all & lt ;

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the rights we already have. Once all of these rights have been accepted and are understood, the Mexicans will go sceptered. Second, one time Mexico joins the United States all of the land will be redistributed reasonably. All the immense international corporations taking advantage of the inexpensive labour and inexpensive land will be forced out for a clip. This manner all the destitute Mexicans can get down over the right manner. Now the fertile land will be theirs to utilize, non merely to work. Then the Mexican husbandmans will go the new in-between category and the wealth disparity will slowly get down to fade out. The heritage of the Mexicans will non be threatened by this amalgamation of states either, the manner people say it will. The United States has been and likely ever will be the runing pot of states. Everyone is free to retain their civilization, see new 1s or make their ain. We are a state of tolerance ; the Mexicans will suit in merely all right, if anything we will larn something from each other. Another big concern is about the possible linguistic communication barrier. I answer that concern with a really simple reply ; there is no linguistic communication barrier. The Spanish linguistic communication is one of the most popularly studied linguistic communications in our public schools today. Besides immense parts of the state already speak Spanish, if a barrier exists it will last but a 2nd in the expansive hereafter of our united country.The passage will non be a revolution, that would merely ache Mexico more, I agree with Mr. Edmund Burke in this regard. We are both conservativists when it comes to revolution. His contemplations on the revolution are negative because a conservative believes that to travel frontward in anything, you must construct off the yesteryear, or tradition. When progressives call for revolutions that wholly wipe the slate clean and start over, they do more harm so good. Take for illustration Russia, the state is still in a province of oblivion after Lenin overthrew the Czars so many old ages ago. This is a calamity to avoid at all costs with Mexico. The passage to a Constitutional Democracy in this sense is the smartest pick because the system they presently have is really similar to the 1 I am about to set into pattern. Therefore, in a sense I am constructing on the tradition that they have been utilizing so far. In the book, & # 8220 ; Politicss in Mexico & # 8221 ; , Roderic Ai Camp, paints a really descriptive image of Mexican political relations. The interesting thing is that their manner of acquiring into and going portion of the system is about indistinguishable with ours. Camp provinces, & # 8220 ; the political coterie, the & # 8220 ; camarilla. & # 8221 ; It determines more so any other variable discussed, who goes to the top of the political ladder, what waies are taken, and the specific stations they are assigned & # 8221 ; ( Camp 114 ) . The & # 8220 ; cabal & # 8221 ; is the same as our political coteries. In American political relations it is all about who you know and what they can make for you. It is the same in Mexico apparently.Although if we follow the complete tradition and history of Mexico, some people might state I am incorrect in presuming that a democracy is best for their state. They might state that since before Cortes came, the Aztecs and the Mayans were utilizing Authoritarian systems of authorities. I respond to this with a image of a typical Mexican taken from our & # 8220 ; Distant Neighbors: A Portrait of the Mexicans & # 8221 ; reading. In this, Alan Riding describes Mexicans as, & # 8220 ; non a squad participant: in athleticss he excels at packaging but non soccer. & # 8221 ; & # 8220 ; Finds it hard to subscribe to any political orientation that demands rigorous coherency between his thoughts and his actions & # 8221 ; ( Riding 5 ) . This tells us that Mexicans are all about the Individual, merely as we are here in the United States. How could people like this work with a authorities that is all about the group, which makes determinations based on the whole of the state, non on the good of all the single citizens in the state. The United States Constitutional Democracy is based wholly on the good of the citizen, Mexicans will suit in with the remainder of us absolutely. Now many people will reason that Mexico needs strong leading right now in its yearss of adversity. Thomas Hobbes would reason for either an Authoritarian or Totalitarian State because he believes that worlds need an almighty authorities to maintain them in cheque and to protect them from themselves. I agree, but I do non hold with the manner an Authoritarian or Totalitarian authorities goes about concern. In either of those two authoritiess the citizen has no rights if the authorities says so, everything is as the dictator wants it to be no affair what the people want. The citizens must be afforded all the rights that a human being deserves, without such rights the citizens of Mexico will ne’er be able to acquire their state out if its problems. The best topographic point to have such just intervention is the United States of America, which now will include Mexico, the 51 state.The state of Mexico has many options to take from, the best of which is to go a province in the United States. Once Constitutional Democracy is in pattern in Mexico, the province will get down to better. Many attempt to reason the best manner is to take charge with a dictator but I do non

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