Which of the following is TRUE regarding channels of distribution?
Transaction efficiency is an advantage gained through the use of intermediaries.
Jeb is trying to market a new type of chewing gum. His new gum, Popsalot, is a low involvement purchase. Which type of channel coverage should he employ?
A consumer buys berries at Remlinger Farms, flour and sugar at a bulk food store, and milk and butter at a local dairy, then returns home to bake two dozen strawberry pies for a family reunion. Considering only her shopping behavior (not the baking of the pies), which logistical function activity did the consumer engage in that is ordinarily performed by a retailer, such as a supermarket?
Cross-docking and inventory management are examples of what concept?
A marketing expert described a _____ as looking like a butterfly. The manufacturer is the body of the butterfly with many different suppliers accumulated on one side of the body for the left wing and a large number of buyers collected on the other side to form the right wing.
supply chain
In a logistics setting, replenishment time refers to lead time for an item, which means the lag from ordering an item until it is:
received and ready for use or sale.
Which of the following best describes a type of agent called a manufacturer’s representative?
an independent selling organization that will sell on behalf of a number of different manufacturers
_____ is an arrangement whereby a firm reaches different buyers by employing two or more different types of channels for the same basic product.
Dual distribution
Susie goes to Publix and buys Dawn dish soap, Crest toothpaste, and Tide laundry detergent. As the cashier is scanning the bar codes of the various items at the cash register, it is sending a signal to computers at Procter ; Gamble that those items have been bought. When they see enough customers have bought a certain product, P;G managers instructs the warehouse to ship more to that store location. Which of the following is this scenario describing?
Electronic data interchange
Within the context of a supply chain, _____ is the ability of a logistics system to satisfy users in terms of time, dependability, communications, and convenience.
customer service
Cindy wants to open a retail store in the mall where she can sell a few carefully selected lines of women’s clothing. If Cindy opens her shop, what kind of store would it be considered?
Specialty Store
When a channel member bypasses another member and sells or buys product directly, this is termed:
Mr. D is the manager of a local Walgreens. His biggest concern is to make sure that his store is always making the most profit possible. He cuts costs by focusing on certain logistical decisions. Every other day Walgreens receives shipments from Pepsi, Evian, Hershey, and numerous other manufacturers. Walgreens insists on small shipments every two days, which helps to keep their inventory costs low. What system is Mr. D using at Walgreens to reduce his costs?
just in time inventory
Customers currently link to Cisco’s website to configure, price, and order its networking equipment. Cisco then sends orders back out across the Internet to producers and assemblers including Celestica, Flextronics, Jabil, and Solectron. Products are built and tested to Cisco standards, sometimes with procedures run remotely by Cisco. Most are then drop-shipped to buyers, untouched by human hands on Cisco’s payroll. The individuals who monitor these transactions and make sure each is performed in a cost-effective and timely fashion are engaged in:
supply chain management.
Zook Company is a wholesaler that buys footballs and then sells them to other businesses, such as Sports Authority and Target. The company is independent of the manufacturer it buys from and it takes possession of the footballs. In addition to storing the inventory, the company provides financing services to the retailers. However, it does not provide any feedback from the retailers to the manufacturers. What type of wholesaler is Zook Company?
Rob stops at the supermarket to purchase a package of Oreos and other groceries. He is the ultimate consumer in a pipeline from the producer through intermediaries including the grocery store. This pipeline is actually a:
marketing channel
Relationship Marketing is characterized by:
I. A long-term perspective
II. A product quality focus
III. Interdependence
IV. An emphasis on price
I and III only
A current emphasis in supply chain management is to make the process of ordering as simple as possible, often through electronic data and inventory systems that are called:
quick response and efficient consumer response delivery systems
Molly goes shopping at Publix, picks up 25 items that she needs for the week, and is quickly on her way. Publix, being an intermediary, makes it possible for Molly to buy all of her items in one place with only one transaction instead of ordering each item separately from 25 different manufacturers. Even though marketing intermediaries may sometimes cause headaches for manufacturers, they are here to stay because intermediaries:
make the channel of distribution more efficient.
Mike is a marketing consultant hired by the Suave Watch Company to determine which degree of channel coverage they should have to sell their products effectively. After considerable research, Mike determines that they want to reach their target customer in a limited number of locations throughout each territory. He feels that this would give the company the coverage that they desire, while still being able to control the image of the product. Which channel coverage option is Mike most likely to recommend?
Within the domain of logistics management, the customer service concept implies that firms should:
set customer service levels and logistic costs simultaneously in order to achieve strategic goals.
Mike is driving over to his girlfriend’s apartment and decides to buy some gum. He could stop in a gas station, go to any grocery store, go to any discount store, or even buy some out of a vending machine. The reason Mike has so many options to buy gum is because chewing gum companies strive for _____ channel coverage.

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