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-Ezra Ok
1. What were the cardinal stairss in the early phases of Maria’s calling development? Yuri Sharapov foremost noticed his girl had accomplishment and took her to go to tennis clinics. It was at these clinics that Martina Navratilova. a celebrated title-holder. observed Maria playing and commented. “She has talent” . animating Maria’s parents to seek a first manager for their girl in the United States. Yuri and Maria arrived at IMG’s Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy where she finally received a scholarship. She signed with Gavin Forbes. who so assigned his responsibilities to Max Eisenbud.

Max Eisenbud made it his precedence to distinguish Maria from Anna Kournikova. a likewise talented Russian tennis participant with light-haired hair. Sharapova signed trades with Nike and Prince rackets that were set to run out when Maria was eligible to play in the world’s best competitions. These indorsements with major trade names signaled the high outlooks everyone had of her.

Sharapova won a 16-and-under tourney when she was 13. bring forthing the involvement of people looking for upcoming stars. Finally. the turning point of her calling came when 17 twelvemonth old Sharapova entered the 2004 Wimbledon Grand Slam tourney ranked 15th and disquieted Lindsey Davenport every bit good as Serena Williams to win it all.

2. From the instance and category treatment. how does the Business of Sports impact players’ callings ( outside their athleticss activities ) ? Establishing the trade name and image of an jock is cardinal in the concern facet of athleticss. Endowment and winning are necessary in constructing a player’s image. In add-on. the player’s personality and character are immense constituents. Businessmens. every bit good as the participant himself/herself. seek to work the image as a selling tool for whatever they wish to advance. Through sponsorships. indorsements and trading trades. both parties can harvest tremendous sums of money. Endorsements can besides increase the desirableness of a player’s image. doing more moneymaking chances available.

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It has become important for participants to foster their marketable images as income from salary and profitss are capable to public presentation whereas indorsement and merchandising income are less affected one time an athlete’s trade name has been established. For Sharapova. the Nike and Prince rackets endorsements helped construct the ballyhoo and outlooks for a star. After her win in Wimbledon. Eisenbud was able to capitalise on Sharapova transforming from the underdog to a first endowment and obtain indorsements from companies like Motorola. A universe of chances opened up as Sharapova’s image eventually evolved into a trade name that could bring forth money.

3. The instance spends several pages on the Tennis sector of Sports. Summarize in a few paragraphs the cardinal elements of Tennis industry. Tennis is a racket athletics which 1000000s of people in the U. S. entirely drama. Tennis differs mostly from other athleticss because it is played between two participants or two squads of two participants as opposed to the big squads of other major athleticss.

In the professional kingdom. the two organisations. the Association of Tennis Professionals ( ATP ) and Women’s Tennis Association ( WTA ) . run the tennis show. The most popular events organized are the Grand Slam tourneies: the Australian Open. the Gallic Open. Wimbledon. and the U. S. Open. These events attract 1000000s of tennis fans with the top tennis participants around the universe.

Professional tennis participants in the WTA earn income through profitss at tourneies. Income could besides be earned by exempt participants who sign a contract promising to play ten sum of tourneies throughout the twelvemonth. Exempt participants are determined by ranking and popularity. Rankings of participants are determined by points won at tourneies. with the Grand Slam tourneies offering the most points. Points are besides awarded for participants who beat higher-ranked participants. Exempt participants are normally the 1s who receive sponsorship and visual aspect trades.

The remainder of professional participants are non as fortunate. The mean participant receives around $ 100. 000 a twelvemonth and has to pay for travel. coaching. and support disbursals on his or her ain. Therefore. it is critical to win and higher one’s rank in order to have higher compensations.

4. What portion did Max Eisenbud drama in the development of Maria’s calling?
Eisenbud was an indispensable accelerator in Sharapova’s calling. He was responsible for most of her indorsements trades. including trades with Nike and Prince rackets get downing from when she was merely 11. Not merely was he a participant agent. he was. as Sharapova commented. “half household. half agent. ” Besides shuting major trades. Eisenbud performed many other logistical responsibilities such as procuring visas for going. negociating rates for adjustments. and working with the Russian federation.

5. How did IMG germinate its importance to the athleticss and endowment concern. specifically in tennis. IMG. from its initial start of McCormack supplying concern services to Arnold Palmer. expanded tremendously to go an bureau stand foring an highly wide scope of clients. From violinist Itzhak Perlman. to the Grammys. to Major League Baseball. there is no terminal to the diverseness of clients IMG can claim. The tennis division of the organisation. IMG Tennis. besides has taken the enterprise to put in academies that topographic point and nurture endowments from a really immature age.

It was at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy where Sharapova developed her accomplishments. IMG has applied a signifier of perpendicular integrating by enrolling and developing future aces from a immature age. so supplying agents who help market and bring forth money off their endowment throughout their calling. IMG Tennis. is besides more involved in professional tennis events than any other company. The sum of dedication to the tennis industry decently reflects how the company has devoted to going a important portion of the endowment concern.

6. Maria’s Future – Use the exhibits and instance treatment to analyse the tennis star’s following major stairss. Is this a good way. are there case in points for this procedure. or are we interrupting new land? Maria is still a solid rival in tennis. and holds a reputable portfolio of indorsements. With an highly skilled agent. Max Eisenbud ( who managed to reiterate his success with tennis star Li Na ) . Sharapova is go oning on an highly good managed and profitable way. Having merely big corporate trades and developing her ain trade names. such as her vesture line. farther physique Sharapova’s trade name. Other ventures such as the confect company Sugarpova. besides provide interesting and advanced chances for growing ( Lattman ) .

7. Which option would you take to round out her portfolio of indorsements and Why? Sharapova’s trade name is associated with many high-end merchandises: Tag Heuer. Tiffany. every bit good as her ain line of tennis dress. the Nike Maria Sharapova Collection ( Wilson ) . Immediately. I would throw out the furniture company that seems mostly irrelevant. Out of all the “luxury” trade names. the personal aroma trade seems most profitable in both pecuniary and brand-building footings. Sharapova would hold her ain high-end decorative merchandise which would merely solidify her repute for luxury and beauty.

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