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The Benefits Of Marijuana

Are you sick of hearing your girlfriend nagging you about allowing spell of your pot pasttime? Have you been hearing a batch of negative things about the usage of marihuana recently? Would you like to cognize what the existent trade is behind the usage of this ill-famed drug? Then read on because you & # 8217 ; rhenium in for a surprise.

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One of the saddest things in North America is the deficiency of clinical tests on marihuana usage. Many other states in the universe have already performed such trials in order to destruct myths about this drug, which has been in usage for 1000s of old ages & # 8230 ; chiefly for medicative intents.

The information from old surveies, published in legion books and scholarly diaries, covered such affairs as marijuana & # 8217 ; s effects on the encephalon, lungs, immune and generative systems ; its impact on personality, developmental and motivational provinces ; and its habit-forming potency.

Although these surveies did non reply all staying inquiries about marijuana toxicity, they by and large supported the thought that marihuana was a comparatively safe drug & # 8212 ; non wholly free from possible injury, but unlikely to make serious injury for most single users or society.

The undermentioned list will hopefully demystify several myths about marihuana usage and aid reply a batch of serious inquiries:

wellness hazard myths & A ; worlds

Marijuana Overdose

There is no bing grounds of anyone death of a marihuana overdose. Trials performed on mice have shown that the ratio of cannabinoids ( the chemicals in marihuana that make you high ) necessary for overdose to the sum necessary for poisoning is 40,000:1.

For comparing & # 8217 ; s interest, that ratio for intoxicant is by and large between 4:1 and 10:1. Alcohol overdoses claim about 5,000 casualties annually, but marijuana overdoses kill no 1 every bit far as any official studies.

Brain Damage

Marijuana is psychotropic because it stimulates certain encephalon receptors, but it does non bring forth toxins that kill them ( like intoxicant ) , and it does non have on them out as other drugs may. There is no grounds that marihuana usage causes encephalon harm. Surveies performed on existent human populations will corroborate these consequences, even for chronic marihuana users ( up to 18 articulations per twenty-four hours ) after many old ages of usage.

In fact, following the publication of two 1977 JAMA surveies, the American Medical Association ( AMA ) officially announced its support for the decriminalisation of marihuana.

In world, marihuana has the consequence of somewhat increasing alpha-wave activity in your encephalon. Alpha moving ridges are by and large associated with brooding and relaxed provinces, which are, in bend, frequently associated with human creativeness *../../fashion/body_and_mind/9_better_living.html* .


Marijuana does impair short-run memory, but merely during poisoning. Although the important surveies on marihuanas use seem to hold that there is no residuary damage following poisoning, relentless damage of short-run memory has been noted in chronic marihuana tobacco users, up to 6 and 12 hebdomads following abstention.

What other myths have been traveling around about smoking a doobie?

more marijuana myths

Heart Problems

It is accepted in medical circles today that marihuana usage causes no apparent long-run cardiovascular jobs for normal individuals. Marijuana smoke, nevertheless, does do alterations in the bosom and organic structure & # 8217 ; s circulation feature of emphasis, which may perplex preexisting cardiovascular jobs like high blood pressure, cerebrovascular disease, and coronary coronary artery disease. Marijuana & # 8217 ; s effects on blood force per unit area are complex and inconsistent as of yet.


Chronic marihuana usage has non been fou

neodymium to change testosterone *../../love/drzimmer/17_love_answers.html* or other sex endocrine degrees. In contrast, heavy intoxicant usage is known to take down these same testosterone degrees.

Generative Damage

No trustworthy survey has of all time shown that marihuana usage amendss the generative system, or causes chromosome breakage. Surveies of existent human populations have failed to show that marihuana adversely affects the generative system. Claims that marihuanas use may impair endocrine production, catamenial rhythms, or birthrate in females are both unproved and baseless.

The Immune System

Surveies in which lab rats were injected with highly big measures of THC ( the active compound in marihuana ) have found that marihuana ( in such unrealistically immense measures ) does hold an & # 8220 ; immunosuppressive consequence & # 8221 ; in those lab rats, in that it temporarily shuts off certain cells in the liver called lymph cells and macrophages. These macrophages are utile in contending off bacterial, non viral, infections.

But this is merely for the continuance of poisoning. There besides exists some grounds that marihuana metabolites remain in the lungs for up to seven months after smoke has ceased, perchance impacting the immune system of the lungs ( but non by turning the cells off ) .

This said, physicians and research workers are still non certain that the immune system is really negatively affected in realistic state of affairss since there are no Numberss to back up the thought. In fact, three surveies showed that THC might hold really stimulated the immune system in the people studied.


Smoking marihuana has the possible to do both bronchitis and malignant neoplastic disease of the lungs, pharynx, and cervix, but this is by and large no different than inhaling any other burned carbon-containing affair since they all increase the figure of lesions ( and hence possible infections ) in your air passages.

The Gateway Effect

Marijuana usage has non been found to move as a gateway drug to the usage of harder drugs. Surveies show that when the Dutch partly legalized marihuana in the 70 & # 8217 ; s, diacetylmorphine and cocaine usage well declined, despite a little addition in marijuana usage.

If the stepping rock theory were true, usage should hold gone up instead than down. In world, it appears that marihuana usage tends to replace for the usage of comparatively more unsafe difficult drugs like cocaine and diacetylmorphine, instead than take to their usage.

Therefore, oftentimes strict marihuanas Torahs themselves are the most important factor involved in traveling on to harder drugs like cocaine. Such is the instance in Nevada and Arizona, the provinces toughest on marihuana usage.

the possible benefits

Because smoked marihuana contains a assortment of burning compounds, it can damage the lungs and perchance the immune system. Several wellness commissions recommended the development of an inspiration device that delivers pure THC & # 8212 ; the active ingredient in marijuana & # 8212 ; to the lungs. Such a device has non yet been created.

There is some grounds & # 8212 ; but no scientifically valid surveies & # 8212 ; that marihuana is utile in handling some signifiers of epilepsy and spasticity caused by multiple induration.

Some surveies show that smoke-cured marihuana is effectual for some patients in alleviating sickness caused by malignant neoplastic disease and chemotherapy.

There is grounds that marihuana may better the appetency and aid patients derive weight. This could be lifesaving for AIDS patients who develop cachexia, a terrible weight-loss status.

Smoking marihuana is effectual in take downing force per unit area inside the orbs of some patients with glaucoma. A word of cautiousness, nevertheless: the drug besides drops blood force per unit area, and this could compromise blood flow to the ocular nervus and harm vision *17_mens_health.html* .



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