Brief Description of Ocean Park Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong is one of the most popular subject Parkss in the universe. It was officially opened on January 10th 1977 by the governor of Hong Kong and was funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club on July 1st 1987. with a Government-appointed Board. It constitutes of Marine mammal. oceanarium. animate being and amusement as a subject park. located in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan in the Southern District of Hong Kong. Reason for Choosing Ocean Park Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong ruled the local amusement park landscape entirely.

In 2005. Hong Kong Disneyland had arrived and busted out the Park from its near 30-year comfort zone. However. Ocean Park has secured the esteemed 2012 Applause Award. which was the first in Asia to be rewarded. The ground for taking Ocean Park Hong Kong is therefore to analyze how efficaciously the selling schemes are used in the Park against its chief rival. Hong Kong Disneyland. SWOT Analysis A Strength of Ocean Park Hong Kong is the legion attractive forces with different degrees of amusements runing from roller coasters to fish tanks.

Another one is the five major one-year events throughout the twelvemonth: a changing Animal in High Definition Month. the Ocean Park Summer Splash. the Halloween Bash. Christmas and Chinese New Year jubilations. Yet. the most obvious failing is the several incidents happened in the past five old ages. Panda assailing a feeder. death of Chinese sturgeons and sudden intermission of attractive forces – all these had surprised the public’s assurance to the park. In footings of chance. there is a proposed MTR station on the E of South Island Line for Ocean.

Park Hong Kong. The station would assist pull more clients for the Park because it will be easier and more convenient to see. The major menace is from the hereafter development program of Hong Kong Disneyland. which is expected to construct more themed countries. drives and hotels in the coming decennary to fit the increasing demands. There will be acute competition between Ocean Park Hong Kong and Disneyland after such an enlargement.

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Marketing Aims Since Ocean Park Hong Kong aims to go a leader among the subject park industry. its selling aim is to endeavor for a topographic point in the top 10 of the entire figure of visitants of the Global Attractions Attendance study by AECOM within two old ages. Furthermore. the Park hopes to increase its net income by at least 20 % within two old ages due to the immense sum of visitants every twelvemonth. Last. due to the accidents happened in recent old ages. customers’ satisfaction towards Ocean Park Hong Kong has been damaged.

To increase client keeping and satisfaction. the Park should do an attempt to guarantee there will be no accident in the coming two old ages Reference list 1 / 2 Rubin. J. ( 2013 ) . Global attendence attractive forces study. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. aecom. com/deploy edfiles/Internet/Capabilities/Economics/_documents/ThemeMuseumIndex_2013. pdf ( 2014 ) . Vision and Mission. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. oceanpark. com. hk/html/en/footer/corporate-information/vision. hypertext markup language ( 2014 ) . Annual Report. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. oceanpark. com. hk/doc/common/footer/ar/ophk_ar12-13. pdf Ocean Park. Hong Kong. ( n. d. ) .

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