Many mobile addicts ar individuals with low vanity and poor social relationships; so, they suppose they must be in constant contact with others. mobile silence will result in anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbances, shaking, insomnia, and biological process issues.2 From the angle of Thomee et al. problematic and overuse of mobile phones is related to anxiety, insomnia, depression, psychological distress, and unhealthy life style.3 The emotional aattachment to mobile phones for his or her users is in an exceedingly methodthat produces them believe they can’t live while not a cellular phone. Researches have bestowed the negative impact of excessive use of mobile phones on physical and mental state of scholars.4 Medical analysis on the results of mobile indicates that this implies of communication doesn’t act so as to keep up the health of its users. for instance, results of variety of studies show that mobile radiation causes changes in sequence regulation, modality and visual issues, increase pressure of acid on the tissue layerand lens tissue, headache, heat sensation within the ears, cognitive state, and fatigue.5-9 Studies conjointly showed that prolonged use of cell phones cause brain tumors.10 In terms of psychological science, communication technology reduces social relations and also the welfare of the individual because of loneliness, depression, and isolation. Beydokhti nonetheless al. found that among adults and teens, the employment of knowledge and communication technology will result in social anxiety and sleep disorders.11From these contents it may be finished that there’s a relationship between addiction to mobile phones and physical and psychological health. in truth mental state includes behaving harmonical with the community, acceptance of social reality and also the ability to address them, and satisfying one’s wants moderatly.12 mental state per the globe Health Organization could be a health condition during which an individual is aware of their own talents, will address the traditional stresses of life, is fruitful for the community, and is in a position to create selections and collective participation. Therefore, mental state is that the base for welfare and health for people and society.


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