Marijuana Yes Or No Essay, Research Paper

Should Marijuana be Legalized?

Abraham Lincoln one time said, Prohibition makes offenses out of things that are non crimes. This is true with the prohibition of marihuana: the usage of marihuanas should non be a offense, but prohibition makes it one. The existent offenses being committed are those by the authorities. The spend one million millions of our revenue enhancement dollars every twelvemonth in the war against marihuana, prevarication to us about the harmful effects, and deny ill patients the usage of marihuana for medicative intents. Joseph Califano and Thomas Constantine, two writers who analyzed this issue have two wholly different sentiments. Califano is against the legalisation of marihuana and Constantine supports it. The usage of marihuana is safe. Therefore, it should be legalized because one million millions of revenue enhancement dollars would be saved yearly, it serves several curative utilizations, and it has the capableness to increase the state s income and long pillow this state s economic system.

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Many American citizens strongly advocate the battle to legalise marihuana. The Gallup Poll late reported that 73 per centum of Americans are in favour of taking the federal jurisprudence against marihuana ( Gallup Poll, 1996 ) . Numerous surveies show that marihuana has positive curative utilizations for people enduring from AIDS, malignant neoplastic disease, glaucoma, and a assortment of other conditions ( Constantine, 1996 ) . The protagonism for the legalisation of marihuana is obvious on the Internet where pro-marijuana web sites outnumber those concerned about drug maltreatment.

The legalisation of marihuana could actuall

y be a profitable enterprise for our state. The authorities would do money by taxing it while husbandmans and makers would profit by selling it. One acre of wheat on norm, brings its proprietor $ 25.00, but, in Canada, one acre of hemp brings its proprietor about $ 225.00, ( Constantine, 1996 ) . Industrialized hemp has many different utilizations, from paper to apparels, to biodegradable auto parts. If legalized, marihuanas could be a really profitable merchandise for America ( Latest Buzz on Hemp, 1-2 ) .

Whatever injury ( if any ) marihuana does to its users can non compare to the harm done by being arrested and punished for its illegal ownership. First, after person s arrested on the charge of ownership, authorities functionaries can prehend that individual s belongings even if there is ne’er a condemnable strong belief. At the present clip, in more than half the provinces, anyone who is convicted of a marihuana discourtesy will automatically hold his or her driver s licence revoked, even if the discourtesy is non driving related. Under the Higher Education Act ( HEA ) , if pupils are having federal assistance and they are convicted of a marijuana charge they lose their loan and are expelled from school. Curiously, the HEA merely applies to marijuana strong beliefs, so if one is convicted of colza or sexual assault they are still allowed to go to the university with one s scholarship, ( Drug Enforcement Agency ) . Bing arrested can besides endanger a individual s occupation chances. President Clinton, Vice President Gore, and former House eliminated. It should be up to the person to take if he or she wants to prosecute in the usage of this drug.

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