1.0 Introduction:

In this marketing audit we shall be looking at the News Corporation

With the News Corporation being a company which incorporates so many different strategic business units (SBU) we have decided to pick out only a few key SBU’s.

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These are those SBU’s which are located in the United Kingdom and Ireland and the most popular Internet based SBU’s, as these are the SBU’s which we are most familiar with and in order to incorporate all of the Oceanic and North American units we would need more than one report.

Later in the report there will be an in depth look at British Sky Broadcasting and its Sky products.

1.1 Key Strategic Business Units:

The key SBU’s that we will be focusing on will be

* BSkyB

* The Sun Newspaper

* The News Of The World Newspaper

* The Times and Sunday Times Newspapers

* Fox Filmed Entertainment, 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight Pictures

* HarperCollins publishing

* MySpace

* Photobucket


2.0 Internal Analysis:

2.1 Company Overview:

The News Corporation is one of the world’s three largest media conglomerates and operates in most sectors and most continents but is based in America and is majority share owned by Chief Executive, Rupert Murdoch.

The News Corporation is a public company listed on both the New York and Australian stock exchange and has a secondary listing on the London stock exchange. Revenue as of September 9th 2007 is $28.65billion.

At the end of 2006 the News Corporation employed as many as 47,300 staff.

The media conglomerate incorporates almost 300 business holdings including over 50 newspapers and 25 magazines spread across 3 continents, over 150 TV channels including cable, satellite, and broadcast channels, over 20 internet sites and businesses and almost 20 film and television studios. The news corporation also own MySpace records, 50% of the National Rugby League in Australia and New Zealand, Jamba mobile entertainment 3 Australian rugby teams and an American baseball team. (www.sky.com)


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