Tim is trying to compute how many salespeople his business needs for the upcoming year. He wants his salesforce to call on each of Tim’s 1000 customers 50 times per year. The average length of the sales calls should be 2 hours. The average amount of salesperson selling time available annually is 2000 hours. How many salespeople should Tim’s business have?
50 salespeople
Joe is a manufacturer’s representative for a company in San Diego, CA. He is trying to save some money to buy an engagement ring because he wants to propose to his girlfriend in a few months. Joe’s boss told him that he would give him a $1,000 bonus this month if his conversion rate was greater than 70%. Joe made 42 sales calls this month. He closed 31 sales and sold over $80,000 worth of merchandise. Joe’s sales quota was $120,000. What was Joe’s conversion rate for the month?
Clauss Cutlery sells knives to the floral industry. These knives are designed to slice through foam blocks, cut wire, and perform other similar tasks. It also sells cutting utensils to the meat-processing industry. These large heavy-duty blades can saw through carcasses quickly. Clauss also sells a line of cutting tools to people in the woodworking industry for sawing and shaping wood cutouts. Clauss Cutlery should use a _____ sales organization.
TransWave International is a company that markets patented electronic sensors as an early warning device for locating potential problems with buried pipelines. TransWave sends an environmental expert, a safety engineer, a legal representative to explain new regulations enacted by the U.S. Office of Pipeline Safety, and an experienced pipeline expert when it meets with a prospect. This is an example of how TransWave uses:
team selling.
According to the text, the three organizational sales force structures a company may use if it chooses to employ its own sales force are based on:
geography, customer, and product.
With __________, organizational buyers and sellers combine their expertise and resources to create customized solutions; commit to joint planning; and share customer, competitive, and company information for their mutual benefit, and ultimately the customer’s benefit.
partnership selling
Drew is the top salesperson in his entire corporation. Drew credits his success to his ability to not only listen to his customers but to use his knowledge to meet his customer’s needs. His clients say that they respect Drew not only for keeping all his promises but also for being genuinely concerned about their business. Drew’s success is best explained by what concept?
Relationship selling
Grace is waiting in her office to meet Joseph, the new sales representative for Powerslam shoe company. Joseph arrives promptly and Grace notices he is well-dressed, sounds intelligent, and has a firm handshake. Joseph immediately inquires about what shoe styles would sell best in Grace’s store and how many pairs she is interested in ordering. He listens attentively to her reply. What key element in Joe’s sales approach is lacking?
Building rapport
During a sales call, an adaptive salesperson should spend his/her time:
Listening more than talking at the beginning of the meeting.
Robert works for an electronics firm that sells cellular phones. Robert sells only V-Techs, a certain type of cellular phone, to distributors across the United States. Because of the specialized knowledge Robert must learn to sell the V-Techs, that is the only type of phone Robert sells. Robert’s firm organizes its sales force by:
Product Line
Merton Pharmaceuticals has 50,000 customers, each of which is contacted 12 times a year. Each sales call lasts for three-quarters of an hour. Each Merton sales representative has 2200 hours of selling time available annually. How many salespeople does Merton Pharmaceuticals need?
Specialty store manager Terri is evaluating her employees for the first week of March. Her part-time sales associates have a sales goal of $5,000 per week, and a conversion rate goal of 60%. Keeping track of how many customers came into the store during her shifts, sales associate Suzy had 120 customers enter the store that week during her shift. Her sales indicate 65 separate transactions for a total sales amount of $4803. Suzy’s conversion rate for the week is _______ and her Meeting Quota ratio is _______.
.54; .96
Sales management is most accurately defined as the:
planning of the selling program and implementing and controlling of the personal selling effort of the firm.
An order getter is a:
salesperson who identifies prospective customers, provides customers with information, persuades customers to buy, closes sales, and follows up on a customer’s use of a product or service.
Louisa wanted to make some extra money, so she went door-to-door in her neighborhood asking people if they had any small jobs that they could hire her to perform. Louisa had no idea of whether anyone had any jobs for her, so she randomly picked the doors she knocked on. In terms of the selling process, Louisa was engaged in _____ when she knocked on a door.
cold canvassing
Hewlett-Packard recently shifted its entire U.S. sales force into home offices and saved $10 million in staff salaries and office rent despite spending $8,000 to equip each home office with a notebook computer, fax/copier, cellular phone, two phone lines, and office furniture. Such decreased selling costs are among the benefits of:
sales force automation.
Brittany works for a company that sells accounting software to large financial firms. For her compensation, she receives a certain fixed amount per year, plus an additional amount that is calculated based on certain subjective criteria, such as the company’s profitability. What type of salesforce compensation plan is this?
salary plus bonus
Meghan is running low on cash as the semester drags on. Getting desperate, she decides to call her dad and beg for a loan. She know he is going to be hesitant and give her a hard time about not budgeting her funds more carefully. After telling her dad how smart and handsome he is, Meghan asks him if she can borrow $500 to get through the rest of the semester. He laughs out loud and tells her to find a job. Disappointed but not hopeless, Meghan tries again. This time, she asks her dad for $150. Feeling sorry for his wonderful daughter, her dad concedes and says he will put the $150 in her account by the end of the week. Meghan thanks her father, and then goes out on the town with her friends. Meghan used which of the following techniques?
Ingratiation and door-in-the-face
In the television reality show “The Apprentice,” Donald Trump challenged his teams to distribute Trump Ice, his new brand of bottled spring water. Team Protege considered carefully who their prospective clients were, developed a sales presentation, and made appointments to present it. Clearly their sales presentation planning during the _______ stage of the selling process was very meticulous, for their team pulled in more than $6,000 in sales, and was rewarded with a tour of Manhattan on Trump’s private helicopter.
Before the salespeople for Ascom Timeplex, Inc., set out to make a sales call, they use their laptop computers to dial into the company’s database. There the salespeople can retrieve the latest price lists, engineering and configuring notes for each customer, and status reports on previous orders. The laptops can also be used to send customer orders to Ascom Timeplex headquarters in New Jersey. _____ helps make the Ascom Timeplex salespeople more efficient and more effective.
Sales force automation
When Margot called the toll-free number to order one dozen water lilies from the Van Ness Water Gardens, she was using:
inbound telemarketing.
_____ is the practice of using team selling to focus on the firm’s most important customers so as to build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.
Key account management
__________ are sales support personnel who do NOT directly solicit orders but rather concentrate on performing promotional activities and introducing new products.
Missionary salespeople
Carter is a salesman with Great Hoops, Inc. His boss tells him that the company needs more buyers for its inflatable basketball hoops. Carter decides to open up the phone book and start calling businesses to determine their interest in his product. This is typical of which stage in the selling process?
Since she had an established customer base of retail stores when she began her job as a sales representative for UniLever, Jess can skip one step in the selling process. Which step is she able to skip?
Erin is a volunteer for the Red Cross and must go door-to-door seeking donations. Her strategy is to ask whoever answers the door for a donation of $50 right off the bat. If they agree, then she follows up with a second request for a $200 donation. She has found that this works better than simply asking for a $200 right away. Which formula sales presentation format does this demonstrate?

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