Forming good study habits is a great way to improve your grades. Read this persuasive essay about using good test-taking habits to improve your grades. Think of other habits that can improve your life. List a few of those habits below. Type your response here: Healthy diet, working out everyday. B. Choose one habit you mentioned in part a of this task. What problems could you solve by forming that habit? Type your response here: healthy diet, less calories better body ! What bad habits might this habit help replace or overcome? Type your response here: eating fast food d.

Write a persuasive essay to convince readers of the benefits of one of the habits you listed earlier. It can be the habit you discussed in questions b and c or any other habit you listed in part a of this task. Explain how the habit is helpful, using examples to support your claim. Type your response here: Copyright 0 2012 PLATO Learning, Inc. All rights reserved. II Task 2: Peer Evaluation Exchange your essay with a partner and review your partner’s writing. Use features such as change tracking and commenting to make changes and comments on each others essays.

Examine the purpose, audience, and rating style as you review the essay. Use the rubric in the evaluation section of the unit activity to score the essay. Task 3: Revision Based on Peer Evaluation In this task you will revise your essay based on the feedback your writing partner gave you. Turn Off change tracking then copy and paste your original essay below. (If you accidentally delete your essay while trying to copy and paste it, click the undo button until the essay reappears and try again. ) The tracked changes should still be visible. Now go ahead and make your revisions below. There are many reasons for eating healthy.

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What we eat and how much nutrition our diets contain will ultimately decide how our body feels. Whether you are affected by any diseases or not, eating healthy will most certainly help you feel better. F you don’t have any disease, then you need to keep eating healthy so that you can avoid the chances of getting any diseases. If you suffer from any diseases, you want to eat healthy to possibly rid the diseases. In many cases, a healthy eating habit can reverse diseases. You will also look better. Getting the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to function will help your skin look better, and feel mother.

You will also notice that people will comment on how you look and perhaps ask you for advice on what they can do to look better too. Know this because I receive these complements quite frequently You will also find it easier to maintain a healthy weight by adopting and sticking to healthy eating habits. Eating more vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and grains, and reducing starchy foods, deep-fried foods, and in addition, drinking plenty of water and exercising will help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Eating healthy will help you avoid diseases which in turn can add years to our life.

Heart disease, diabetes type 2, high cholesterol and similar diseases are mostly linked to diet, and especially bad fats. Eating healthy will involve reducing bad fats or better still, eliminating bad from your diets. These types of fats make it harder for your body to digest food. Bad fats also build up and clog the arteries. Therefore eating healthy has so many good benefits that it would be crazy to eat junk food or fast food. !2 Resources Test-taking habits Evaluation Your teacher will use this rubric to evaluate the completeness of your work as ell as the clarity of thinking you exhibit.

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