The meaty flesh of a Mangifera indica fruit is sweet. but the fruit’s cavity is so big and difficult. Ripe Mangifera indicas are fragrant and soft to the touch. but non mushy.

Mangos can be processed into a figure of alone merchandises such as dried Mangifera indicas. puree. juice. Indian relish. halves and scoops. jelly jams. and pickles. A unvarying quality and an equal supply are assured throughout the twelvemonth through processing. Processed Mangifera indicas enable exporters to function their markets even during off season period for fresh Mangifera indicas. Besides. exporters can perforate purchasing states with rigorous phytosanitary demands by providing processed Mangifera indicas.

The distinguishable gustatory sensation and nutritionary value of Guimaras mango assortment puts it above any other Mangifera indica in the universe. Mango is one of the precedence harvests being supported by the major plans of the Department of Agriculture ( DA ) ; Mangos are included among the high value harvests to be given precedence under the High Value Crop Law.

Distribution is an exceptionally of import stage in the selling of Mangifera indicas. The fruit after crop has to go through through several bureaus before making the consumers.

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The Philippines has already established its credibleness in providing high quality Mangifera indicas to of import markets particularly to the United States.

The recent organisation of the Philippine Mango Development Council provided the drift to unify the cardinal participants of the industry into a individual protagonism group that will work together for the sustainable development of the Philippine Mango Industry.


One of man’s greatest victory in the cultivating of wild workss is the cultivated Mangifera indica. Centuries of cultivation and choice produced a juicy fruit. Many assortments are grown in different states. Here in the Philipines. Guimaras is known as the “Mango Country” . deriving the name because of its sweetest and big-sized Mangifera indicas. Based on the information of the National Statistical Coordination Board of the Republic of the Philippines. the twelvemonth 2002 was a good twelvemonth for Guimaras’ Mangifera indicas. It was in this twelvemonth that it officially joined the universe export market and hand in glove. production soared to its highest for the last three old ages. 2002 production posted a growing of 446. 40 per centum or five times higher over the 2001 production. Despite the lessening in the figure of fruit-bearing trees. more trees were induced to bloom as favored by the conditions conditions.

The Philippine Mangifera indica. considered in western states as an alien tropical fruit. is fast deriving popularity worldwide. It is the 3rd biggest dollar gaining fruit following to banana and pineapple. But competition from other states has led to stricter international criterion controls for Mangifera indica and the fruits produced in Pangasinan and the other Ilocos states have yet to run into choice criterions demanded by the United States.

The United States may open its market to Philippine Mangifera indicas. with that country’s agribusiness section funding a study to happen out which mango-producing countries have no incidence of Mangifera indica seed and mush weevils. Major importers of Philippine Mangifera indicas in the United States are looking frontward to less dearly-won Mangifera indicas from Manila with the determination by the US authorities in December to let other states in the Philippines to export the green goods. A United States-based Philippine functionary has revealed the debut of a engineering that would assist cut down the transportation cost of Philippine mango exports to that state.

Finally. such engineering would besides let Mangifera indicas from other countries of the state to come in the US market. Soon. merely mangoes from Guimaras Island have been allowed in the US.

Harmonizing to Victoriano Leviste. agribusiness attache at the Filipino embassy in Washington DC. The key is to make a niche market through our Filipino occupants and perchance other Asians. Philippine Super Mango ( carabao ) has been deriving popularity in the US market as a Sweet and more juicy fruit. The Filipino Mangifera indica. coming from Guimaras Province in the Visayas. was merely able to come in the US market in May. last twelvemonth. after 15 old ages of dialogues with the US Department of Agriculture. Merely Guimaras Mangifera indicas are so far accepted in the US. Mangos from other countries of the state allegedly have fruit flies.

Guimaras has been considered a pest-free zone and an ideal beginning of Mangifera indica exports to the US. It is promoting to observe that the importance of the Mangifera indica industry to the Filipino economic system is now being recognized by all concerned sectors. The Mangifera indica industry has provided support chances to its agriculturists and to those involved in its selling channels. Similarly of import is its important part to the country’s export net incomes being the 3rd ranking fruit export. following to banana and pineapple. The Philippines is one of the top Mangifera indica bring forthing states in the universe with an estimated 2 % portion of the world’s 23. 4 million dozenss production in 1997.

The other top Mangifera indica bring forthing states are India where 51 % of entire universe production of Mangifera indicas comes from. China with 9 % portion. Mexico and Thailand both with 6 % portion. Exporting is one factor that helps our economic system to prolong its stableness with different jobs it encounters. The demand for integrity among mango agriculturists here in the Philippines is really of import to be able to heighten the fight of our ain Mangifera indicas both in the local and universe market. The recent formation of the Philippine Mango Development Council ( Philmango ) . which was initiated by the DA Agribusiness and Marketing Assistance Service ( AMAS ) . is a large measure towards the proper orchestration of strategic intercessions for the Mangifera indica industry.


Mangos from Guimaras so goes beyond quality and gustatory sensation compared with other Mangifera indicas exported from different states. The mark of introducing and selling of Mangifera indicas produced from different parts here in the Philippines to the United States should be endorsed. Merely mangoes from Guimaras passed the criterions in the United States. In order for our Mangifera indica manufacturers to come in the US market. there should be proper engineering to guarantee consistent quality and supply. The majority of the country’s Mangifera indica end product are grown in backyard farms which makes it difficult to guarantee unvarying and consistent supply of Mangifera indicas.

There are limited commercial farms. and exports are fundamentally consolidation of green goods from backyard groves and little farms. Besides. the deficiency of commercial engineering in the packaging and in continuing the freshness to countervail the long stretch from the beginning to distant foreign markets such as the United States should besides be taken into consideration. Last. inefficiency and high cargo charges from the local transportation industry caused so much load. It adversely affected the smooth bringing of Mangifera indicas to its markets. Mangos coming from Visayas and Mindanao should be transported to Manila before it is exported to foreign states ; the important addition of monetary value due to high conveyance costs makes it hard to make its finish.

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Leovelyn Hope B. ParrenoFebruary 26. 2010

BSBM 4/ SOCIO 01Mr. Don Velez


If there’s person who can give me good and true pieces of advice. it would be no less than my household. Every twenty-four hours. I came to run into and knock with different people. And these individuals gave another dimension in my life. My 2nd household. the organisations I have here in school besides welcomed me. But there is so a important difference with the manner they care for each members. My household treats me. accepts me and understands me for the individual I am. They believed in my capablenesss and back up me with my aspirations in life.

My household gives me inspiration in everything I do. I can number on them particularly in times when I experienced the down minutes of my life. There was ne’er a clip when they left my side. On the other manus. my 2nd household besides gives another significance in my life. Though I am portion of the household. there is no confidence that they will ever be at that place for me through midst or thin. They besides have their precedences in life. Though they can be at that place when I a want shoulder to shout on. or assist me out with jobs in school but it is merely impermanent. They all come and go.


Mango is one of the commercially and economically indispensable horticultural fruit harvests in the Philippines. It is the 3rd most of import fruit harvest. following to banana and pineapple in footings of dollars earned. It is considered as a national fruit in this state. Mangoes specifically coming from Guimaras can be eaten mature or green. It is really popular around the universe because of its alien gustatory sensation. The paper aims to represent the export of these Mangifera indicas which placed the country’s fight in the universe market and how it captured the United States.


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