Product concept: A new product is created from a range of possible ideas and research that get the developing process started.

Product evaluation and modification: is when manufacturing industries use information received form customers, retailers and market research on a current product, to evaluate the products success and determine whether modification is needed.

Different types of manufacturing industries include:

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* Automobile manufacturing

* Furniture manufacturing

* Timber processors

* food manufacturing


M3D has three designers Marc Pascal, Malte Wagenfeld, and Denis Smitka.

They create light, lamps and other similar products. The role this company has in developing products can some times be from a design brief, but most of the time they will come up with an idea form there own experiences and observations. This can relate to products they have previously created and how well the market responded to them.

Them they will go on to create hundreds of drawings before making a prototype. Once the mock-up or final design are decided on most of the production is done else where.

2. Manufacturing industries use research and development to find new materials, knowledge and techniques that will give them an edge over their competitors.

Research is used to

* Find faster and cheaper ways of making their product while still keeping up the standard of quality

* Make sure their products keep their place in the market

* Market interests and needs.

Development takes the form of staff training or purchasing ideas form other companies like the CSIRO. Testing is also a part of research and development.

Manufacturing industries require research and development to ensure that they can keep an edge on their competitors. The researching of new procedures and materials can help cut the cost of building the product but keep it at the same quality or better then before. Manufacturing industries may hire other company’s like the CSIRO to do scientific research for them, whether it’s testing new materials or design new manufacturing equipment. Market researchers gather information on the needs of the targeted audience.

CM Timber Processors, Colac

CM timber processors, uses plantation radiata pine to build pallets for forklifts, bins for fruit and vegetable transport and machined timber. This company is very concerned in keeping up to date with technology. To do this they travel overseas to a couple of countries every few years. On their last visit to America they found new equipment that was the best option for the company, barker saws and Viking pallet maker. In conjunction with Monash University, they have been researching methods and materials to cut the cost and waste of making their pallets. The research explored the most suitable age for the timber as well as using low grade timber while still keeping the strength of the pallet. Other research that they have undertaken is the type of nail used in the construction of the pallet also it’s thickness, length, shape and angle for insertion.

3. A product design is taken from an idea and turned into a realistic solution. Information from many different sources such as customers and market researchers, this is then used to design and appropriate and appealing product. The modification of specialised machinery may need to made in preparation for production.

The people that are involved in design are:

* Designers – gather information; develop possible concepts into realistic solutions.

* Engineers – work on the practical and technical aspects of the product design and production process

* Financial advisors – generating cost for design solutions and recommend what is going to stick to budget

* Company directors – who manage the process, making decisions and assign tasks.

The factors that influence manufacturing are,

o The Consumer: are they going to need or want the product

o Capital: the company needs to make sure that it is going to be able to pay its workers, and keep all the equipment and production running until they start to make a profit.

o Production Costs: The cost of the product needs to be right form the very first stage. Manufactures need to pay for market researches if they have been hired, and any other research and development they undertake. Prototypes can be very expensive depending on the time taken to build. Finally training workers will also have to be taken into account.

o Pricing: this is when a company works out how much profit they are going to need to make, but they also have to take into account what the consumer is going to be willing to pay.

o Availability of Physical Resources, Labour and Energy: This is the availability of skills needed by the workforce, machinery, materials, and production technology.

o Health and Safety: A company needs to make sure that there workers are safe at all times, and that once the product is finished it is going to safe for the consumer to use. Also they need to take into account the neighborhood around them.

o Ethical, Environmental and Social Factors: Companies need to be aware of “Total Cost of Ownership” this means they cant be misleading about their product or any environmental issues they can develop on.

The Factors Impacting On Distribution are

Where will the product be distributed? Companies need consider where there target market is, there is no point selling tractors in the CBD.

The other factor is How Will It Get There? Sending it by boat may be cheaper but by plan will be faster.

Also storage is a factor while waiting to be distributed; it will need to be large enough to store the product safely and in an organised manner.

Finally Companies need to take transport into account: packaging, handling, the different forms of transport and the cost and time taken to deliver.

Role of quality management in production, design and manufacturing, is not just about producing a quality product, it is also about the management of systems, procedures and staff training.

The effects of poor quality are:

o Excessive scrap materials

o Reworking of items

o Customer returns and complaints

o Stressed staff

Every one of these are a major cost to the business it can result in loss of wages, waste of materials, fright charges and loss of reputation.


The Car Development Process At Holden

CONCEPTUAL DESIGN: Starting off with a blank page, they look wide range of designs and ideas. Information comes from as many different groups but the most important is the customers needs and requirements. Other groups involved are – company directors and senior management, designers, finance teams, engineers involved in vehicle development and production planning and systems management, scientists and engineers involved in research and development, market researchers, etc. also know as Advanced Development Group. As they move thought this stage the vehicle requirements become clear.

PRELIMINARY SYSTEM DESIGN: The stage begins with vehicle requirements that cover the customer, the technical requirements for the car and the production system. It also covers company standards on safety and environmental impact. Buy the end of this stage the design of the car will be planned and the steps that will be used in producing the car.

DETAILED DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT: In this stage the production process is planned cautiously. The production team in trained and they make sure that there is a successful changeover from the old model to the new one. Also in this stage they make sure that the car meets the customers’ needs and requirements. Also adding in any research findings or new methods of engineering.

MANUFACTURE: This is when the vehicle is produced. Feedback is given from the production team as to any minor changes that might need to be made, other wise it should run smoothly if the production has been planned well.

SYSTEM OPERATIONS: this is the stage were the customer gets to use the final product.

SYSTEM RETIRMENT: this is when the production is terminated


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