Executive sum-up

The company is in the development phase which wants to do a base in the touristry sector by provide quality, accessible travel chances to people, specifically run intoing the demands of this population and besides to utilize handiness engineering and quality providers, at a just monetary value.

Company break

The company is freshly formed ; the basic purpose is to form Long draw accessible vacations for handicapped people provide particular attention and attender installations.it besides dose customised bundles for single disables people besides.

The company uses handiness engineering merchandises such as specials autos and inclines.

It ‘s non a big organisation because most of the work is Outsourced.The Company has the proprietor in United Kingdome and a representative in India who manages the operations and dose coordination from India.He besides manages the client one time they have reached India.

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TOWS analysis

Harmonizing to the TOWS analysis the

Strengths are:

  • The company has a low fixed cost and the initial investing is really low.
  • The contacts within the Indian market are really strong because the proprietor is and Indian and is good cognizant of the manner the Indians work.
  • The civilization is a plus point to India that the international people witness.
  • Most of the work is reduced because it is outsourced.
  • The company has got countenance from the authorities to get down up the concern.
  • The company has got made particular equipment for wheelchair patients

Weakness Are:

  • There is no Clear Mission Statement.
  • The Company clearly focuses on Wheelchair patients and pretermiting the other disablements.
  • There is a low control over the work because most of it is outsourced.
  • The company has clear neglects over the compotators.
  • A really wide field that is handicapped touristry is classified into a really little portion.
  • The merchandises are really high priced.
  • Merely one finish.

Opportunities are

  • The manner to planetary selling.
  • Knowledge of the finish.
  • Constructing new contacts.
  • The civilization advantage of India.

Menaces Are

  • Fring Stake holders
  • Rivals
  • Copping of equipment.

Porters of five forces

Potential Entrances

  • Existent Companies broadening finishs,
  • Existent Companies broadening the mark market,
  • High borders
  • Turning Market
  • No entryway barriers


  • Wheelchair users
  • Ocular Impaired
  • Hearing Impaired
  • Carers
  • Agents


  • Thomas Cook
  • Can be Done
  • Other Companies offering Long-haul finishs ( including India )


  • Outsourced Servicess
  • Influence of Government
  • Stakeholders & A ; Stockholders

Competitive Competition

  • Established and Branded Companies with similar offer: Thomas Cook
  • Existent companies offering the same merchandise within the finishs Able Journeys plans to widen.

Ways it increase consciousness in the market and besides increasing gross revenues

  • The proprietor should form an event merely and purely for handicapped people where they can acquire informations for all the handicapped people.
  • They can besides reach companies which have workshops for handicapped people.
  • They can carry on plans in schools and universities where handicapped people are trained.

Rivals in UK ( Although mentioning that there are no direct rivals ) :

  • Vitalize
  • Enable
  • liveability
  • Travel oculus ( blind )
  • vacations with aid
  • Access travels

India was chosen because:

  • has: assortment of finishs ( sun sea, mountains, desert, etc )
  • the profusion of gustatory sensations, colourss, odors and noises
  • no competition
  • Agra and the Taj Mahal, the aureate trigon. a trophy finish – the Taj one of the 7 admirations
  • Strong India-UK dealingss
  • appropriate topographic point to prove the merchandise and service construct before diversifying to new finishs
  • first-class contacts in the inbound India touristry

Market Research:

  • A disablement audit – 3 metropoliss ( Agra Jaipur and Delhi )
  • Tourist entreaty of cardinal touristry finishs in India
  • Scale n scope of the disable market in the EU and USA
  • Direct and indirect rivals analysis
  • Accessing of engineering merchandise providers and merchandise development companies

Company Target:

  • Achieve profitableness from the 2nd twelvemonth,
  • Diversify the long draw finish to 3 within 2 old ages
  • Focus on increasing the maximal client base trough out the period concern

Some facts:

  • 10 million disable people in the UK, estimated to be deserving 80? billion
  • the UK market is aging ( it is estimated by 2025 more than a 3rd of the UK population will be over 55 – Visit Britain )
  • there is correlativity between aging, disablement and damage and the disablement addition well after age 45.

Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix theoretical account can be used by Able journeys as a tool to assistance in specifying the selling scheme. Selling director usage this method to seek and bring forth the best possible response in the mark market by intermixing many uneven in the best manner. It is of import to understand that the Marketing Mix rules are governable variables. The Marketing Mix can be adjusted on a common footing to run into the changing demands of the mark group & A ; the other actives of the selling environment.

The 7-Ps or extended Marketing Mix of Booms & A ; Bitner is a Marketing Strategy tool that increases the figure of expedient variable from the 4 in the original Marketing Mix Model to 7.

The usual Marketing Mix theoretical account was chiefly bound for & A ; utile for touchable goodss. The 7-Ps theoretical account is more helpful for services industries & A ; debatably besides for knowledge-intensive milieus.

The criterion variables used in building a selling mix are cost, publicity, goods & A ; topographic point.

The service selling mix comprises off the 7’p ‘s. These include:

  • Goods
  • Cost
  • Topographic point
  • Promotion
  • Peoples
  • Procedure
  • Physical grounds.

1. Merchandise

In the yesteryear, the ideas were, a good goods will sell by its ain. Nonetheless there are no desperate goods any longer in today ‘s highly competitory souk. In add-on, there are legion Torahs giving consumers the right to direct back goods that he perceives as bad.

Consequently, today the org. defines the singularity of its goods or service that congregates the demands of their consumers.

Basically a good is a significant object or an unsubstantial service which is produced to a great extent or manufactured on a big graduated table with a exact volume of constituents, Intangible goods are frequent service support like the touristry trade & A ; the hotel trade. Usual instance of a mass produced significant object is the street arab razor. A less clear but ever-present mass produced inspection and repair is a computing machine in service system.

It includes: – Functionality ; excellence ; Appearance ; Packaging ; hallmark ; Service ; Support ; Warranty.

2. Monetary value

The cost is the sum a consumer wage for the goods. It is decided by a no. of facets including market portion, competition, stuff disbursals, goods individuality & A ; the consumer ‘s sensed value of the goods. The trade may magnify or cut down the cost of goods if other shops have the same goods.

Even though viing on cost is every bit old as world, the client is on a regular basis still responsive for cost decrease & A ; particular put forwards. Cost has besides an unlogical face: something that is dearly-won must be high-quality. Permanently disputing on cost is for many companies is non a really healthy attack.

It consists of – List Cost ; Discounts ; Financing ; Leasing Options ; Allowances.

3. Topographic point

It represents the location where goods can be bought from. It is a batch referred to the allotment unit. It comprises of any physical stock up every bit good as on-line stores. Several recent chief transmutations in trade have reached by switching Topographic point. See Internet & A ; nomadic telephones. ( How ) the groups are are educated or cultured about the org. & A ; its goods? This comprises of all the goods in the selling shell – gross revenues, publicizing and merchandising.

It includes: – Topographic point, Samples ; Direct Members ; Group Motivation ; Promotion Coverage ; Service altitude. I-net & A ; Mobile.

4. Promotion

Promotion stands for all type of connexions that a trader uses in the topographic point. Promotion has 4 diverse elements – promotion, public traffics, point of sale & A ; word of gap. A definite sum of intersection happens when publicity employs the 4 chief elements jointly, illustration publicity of a film etc.

Whilst the other 3 P ‘s have mislaid much of their sense in present market, Promotion is one of the most important P to focus on on.

It includes: – Ad ; Public Relations ; Direct Gross saless ; Gross saless ; Media ; Budget.

5. Peoples

All people that are straight or indirectly involved in the ingestion of a service are an of import portion of the Extended Marketing Mix. Knowledge workers, employees, direction & A ; consumers frequently add important value to the entire goods or service offering.

A necessary component to any service status is to do usage of of suited staff & A ; public. Using the right employees & A ; educating them appropriately in the release of their service is necessary if the org. wants to achieve a signifier of spirited advantage.

Consumers make judgements & A ; deliver perceptual experiences of the service based on the employees they interact with. Staff should hold the appropriate interpersonal accomplishments, aptitude, & A ; service cognition to supply the service that consumers are paying for. Many British administrations aim to use for the Investors. In People accreditation, which tells consumers that staff are taken attention off by the company & A ; they are trained to certain st & A ; adult respiratory distress syndromes.

6. Procedure

Procedure, mechanisms & A ; flow of activities by which services are consumed ( consumer direction procedures ) are an indispensable component of the selling scheme.

Procedures are fundamentally systems used to help the org. in presenting the service. Imagine one walk into Burger King & A ; orders a Whopper Meal & A ; gets it delivered within 2 proceedingss. What was the procedure that allowed him to obtain an efficient service bringing? Banks that send out Credit Cards automatically when their consumer ‘s old one has expired once more require an efficient procedure to place termination day of the months & A ; reclamation. An efficient service that replaces old recognition cards will further consumer trueness & A ; assurance in the company.

7. Physical Evidence

The ability & A ; milieus in which the service is delivered. Both touchable goods that help to pass on & amp ; execute the service, & A ; the intangible experience of bing consumers & A ; the ability of the trade to relay that consumer satisfaction to possible clients.

It is the component of the service combination which permits the consumer once more to do determination on the organisation. If person expects a eating house to be clean with a friendly environment.

Physical grounds is a necessary component of the service combine ; consumers will do observation based on their position of the rendered service which will blow on the org ‘s perceptual strategy of service.

The first two more Postscripts are expressed ( People, Process ) & A ; the 3rd one ( Physical Evidence ) is an inexplicit factor.

In general footings, optimising the markting mix is the chief undertaking of selling. Through offering the goods with the right combination of the seven Ps sellers can better their consequences & A ; selling efficiency. Making bantam changes in the selling blend is characteristically deemed as a planned alteration. Making large alterations in anyone of the 7 P ‘s can be regarded as strategic.

The word “ Marketing Mix ” though, does non imply that the 7P elements stands for options. They are n’t tradeoffs but are basic selling issues that are ever needed to concentrate on. They are the basic events that marketing need whether determined openly or by default.


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