Every year, the area of the emitter changes naturally, because of renovation, and additional client that had happening eventually. In recent years mankind has witnessed a revolution in the smart phone industry and emerging growth in the usage of mobile applications that range from entertainment and educational APS to simple games and more. One of the most widely used technologies today is the mobile phone. It is so popular both among children and adults. It enables them to communicate with their families and friends through calls and text messages.

As years pass by, more features have been added to mere testing and calling. A new mobile phone was Introduced in the mobile industry and this is called Smartened. It has deferent advanced features, it can already be used as a camera to take pictures or capture videos which can be saved In one’s computer. It can be a source of entertainment where favorite music can be saved, played and listened to anytime. It can also be used to send email, upload files, and access social networking sites such as Twitter and Faceable, provided the user has an Internet connection.

Recently, a new development has emerged In the mobile community and It Is the development of an operating system called Android for Smartness. Android is an operating system developed by Linux that is installed in a Smartened. It supports different Android applications which can be downloaded through the Internet. A AD mapping of cemetery have Introduce to reduce energy consumption an easier location searching to avoid doubting about the information of the location of the niche. An android application that can show to the client on how the technology had evolved has years passed by.

An Android application or APS are programs which are Installed In a computer. These applications are additional features which can also be installed in a Smartened. As the advancement in wireless sensor technology made remote monitoring easier, the number of smart phone applications utilizing this opportunity has become increasing. The aim of the thesis Is to Introduce the android platform and develop a prototype android AD Map application that works with smart phones. Taking in to account, the biggest market share and wide popularity of the android SO also makes the platform the best choice from business and research perspectives.

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Android SO is widely deployed in different handsets and tablets around the globe. The Android platform as part of the most ideal used operating systems on smart phones and hand held tablet devices Is important target for sales production and customer promotion. In 1984, the Blue Heaven Memorial Park has founded by Mrs.. Arlene San Diego. A family business that had been manages by family members. As years pass by, it has successfully manage and well maintained up to the present, the cemetery has always been introduced by a map, showing the capacity and the services they had offer.

An assistant/guide approaches the visitor or a customer to show the whole area coverage and the availability of the lot and niche by using a map and lawn services reoccur to encourage every client. But every now and then, most of the client had their limited time to view or to explore every corner of the area to check which is best and affordable lot or area that they can lay down their late relatives and to visit occasionally. Since technology is upgrading rapidly, we tried to introduce an effective way of exploring the cemetery map decreasing the time effort and energy consumption of a client via android.

The Android Incorporation was founded in Palo Alto, California, United States of America in October, 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White. Andy Rubin is the co-founder of Danger, a company that specializes in stations, software, design, and services for mobile computing devices. Rich Miner is also a co-founder of Wildfire Communications, Inc. That developed a market voice-activated virtual assistant technology product. Nick Sears is formerly the Vice President of T-Mobile that provides wireless voice, messaging and data services. Chris White headed the design and interface development at WebTV.

In November 5, 2007, several companies such as Broadloom Corporation, ETC, Intel, LEG, Marvel Technology Group, Motorola, Invalid, Qualm, Samsung Electronics, Sprint Next, T-Mobile and Texas Instruments came together to form the Open Handset Alliance. Its main objective was to develop an open standard for mobile devices and unveil their new product called Android, a mobile device platform. Android Open Source Project (SOAPS) maintains the Android Compatibility Program that runs applications. The goal of SOAPS is to create a successful real-world product that improves the mobile experience for end users.


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