I. Summary of the chosen chapter or subject

The subject that we have chosen is all about the Maragtas. The Maragtas is a book that contains portion of the deep history of Panay from the first dwellers and the Bornean immigrants from which our Bisayan brothers and sisters descended from. The information written was from Pedro Alcantara Monteclaro. The maragtas was explained to be the “great people” or “great country” . It is an original work based on written and unwritten beginnings available to the writer. The Maragtas is an original work by Monteclaro based on written and unwritten beginnings available to him. In peculiar. the writer makes no claim that the work or contains a written text of peculiar prehispanic paperss. He has pointed out anthropological treatise on the former imposts. apparels. idiom. familial. and organisation of the Aetas of Panay. He has besides said the 10 datus from Borneo. flying dictatorship of Datu Makatanaw. and the island they have purchased from Marikudo. The monetary value agreed was a solid gold chapeau and basin and besides an ankle-length necklace from the married woman of the Bornean datus.

After this. the captains and Aetas lived in peace and harmoniousness. The Haraya is another heroic poem verse form from Panay. It is a aggregation of regulations of behavior told inthe signifier of heroic narratives. The “Hari SA Bukid” of Negros is a fabulous heroic poem of Kanlaon ( Kan comes from a Iranian word “Khan” significance “King” and “Laon” from a Malay word significance “Ancient. ” ) and “Hinilawod” an heroic poem verse form made by the early dwellers of Iloilo. Aklan and Antique besides from Panay. The hero of Hinilawod. “Humadapnon” was of godly lineage. He had ace natural powers and guardian liquors to protect him. His most exciting escapade was his hunt for Nagmalitong Yawa: A beautiful maiden whom he saw in his dream. He boarded his aureate boat. sailed amidst unsafe seas. and was captured by an enchantress/engkantada. Finally. he found and won the love of Nagmalitong Yawa.

Monteclaro said that we should non be impeaching him of doing fictional narratives about the early Panay dwellers for he has two manuscripts that would do the grounds of their being. One would be from the first instructor of the town that was handed down by by his ascendants to him and showed it to the writer. The 2nd would be found in a babmboo tubing where his gramps used to maintain his old newspapers. Another manuscript that would most be dependable would be the afore-mentioned old adult male in the street who gave him a manuscript covering with what happened in the town of the Miag-ao signifier the clip of his foundation. Monteclaro said that the entirely intent of his written work is to convey to others what he have read in the records that he hold collected. It was an original work based on his research and the information he had collected. His plants are unbelievable that it has made connexions between the Palawan and Borneo is slightly close to what people have read.

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II. Reaction in footings of the relevancy of the subject to your grasp of the survey of the Philippine prehistoric culture and history The relevancy of the subject of the Maragtas to the survey of Philippine history is that there is ever a deeper apprehension of the survey of History. It is what beyond we imagine and what we have read. There is ever a deeper context to understand and to appreciate the survey oh history even more. I have learned from the writer that if you want to portion your ideas and your plants about history is that you push yourself harder to even work more. If you want to stand up for yourself. you need to take out what concealed information you have for if you strictly want to give is truly the truth and information. If you have a passion for history in your topographic point. you should truly be cognizant and be happy with what you have found out.

I have come to recognize the true importance of civilizations and beliefs and of class. groundss of written and unwritten plants. Without them. the survey of history wouldn’t be standing in our presence and in our survey. Treasured information may die and what we need to understand is that we need to civilization it and continue it. go through them down to coevalss. Besides. we need to remain true to our race and civilizations thought we may hold been conquered on many settlements and mix races. we need to remain true to who we truly are. This sort of race semen and travel if we do non continue our ain heritage and give importance to it. We should non be believing of other races and allow them colonise our heads for what we have now is besides every bit good as what we have earlier. We wouldn’t desire our heritage to be nonextant and taken off from us by the modernness of our coevals.

As a pupil analyzing History. I should be able to understand wholly the state of affairs that history is really of import. History shouldn’t be taken for given and should ever be preserved. Just like what Monteclaro has done. we should be inspired to portion the cognition and importance of history.


Scott. W. H. ( 1968 ) . A critical survey of the prehispanic beginning stuffs for the survey of Philippine prehistoric culture. Manila: University of Santo Tomas Press


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