Real I’ve been reading about the hatred in South Africa with apartheid and being treated unfairly. According to Mark Manhattan, ways hatred can be treated in South Africa is to follow under the lead of Nelson Mandela. Mark Manhattan stated In the article that “Hatred can be vanquished by humanity”. Which is true because taking out all your hate with violence doesn’t do anything but cause more problems. Manhattan also states in the article “Under the leadership of Nelson Mandela used to prevent hatred from becoming the legacy of he next generation”.

That’s also true because it’s a non-violent way and Nelson Mandela was becoming a leader and trying to stop apartheid. I noticed Mark Manhattan, being through It, he had hate. As he states “l was gleeful at the news that collaborators with apartheid had been “necklace”,” Necklace meaning violence, but then after he started to realize violence was not the answer and started to follow under Mandela’s lead. I agree with Mark Manhattan on the hatred because apartheid Is unfair.

It’s not air everyone doesn’t get treated the same because of skin color. I agree because learning to hate is easy being treated that way especially in your own country. Blacks would get accused for anything or everything with no privacy at all. I would follow under Mandela’s lead, whatever it takes to get peace and equality. That’s not right blacks not getting treated right in their own country. Overall I agree with him because it’s not right to be treated different and whatever It takes to stop apartheid.

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Actually I’ve experienced racial hate Just a few days ago. My friends and I went to the store and while walking out our other friends were leaving. But I guess they were stealing because this huge guy ran out and came in with them. But one of the girls said “hey please don pull my hair” and she tried to get their hands off her hair. But then they slammed her against an ATM machine and tackled her to the floor which was not right. The two big guys being (Caucasian) and the girls being (Mexican and Hawaiian).

As all the customers and everybody watched, this (African-American) lady as yelling at the guys saying “you have not right to tackle that poor young lady without resist” and one of the guys replied “hey ***** stay out of it”. My friends and I walked out and the two guy came out after and my friend says “that’s not right what you did, you guys didn’t have to tackle her” and one of the big guys reply “Shut up, I’m while! “. I thought to myself wow he real-life brought race Into It. In your own country. How would you feel if you were put in this position? What would you do?


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