Marilyn Monroe was born June
1926 and was born as Norma Jeane Mortenson.


Monroe lived with foster parents
as her mother was unprepared for a child. Monroe then eventually moved back in
with her mother but her mother was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Monroe continued to have troubled upbringing and was ‘forced’ into marrying to prevent
a return to the orphanage that she was placed in but they divorced in 1946.

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Monroe then started modelling
and was offered a contract with 20th Century Fox earning $125 a week
on a 6-month contract to prevent her being contracted by R.K.O studios. She
first appeared in The Shocking Miss Pilgrim in 1947, however at the end of her
contract Fox refused to renew her contract, causing Monroe to go back to


After this, she joined
Colombia Pictures in Ladies of the Chorus, however she was then dropped by
Colombia. After this she appeared in Love Happy in 1949 and then modelled for
Playboy magazine, of which she became a central figure of. After modelling for
Playboy magazine, she was offered a Role in the Asphalt Jungle and All about
Eve in 1950 but it was described as a ‘Bit Part’ meaning that there was no more
than five lines of dialogue.


After this point, her acting career
rose in attention. She appeared in Love Nest in 1951, then Don’t bother to
knock where she played an unstable babysitter in 1952. Later in the year she starred
in Monkey Business (IMBD –,
and then appeared in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,
further solidifying her trademark blonde look.


She then dated Joe DiMaggio and married on January
14th, 1954. The couple had problems and a large argument was filmed
on September 14th, 1954, where a month later Monroe filed for divorce.


In 1953 she appeared in How to Marry a Millionaire,
then There’s No Business Like Show Business in 1954, followed by The Seven Year
Itch in 1955.


Monroe was suspended by Fox twice in 1955: first,
for not appearing for the production of The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing and
then ditto for How to Be Very, Very Popular and she was replaced by other


In 1956, she appeared in Bus Stop and married
Arthur Miller, but she later divorced him in 1960 as their relationship
encountered problems). In 1957, she appeared in The Prince and the Showgirl
which was met with considerably less success. In 1959, she appeared in Some
Like It Hot, which unlike The Prince and the Showgirl was a success.


1960, marked the start of the decline of her career.

She appeared in Let’s Make Love but it was a critical failure. She had a severe
drug addiction and had to spend a week detoxing in a hospital. In 1961, she
appeared in her final film, The Misfits, however, she was chosen to appear in Something’s
Got to Give but she was fired for not appearing to set due to taking too much
sick leave. However, at the same time she sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to JFK at
Madison Square Garden.


Monroe died on August 5th, 1962, aged
only 36, where it was revealed she died of intentional overdosing because the
dosages were many times the legal limit. It has been stated by her doctors that
she often had serve mood changes and depression which could cause unpredictable


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