In this piece of work I will be depicting how selling techniques are used to market merchandises in two administrations. I will be speaking about the techniques. function and aims of the two merchandises that I have chosen. The two merchandises that I have chosen to speak about are the Samsung galaxy s3 and Red bull. Selling means the action that a concern does to advance their merchandises and services. Market research involves the aggregation of informations to obtain insight and cognition into the demands and wants of clients and the construction and kineticss of a market.

The Samsung galaxy s3 is the world’s most popular smart phone theoretical account. keeping 10. 7 % of the planetary smart phone market in the 3rd one-fourth. Samsung shipped 18 million Galaxy S3 units in the 3rd one-fourth. up from 5. 4 million in the 2nd one-fourth. an addition of 230 per centum. Samsung’s CEO is Byung – Chull Lee and the Samsung central offices are in South Korea. Red Bull is an energy drink sold by Austrian company Red Bull GmbH. created in 1987. Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the universe. with 4. 6 billion tins sold in 2011. The company motto is Red Bull gives you wings and the merchandise is marketed through advertisement. events such as the Red Bull Air Race and Red Bull Crashed Ice. With all these events and adverts it is conveying them more money into the company. Red bull is meant to be the following coco-cola as the company is deserving ?5billion after Felix Baumgartner did a record breakage skydive. Techniques

The Ansoff Growth matrix is another selling planning tool that helps a concern determine its merchandise and market growing scheme. The end product of Ansoff’s matrix is series of end products that can assist a concern grow which can besides assist the concern acquire more gross revenues. If the concern gets more gross revenues they will be acquiring more money into the concern. There are four types’ schemes that the concern can make. These are market incursion. merchandise development. market development and variegation. All concern does at least one of these schemes to last. Samsung have different growing schemes to do their merchandises worldwide so more people know about them. One manner in which they can make this is variegation. This means alternatively of the concern seting all their money on one merchandise they would pass it on other things as good. This is thought to be a good thing because they don’t have much hazard of losing a batch of money. This is advantageous because if one country of the concern fails at least they would hold the other country they put money into every bit good.

In 2010. Samsung recognised Samsung Biologics with 40 % investing from Samsung Electronics. 40 % from Samsung Everland. 10 % from Samsung C & A ; T. and 10 % from Quintiles Transnational. This means that they have invested in more countries of their concern ; this is so when one country fails the others will be at that place acquiring money into the company. Another manner in which a concern can turn is merchandise development. This is when a concern develops a merchandise so that it is more powerful and better than its competition. A company that makes smart phones like Samsung need to make merchandise development. so that the concern can turn. There are 42. 000 people that work in research and development for Samsung. A concern should develop their merchandise as this can spread out their consumer exposure and besides their merchandise names will be more recognizable in the market place.

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Effective market and merchandise development schemes rely on input from the concerns bing clients. A concern will necessitate to happen willing satisfied clients to prove out their merchandises before they sell it to the general populace. Businesss can besides direct studies out to find what merchandises and methods are most effectual for opening selling plans for new districts. Samsung Electronics plans to engage 26. 000 workers and put $ 41 billion this twelvemonth in new merchandise development. Samsung. the world’s largest electronics maker by gross. ( it made $ 138 billion last twelvemonth ) . will pass most of the money bettering Samsung Electronics’ developments in nomadic french friess and next-generation OLED ( organic light-emitting rectifying tube ) TVs and proctors. Samsung have different endurance schemes. Survival schemes means when the gross revenues of a merchandise lessening in a concern. and the concern is seeking to maintain them up. Most of Samsungs merchandises have been developed to be more high tech than their rivals.

This gives them an advantage as they will acquire more gross revenues than anyone else in that industry. The Samsung Galaxy s3 had been developed from the Samsung Galaxy s2 and has been created to be easier to utilize and more gratifying for the client. Apple tried censoring Samsung from let go ofing their Samsung galaxy s3 because Apple think Samsung have used some of their package for their merchandises. A concern would necessitate survival schemes if gross revenues for their merchandises have gone down and they want to do as much money of the merchandise before it goes bust. Samsung reported an 82 % leap in net incomes over the first one-fourth of last twelvemonth. while gross climbed 22 % . Branding in a concern is of import as it shows the repute of the concern. The importance in the buyer’s behavior can impact the concerns gross revenues. as it can increase or diminish their gross revenues. Consumers are responsible factor for the gross revenues of any merchandises or services. so when a new merchandise is being released in the market. understanding consumers purchasing behavior becomes really indispensable.

The concern has to analyze and understand the assorted factors which influence the customer’s ideas while purchasing any merchandises or services. Less than two months ago Samsung galaxy s3 has got 20million gross revenues all around the universe. Just yesterday came intelligence that the Galaxy S3 had outsold the IPhone 5 to stay the UK’s most popular French telephone for the 6th back-to-back month. with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 already transporting over 3 million units worldwide after merely a few hebdomads on sale. Samsung is in the premium place. as it is a good known company worldwide and besides the merchandises that they produce are high tech compared to other concerns in that industry. There are 3 degrees in which trade names can be in. budget which is the lowest. norm which is in the center and premium which are the top trade names. Samsung has one of the biggest scopes of phones available – selling some of the cheapest. most basic phones like the Samsung E1080 to top-end smart phones such the Samsung Galaxy S3. every bit good as everything in between.

Samsung has besides become a powerful force in the smart phone market. appealing to all sorts of people by doing phones running three different runing systems. Businesss like Samsung can besides make trade name extension. This is when they realise a scope of merchandises so that the clients can hold a pick in what they buy and besides their alone merchandising point. Samsung’s launched its Corby edition with the first nomadic offering touch characteristic at an low-cost monetary value. the phone had a better User interface compared to other dearly-won theoretical account. They realised this phone as it is inexpensive. while it has the same interface and package like their smart phones. This is another phone that is available to the clients. this shows that they have got a scope of merchandises in which the consumers can take from. Samsung’s alone merchandising point is their superior qualities of show due to engineering promotion which make the colorss stand out more. This attracts the customer’s attending conveying them more gross revenues. Businesss need to make trade name edifice because it can acquire them more gross revenues as they will be allowing more people know about their merchandises and services. If they do this it can increase their gross that is coming in.

Samsung has done trade name edifice as they are a popular Mobile phone company. Samsung sold 18 million theoretical accounts. compared with Apple’s 16. 2 million gross revenues. in the 3rd one-fourth of 2012. Brand placement is when a concern knows what merchandise they want to market. the challenge that concern has is to place the merchandise so that it meets the demands and wants of the client. If they do this they will be conveying more money into the company. which besides increases their gross. In December 2011. Samsung Electronics sold its difficult disc thrust ( HDD ) concern to Seagate. This is so that they can set money into the other parts of the concern. This can either increase their money coming in or diminish it. Brand extension means when a concern uses the same trade name name to establish a new or modified merchandise in the same wide market. This is like Samsung utilizing their trade name name to do their merchandises like Samsung Galaxy s2 and the S3. When a concern does this it can convey in more money as they are utilizing the same name they used for a successful merchandise.

Relationship selling involves developing long term relationship with clients so that they provide the company with ongoing concern. This means the clients would maintain traveling to the company for their merchandises because they enjoy utilizing them. If the clients kept traveling to the company this would convey in more money increasing the concerns gross watercourse. Galaxy S2 hit 10 million gross revenues in September 2011. and Samsung believes its Galaxy S3 is on its manner to more than 30 million in planetary gross revenues by the terminal of the twelvemonth. Transactional selling is when concerns targets clients in doing one off exchange. This means the clients purchasing the merchandise from the trade name. but non traveling back to it for other merchandises that they make. Companies use this as it increases a business’s gross revenues efficiency by hiking the volume of single gross revenues alternatively of developing an on-going relationship with the consumer.

The difference between relationship selling and transactional selling is that with relationship marketing the clients stay with the trade name and purchase their merchandises. Transactional selling is when the client buys the merchandise one time and doesn’t purchase it once more. A value of a life-time client is good for a concern as it helps them maintain brining money into the concern and besides that client will convey in more clients still increasing their gross watercourses. Samsung can be both relationship selling and transactional as some clients keep purchasing the merchandises they distribute like the Samsung Galaxy s2 and s3 and they can besides be transactional as some of the clients might bask other merchandise from their rivals. like the IPhone 5 that Apple have created.

Red bull besides have different growing schemes. one of these is market incursion. This is because they directed their merchandise to clients that do feature and necessitate energy. but now all sort of clients buy it. like adolescents and grownups that work tardily. Red bull is an energy drink used to excite the clients mind so they get more energy and besides Red Bull has been the mark of unfavorable judgment refering the possible wellness hazards associated with the drink. Another growing scheme for Red bull is market development. as they are selling their merchandises worldwide. This means that more people know about the merchandise which brings in more money to the company. A concern can turn wish this as more clients will come to them if they are world-wide. Red Bull has one-year gross revenues of about 4 billion tins in more than 160 states. Another growing scheme that they have used is variegation. this is because from doing energy drinks they have sponsored F1 racing and other athleticss like motocross motorcycles.

This is doing them bigger as they are patronizing large events that a batch of clients go to. As Red bull has gone from doing energy drinks to F1 racing and making other merchandises this means that they have used variegation for growing. Energy drinks company Red Bull made a ?2. 8m pre-tax net income last twelvemonth from winning the Formula One title and diversifying its racing operations. Red bull has used a strong endurance scheme as they have made a batch of money and besides have survived all these old ages. Equally good as doing energy drinks the money signifier that they have sponsored into F1 racing. which is conveying more gross streams into the concern. The 8. 294 employees that work for Red bull have generated $ 4. 25billion in gross. Another manner in which the concern can last is if they lower their monetary values for the merchandise and bit by bit do the monetary value larger. this can convey the clients in as the merchandise is inexpensive so the clients will be paying for the merchandise with a higher monetary value. Branding is of import for the concern ;

Red bull is a strong trade name as most the populace know them. They have used two bulls in their logo which stand out to do the clients want to purchase the merchandise. The mottos that used on the merchandise can act upon the purchaser to purchase their merchandise. The motto used for Red bull is “Red bull gives you wings” . This can act upon immature adolescents as the motto is catchy. Most of the clients that Red bull gets are because they want energy. They knew the trade name was traveling down. but Dietrich Mateschitz. the former toothpaste seller who created Red Bull. sponsored Felix Baumgartner the adult male who jumped of the starship. which has brought a batch of income for the company as there was a batch of promotion for this stunt. Equally good as this stunt they have sponsored other athletics squads and athleticss.

As the concern grew. Red Bull decided that having athleticss squads was preferred to borrowing them for a piece. So alternatively of subscribing sponsorship trades with Minardi or Jaguar rushing squads. Red Bull bought both and has shelled out a cool $ 690 million to maintain them traveling. Red bull usage relationship selling as they want their clients to maintain purchasing their merchandise. The concern wants Red bull energy drink to be a family drink that everyone bargains. Red bull have sold over 4 billion tins which shows that some of the clients they have will hold a relationship with the drink because of the gustatory sensation and how they enjoy imbibing it. If the concern has got some life-time clients they will maintain seting money into the concern and besides they will state their household about the merchandise which means they will get down imbibing the energy drinks they make. which will convey in even more money to the concern increasing their gross watercourses. Aims

Both the merchandises that I have chosen are in the private sector. Their two purposes and aims are survival and growing. These are the lone two purposes that a concern should hold as it is doing them money and besides doing them more worldwide. Samsung have good purposes and aims because they have survived through recession and other economic environments. This is good for a concern because they can last within other concerns and so they don’t flop. A concern wants to turn because the more they grow the more people will cognize about their concern which will convey in more money. Samsung operate all over the universe which means that people around the universe know about this trade name. this is good as there is more of a opportunity of the concern acquiring money into them. The company said its gross and net income in nomadic grew over the old one-fourth due to an betterment in its merchandise mix. and an addition in gross revenues of its high-end smart phones. Red bull has survived through different economic environments.

They have grown along the manner as more people know about the stigmatization around the universe. A sum of 4. 631 billion tins of Red Bull were sold worldwide in 2011. stand foring an addition of 11. 4 % against 2010. Company turnover increased by 12. 4 % . from $ 3. 785 billion to $ 4. 253 billion. Public purposes and aims are wholly different to private sector purposes. The concern that I will speak about in this is NHS. One of their purposes is aim is cost restrictions. NHS will hold cost restrictions as the authorities don’t want to pass a batch of money on the merchandises etc. inside NHS infirmaries. They don’t want to pass a batch of money on the medical specialty. that’s why they get bulk orders. The electricity in the infirmaries is cut down so they cost less for the infirmaries which means there still salvaging more money. All the employees in NHS infirmaries will hold large conveyance autos. so that there is less money being spent on gasoline and more people can acquire into that auto. Another purpose for the public sector concern is the value for money for NHS is the medical specialty they use.

They buy their medical specialty in bulk orders. so that it’s cheaper for them and they make the consumer of the medicine wage more. NHS spends ?20billion a twelvemonth on the purchase of goods. services and hospital drugs. This is salvaging NHS whilst deriving more money. as more clients are traveling to them for better health care. They can besides acquire value for money when they buy beds and other merchandises that infirmaries need. This is because they buy them in majority order which means that it’s cheaper for NHS. Service proviso is when concerns offer services alternatively of physical merchandises. These services are treated in the same manner as a merchandise. with a cost and even assortments of types. depending on the concern. Service commissariats autumn under third activities. These are service activities aimed at other concerns and the general populace. NHS uses service proviso because it is assisting the general populace with their wellness and other demands. Samsung’s selling aim is to be figure one compared to all their rivals. If they are figure one they will be acquiring more money coming in compared to other concerns that are in that industry. They besides want more people to cognize about the trade name. so if more people know about the trade name so they will be acquiring more gross revenues.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has sold more than 5 million units worldwide. selling 2 million in the last month. If more people know about the trade name so they will be acquiring more gross revenues for their merchandises. so there gross watercourse additions. If the concern expands more people will be purchasing their merchandises as it will be popular. Samsung sold 18 million theoretical accounts. compared with Apple’s 16. 2 million gross revenues. in the 3rd one-fourth of 2012. Apple is Samsung’s rivals as they are in the same industry as them. Galaxy smart phone gross revenues helped Samsung study record net incomes in the three months to September. their net net income was 6. 5trillion. Samsung’s selling aim is to allow everyone cognize about them. The more people that know about them. it is more likely for them to purchase Samsung’s merchandises. Their organizational aim is to be figure one in that industry. They want to be better than their competition like Apple and Sony. If more people know about Samsung the more likely they will purchase their merchandises which means that they will hold an addition in gross.

If they have an addition in gross they will be developing more merchandises and besides they will be better than their competition. In the first one-fourth of 2012. Samsung Electronics became the world’s largest Mobile phone shaper by unit gross revenues. catching Nokia. which had been the market leader since 1998. Red Bull’s selling aim is the same every bit Samsung’s as they want to allow more people know about their merchandises. They want more people to imbibe their merchandise as an mundane thing. so that they are acquiring more money. Their organizational aim is to do as much money as they can from their merchandises. They have swapped from doing energy drinks to doing F1 rushing autos and advancing that athletics. This means that they are acquiring in more money as they have got more than one manner of conveying money into the company. A sum of 4. 631 billion tins of Red Bull were sold worldwide in 2011. stand foring an addition of 11. 4 % against 2010. company turnover increased by 12. 4 % from $ 3. 785 billion to $ 4. 253 billion.


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