Marijuana Legalization Essay, Research Paper

With the rise in contention over marihuana, and its usage both medically and recreationally, a demand for resoluteness of marihuana statute law has become evermore of import. Modern twenty-four hours society carries a broad spectrum of positions on this antique drug and its usage. Some compare its prohibition in the 1920s. Others argue marihuana is less harmful to society than alchol. Fifteen per centum of the United States population falling under regular users and our prisons over crowded with people who have commited a victimless crime. , clear and decisive statute law should be made on its usage ( NewScientist ) .

The long-time statement of the benefits of medical marihuana is frequently the conflict call of the marijuana legalisation motion. Granted, a figure of protagonists have no medical usage for the drug, but the claim of its medicative value is a practical 1. The public support for medical marihuana is obvious, with six provinces holding passed protests leting medical usage within their boundary lines. More significantly the scientific support exists. Study after survey shows the benefits of marihuana far outweigh its less desirable effects. For the legalisation motion the most noteworthy of these surveies would be the authorities & # 8217 ; s most recent conducted by the nutrient and drug disposal ( Wikman ) .

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This survey was commissioned by General Barry McCaffrey, the drug tsar of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Arguing that marihuana is a & # 8220 ; gateway & # 8221 ; drug and that if it was used for medicative intents it would take to greater illicit use. In the terminal the survey showed that marijuana & # 8217 ; s medical interventions include pain alleviation, control of sickness and emesis, and appetite stimulation. Conceding that while some of its effects are modest, and some other drugs may be better for some interventions, everyone is non antiphonal to the other interventions and for persons infected with AIDS or traveling though chemotherapy marihuana will supply a good multi-symptom alleviation ( 360 ) . On top of this marijuana & # 8217 ; s psychological benefits, including cut down anxiousness, can do sedation, and euphory. For some patients these effects are good, and to others they may overcast the judgement of the user to find whether or non the drug is really assisting the other symptoms ( Marijuana: Government ) .

Our cognition of the consequence of marihuana for other medical conditions is besides limited. There are 30 symptoms for which people are presently claiming that marihuana helps them with. However at that place has non been many surveies on any of them. It is known that marihuana helps muscle cramps for multiple induration sick persons. The study says that while marihuanas temporarily reduces the force per unit area within the eyes for glaucoma patients, the benefits do non outweigh the possible side effects ( Marijuana: Government ) .

McCaffery & # 8217 ; s statement of marihuana as a gateway drug was disproved by this survey besides. The survey found that there is no grounds that the effects of marihuana link it to the usage or maltreatment of other illicit drugs. Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug, so it frequently precedes the use of other illicit drugs. But baccy and intoxicant are normally the first line as a & # 8220 ; gateway & # 8221 ; drug since the normally precede marijuana use ( Frontline ) . The form from medical use of marihuana does non follow the same form of illicit use of marihuana. There is besides no information that supports that if marihuana is legal for medical grounds so illicit use will increase ( Marijuana: Government ) .

An unmarked consideration for marijuana legalisation is its gross potency for the authorities and others involved in its distribution. This may be dismissed as an undistinguished ground we must see America & # 8217 ; s headlong blessing of lotteries and other signifiers of gaming, a unsafe and habit-forming frailty, in the name of support. With proper revenue enhancement gross could be produced in the same manner and travel to back up instruction in the same manner we use lotteries ( Skye ) .

Marijuana prohibition has failed for several grounds. It has failed to halt people from utilizing the drug in the face of changeless propaganda. Much like intoxicant prohibition it has given rise to a monolithic black-market which supports packs and other signifiers of organized offense. As the costs of marijuana growing have remained comparatively changeless, the cost of trafficking has non. This is due to the increasing penalties for marijuana ownership and hence increasing hazard. This increased hazard allows traders and sellers to bear down more thereby doing them more powerful ( Wikman ) . While the drug traders are going richer, the taxpayer is going poorer. Alternatively of doing money of marijuana the authorities spends 1000000s of dollars contending it. We spend money on extended constabulary forces. We are perpetrating constabularies resources to non merely halting tobacco users, but agriculturists, traders, sellers, and runners. With the riddance of the black market we would see the riddance of these people

and the constabulary to halt them ( Skye ) .

Research shows that usage of marihuana has non been effected by America & # 8217 ; s drug war, which was started in the 1880ss in an attempt to control America & # 8217 ; s drug usage. D.A.R.E. , a primary arm against adolescent drug usage, has non been found to be effectual in making so. In the survey pupils from 23 schools with the D.A.R.E. plan were compared against pupils from eight schools without the plan. No important differences were observed between the schools with regard to coffin nail, intoxicant, or marihuanas use during the 7th class, about one twelvemonth after completion of the plan, or over the full five-year survey. The findings of this survey are similar with the consequences obtained from anterior short-run ratings of the D.A.R.E. course of study ( Frontline ) .

Our society is repeatedly presented with a false construct of marihuana ; we are bombarded with negative and skewed messages about it every twenty-four hours. Our authorities & # 8217 ; s penalties for marihuana discourtesies are frequently more rigorous than those for slayings. In 15 provinces, you can acquire a life sentence for a non-violent marihuana discourtesy. The mean sentence for a convicted liquidator in the United States is about six old ages. Can marijuana be that damaging? That engagement with it is judged as being worse than manslaughter ( Marijuana Special ) .

In malice of surveies such as the one cited it is still taught that marihuana is a gateway drug. Marijuana & # 8217 ; s immoralities are drilled into our society & # 8217 ; s caputs at a changeless rate, even if they are false. How can society do educated opinions about sensitive issues like marihuanas prohibition when they can t be certain they know the whole narrative? Is it these stereotypes of the yesteryear or authorities resistance that prevent marihuana statute law? In malice of the conclusive information available the authorities chooses to disregard the facts and go on make fulling our gaols ( 360 ) .

One drug enforcement agent negotiations about his sentiment of marihuana wrongdoers stating:

Twenty old ages before I had done a batch of clandestine work & # 8211 ; it was chiefly amphetamine, LSD, diacetylmorphine and cocaine & # 8211 ; I thought all the traders were scum. When I got into the marijuana plan, one thing that amazed me was how concerted a batch of the people were. How proud of what they & # 8217 ; re making. How normal in every other regard they were.

This is confounding and I & # 8217 ; m non used to violators that took their childs to school and worked as crossing guards and that kind of thing. Whole different attitude. It made it a batch more complex, but it made it a batch more interesting.

It is this sort of testimonial that makes one recognize the rediculous impression of grouping marihuana with difficult drugs and penalizing wrongdoers consequently. This officer and many others are recognizing that marihuana prohibition will non work in the United States today ( Frontline ) .

Further turn outing marijuana & # 8217 ; s mislabeling is its credence among the educated elite in society. John Steinbeck & # 8217 ; s novel In-Touch discusses his strong belief of marijuana & # 8217 ; s importance in the modern universe and its benefits to society. Steinbeck negotiations approximately marijuana as a vehicle for open-minded young person to analyse modern twenty-four hours society and its jobs, non a destructive dependence ( Steinbeck ) . Steve Jobs has said that marihuana can let one to recognize their full originative potency. It is educated persons like these that support legalisation attempts ( Sexual activity ) .

With the rise in contention over marihuana, and its usage both medically and recreational, a demand for resoluteness of Marijuana statute law has become of all time more of import. Modern twenty-four hours society carries a broad spectrum of positions on this antique drug and its usage. Compare its prohibition to that of intoxicant in the 1920s and one sees many analogues. With an estimated 15 per centum of the United States population falling under regular users, seven provinces holding approved medical usage, and cogent evidence of marijuana & # 8217 ; s benefits in authorities surveies, clear and decisive statute law should be made on its usage. Is its legal position on the brink of altering? Will it follow intoxicant and go a legal drug? Or is the United States committed to contend a ceaseless conflict? Marijuana Prohibition seems so controversial but with proper information the populace can experience entirely informed and ready to take an educated base.

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