Matthew Robertson is a graduate of University of Maryland. He earned his marketing management degree in 1985, and proceeded to Harvard University in order to earn his Masters in Business Administration. Robertson was born in Baltimore, and has attended private catholic schools for his elementary and secondary education. Since he was young, Robertson has shown great interest in the field of business and advertsing. Robertson has attended numerous seminars during his college years in order to augment his business acumen and a greater sense of marketing. Furthermore, Robertson has earned numerous certificates and accolades in the field of marketing when he was in college, which earned him an MBA scholarship in Harvard University. During his tenure at Harvard, Robertson juggled his MBA studies and a consultancy stint at Merril Lynch. Eventually, Robertson was hired by General Electric as product consultant. Robertson came up with numerous advertising campaigns for GE. Robertson was one of the proponents of GE’s internal operations strategy called the GE work-out. GE’s work-out has been one of the firm’s successful strategies in its internal operations. Robertson has etched his name the firm’s operations that is why GE has assigned him as regional director of his hometown of Maryland.



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