I. Marketing Plan Summary ( Executive Summary )

In the hereafter. the universe will be facing H2O issues. Drinking H2O is going a limited resource and less people can be provided with it. The undertaking will be to happen new methods to antagonize this tendency. We thought of a simple solution. to derive H2O and reassign it into imbibing H2O. Since desalinization and disinfection are really expensive procedures. we decided to utilize every twenty-four hours natural forces like rain and fog. We’ll collect it in a really simple but effectual manner: many nursery foil – beds will forestall the rain from run outing off. Additionally. a particular fiber based. 3D stuff with micro- and nano constructions and surfacing for utmost light conditions will roll up obscure out of the air. The gathered H2O will be stored in an belowground armored combat vehicle. From there it is easy accessible through a grapevine system and going potable through filtering. Because of simple but effectual engineering. the merchandise is extremely competitory through low cost. The size of the funnel is adjustable which gives a great flexibleness put ining it.

Our mission is to construct the first pilot funnel in the South of Namibia and so spread out nationally and internationally. For taking the right topographic point to construct the funnel and start concern in. we did an external market analysis. which you can happen in this papers.

We believe that the funnel is a great and sustainable thought to fix for future issues sing deficiency of H2O and therefore to better H2O and hygiene criterions in developing states.

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II. Corporate Connection

Proaqua is an internationally active endeavor. It is based on the doctrine of its laminitis and it is now in being in Mainz. It is founded
in 1986. They are offering a comprehensive scope of services and care merchandises of H2O. Proaqua’s end is high criterions in its committedness to the environment for old ages. Proaqua is all about H2O intervention. It is already making some imbibing H2O intervention systems for illustration Aquaplus. Proaqua offers a patented combination of intervention procedures for the intervention and conditioning of H2O to a imbibing H2O quality. The modular building of this compact conditioning system allows it to be adapted to single demands. Aquaplus provides a local. decentralized and hence independent H2O intervention at favourable monetary values. It is used in hotels and residential countries. vacation Parkss. schools etc. Proaqua is besides portion of the undertaking of imbibing H2O system in North of Namibia. The purpose is to happen a solution of sustainable H2O direction in Namibia. In 1 July 2010 potable H2O came out of the cap. Our merchandise is a new manner to roll up more potable H2O in Namibia. So hence Proaqua fits to our merchandise absolutely. and the merchandise fits ProAqua!

III. Environmental Analysis and Forecasting

1. Major environmental factors
a. Social / Ethical
Namibia is on one manus one of the wealthiest states in Africa. on the other manus. particularly in the southern parts. the people are enduring every bit difficult as in every other African state from the deficiency of H2O. The people at that place live together in separate. distant small towns. which have between 100 and 5000 dwellers. Because the southern portion is the boundary line to south-africa. there are many benefits from the touristry. which comes from the South into Namibia. Therefore. the people are really unfastened minded and friendly. which can be besides transferred to the attack of the people to new engineerings. For the existing civilization in Namibia. it is of import that we build something up with the people and non for the people. Merely that manner. we show that we respect their cultural roots and truly desire to assist them. Because of that. people will be more satisfied and dispersed information about the funnel all over the state. Recommendations are the best manner to better concern because so. authorities will most probably be cognizant of our merchandise and gross revenues might increase. Because of the distant locations of the individual small towns. a distant and independent solution like our funnel would be ideal. We are cognizant that instruction background in the South of Namibia is non really high. but the funnel is technically non really complex so that with the planned briefing. care would work mulct.

B. Technological
Over the last 20 old ages. the authorities of the Republic of Namibia has progressively recognized that research. scientific discipline and engineering will be a cardinal constituent of the national’s future economic system and hence considered to develop a strategic program for scientific discipline and engineering development. More and more investings are executed sing subjects like filtration and even H2O supply systems. That shows that the Nambian authorities is unfastened to new engineerings and everything that will better sanitation. wellness and H2O supply. However. Namibia is non a extremely technologically developed state. Infrastructure is sufficiently given and hence. our merchandise can be transported to the finish of installing. Care can besides be done via going about by auto. c. Economic

Namibia is one of the richest states and Africa. Government policies have been pro-active in promoting trade. Some of these enterprises include the Private Sector Development Program. the Foreign Investment Act and Export Processing Zone Act. Customs responsibilities are comparatively low and there are no trade barriers. The country’s economic system is closely linked to South Africa’s. with the Namibian dollar being on par with the South African Rand. Despite being reasonably rich. Namibia has a really high unemployment rate of 30 – 50 % . These factors are advantages in advancing our merchandise because as we said in technological factors. Namibia is really unfastened to new things and furthermore. we can supply occupations to local people. Cost of labour wouldn’t be really high. because the income per caput is really little with about 120 ˆ .

Namibia’s rising prices rate declined from 10. 3 % in 2007 to 4. 5 % in 2010 which shows that the degree of monetary values is acquiring more and more stable. This should promote the authorities or NGOs to put in our merchandise. However. from 2010 to 2013. it rose back to 6. 3 % once more. but that could merely be a short-termed inclination. Namibia is really unfastened to foreign trade as witnessed by the goods imports which account for 40 % of the GDP. It is a member of the SACU ( Southern African Customs Union ) and SADC ( Southern African Development Community ) . whose free-trade zone ( FTZ ) was inaugurated in 2008. The country’s chief trading spouses are the European Union. SADC and China.

d. Environmental
Namibia’s purpose is to utilize all natural resources sagely. sustainably and ethically. Besides of import is the decrease of nursery gas emanations and extenuation of the effects of planetary heating and clime alteration to avoid increasing force per unit areas on sensitive resources. particularly in already waterless countries. Although the northern portion of Namibia is rather green and has many aquifers. the southern parts. particularly the Karas part. is hallmarked by waterless clime. The south eastern portion of Namibia even has desert parts ( Namib Desert ) . The purpose and purpose of the trade name ProAqua and of our merchandise is to roll up rainwater environmentally more friendly. That implicates non to construct immense grapevines through the whole state. That is because of two major issues: First of all would it hold prohibitory costs and possibly damage the countryside. Second and even more of import. such a long grapevine would be really affected by bacteriums and viral infections due to the heat and solar irradiation. Our funnel is the best thing to make in such distant countries.

e. Political / Legal
The state enjoys great political stableness. Namibia is a democratic but one party dominant province with the South-West Africa People’s Organisation ( SWAPO ) in power. Namibia is a member province of the United Nations ( UN ) . the Southern African Development Community ( SADC ) . the African Union ( AU ) . and the Commonwealth of Nations. One can see that the hazard of political or economic calamities is minimized. Therefore making concern in Namibia is more advisable as in any other African state.

2. Competitive Analysis – Porter’s 5 Forces
f. Bargaining power of providers
In general. one can state that the more developed the merchandise or service is. may it be technological. chemical or sing knowhow. the higher the bargaining power of providers. In our instance. it is two-minded: On one manus. we have the pool line drive. which is non really developed in footings of engineering.

One the other manus. our 3D fabric is really advanced and merely one company can provide us with the merchandise. As a consequence. particularly the pool line drive and all the other parts of the merchandise thought can be substituted reasonably easy by rivals and hence. many providers will be on the market. Furthermore. the parts of our merchandise thought are non differentiated and are non related to other costs or contracts. One provider could easy be replaced or exchanged. The 3D fabric nevertheless. is a extremely advanced and developed merchandise. In order to be supplied instead cheaply. we would hold to purchase either a big sum of m? fabrics or to hold to long-run contracts. As portion of that. we’d be really dependent on one provider. which would so be really mightily.

g. Threat of replacement merchandises and services
First of all we need to clear up that our merchandise would be covered by a non-governmental organisation and that means that we will non do net income out of our H2O system. This provides us a great chance and batch of advantages to be the H2O supplier figure one in Karasburg. Namibia. The purpose here is to supply people in Karasburg with choice H2O supply. As H2O is necessary for remaining alive and Africa in general is holding some serious jobs with H2O supply. there’s merely low menace of replacement merchandises for us as we offer the most basic and indispensable merchandise to people. who need it. for free. Our end is to supply clean and harmless H2O. Despite the fact that Karasburg’s dwellers would wish to hold and purchase other alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. there’s non a large supply of such drinks into metropoliss like Karasburg. Coca-cola provides their drinks in Namibia including H2O but there’s merely small concern about this state of affairs every bit long as H2O is the cardinal how to last. Obviously. there are batch of advantages for us in supplying quality H2O for free – so. our consumers won’t have any shift costs. if they drink H2O from our H2O system. What is more there is besides no demand of merchandise distinction for obvious grounds ; therefore we will non hold any adaptation costs.

h. Threat of new competition
New competition is one menace that we have to be cognizant of. Technology is developing fast. and new ways of roll uping renewable H2O might be found. While now our chief competition is expensive desalinization workss. and expensive pumps to acquire H2O from below the land. our funnel has cost advantage. This advantage is strong. and keeps us in a good place against nearing new possible permutations. that might be more dearly-won. and non so attractive.

Talking about possible new competition. we must non bury that we are making a new market here. We are roll uping H2O from the sky. And when other companies will see that this is attractive concern. we might acquire some followings and concern duplicators. So if we want to remain as the taking company in this country. we should believe about making market entry barriers after us. or merely taking every bit much market portion as possible. and every bit fast as possible.

I. Dickering power of clients
Merchandise is really of import to our customers/buyers ; because you can supply fresh H2O to people how don’t have adequate H2O to imbibe. Now. there is non a same sort of merchandise in the market that we have. Our merchandise is made the cheapest possible stuffs but it is still high quality. Our merchandise and how you can utilize it. it is easy to explicate to ours possible purchasers how it works and how you can supply fresh H2O out of rain and fog. Quality is of import to our purchasers because they don’t want that their money goes into refuse. Our merchandise is high quality but still inexpensive and easy.

3. SWOT – Analysis

STRENGTHS * Simple thought * Cost advantage against replacements * Variation of different funnels * Fast and easy ( non hard engineering ) * Low labor costs * Advanced * Creating high value| WEAKNESSES * Lack of experience * Marketing activities of ProAqua * Low volume of H2O from 1 funnel * Easy to be immitated * Big infinite for 1 funnel needed| OPPORTUNITIES * Great political stableness * Lack of H2O is large issue in this state * Substitutes are expensive * New engineerings that we can implement in future * Ethical issue ( H2O for everyone ) * Change of clime * Expansion to other states * Governmental contracts * NGOs and their societal advertisement * Namibia as one of the
richest states in Africa| THREATS * Threat of new engineerings nearing * Corruption and Bureaucracy * Licensig issue * Followers * Governmental attitude * Appearance of new beginning for H2O * Force Majeure * Threat of recession * Seasonality|

IV. Segmenting – Targeting – Positioning
The supply of the whole universe with H2O is acquiring more and more of import. Water. as a natural resource. will go a limited factor in the hereafter. Every state. developing every bit good as industrial states. will hold to be more cognizant of their H2O ingestion and cut down the sum of needful H2O to a really limited measure. As a mark market. we could take about every state in the southern universe. which is really dry and non really developed in its H2O logistics. Geographically. we chose Africa as a really dry continent with many people in the existent demand of H2O. More elaborate. Namibia is one of the richest states in Africa. which will therefore most likely invest in our merchandise. As mentioned in environmental factors. we focused on the South because there is no competitory possibility to convey adequate H2O in that part. There is no demand of a demographic cleavage and targeting of the market because everyone. without any exclusions is or will be in demand of H2O. We are selling concern to concern ( b2b ) to the Namibian authorities and diverse NGOs in Europe and Africa. The current size of the market is the small town “Aroab” in the part “Karas” in the South of Namibia. It has about 2500 dwellers and no frequent entree to H2O. Long-term. the market size will turn because we’ll be spread outing as will be explained in the following chapter.

Our placement in the market will concentrate on the pricing. Due to the instead simple but effectual engineerings. we’ll be extremely competitory in every imbibing H2O deriving market. The merchandise is independent from things like oceans ( desalinization workss ) . aquifiers ( fountains or Wellss ) and substructure. Because of its reasonably simple engineering it doesn’t demand composite and dearly-won care. The instead short manner from funnel to aim small town reduces hazard of septic H2O with bacteriums and viruses. it’s healthy. clean and flexible.

V. SMART Analysis
Smart analysis negotiations about possible hereafter programs which would be realistic. clip specific. accomplishable and mensurable. These facets are covered in the SMART analysis. The inquiry is – what are our ends for the hereafter? One of the possible ends for us could be that we might distribute with our H2O system around whole Namibia at foremost and so spread out to different provinces of African continent where people lack drinking H2O. Our first important end would be: supply 15 more small towns with our H2O system in the east-southern portion of Namibia until the terminal of the twelvemonth 2016. This end suits to the SMART analysis as follows: Specific – We have decided that we would wish to supply another 15 small towns in south-eastern portion of Namibia. Measurable – We have decided upon 15 small towns. That is our end. If we failed with that undertaking and we did non supply 15 small towns with our H2O system. we could see the figure of genuinely provided small towns with our H2O system. Accomplishable – The facts refering this end are all realistic. It is non a immense figure. ProAqua would hold exact sum of clip which is needed in order to accomplish this end. and it is absolutely mensurable.

Realistic – Another concern about this end is a inquiry of resources. Refering the money. our H2O system is non expensive. We would besides necessitate work force in these small towns. It would be around five people which are non a batch and they could absolutely take attention of this system. These people don’t have to be needfully proficient skilled. Sing the stuff – as we decided to purchase this stuff in Germany for our first undertaking. we would make it once more and so transport this stuff to Namibia. We would besides utilize our connexions from old program. We would borrow building machinery and trucks straight in Namibia or in immediate provinces. Timespecific – We as a group decided upon the terminal of the twelvemonth 2016 sing the fact that ProAqua would construct the first H2O system in Aroab. Namibia this twelvemonth ( 2013 ) . Our H2O system is a great thought. We have to wait until other small towns and investors would be cognizant of our undertaking and so we could supply other small towns with our system. Another long-run end for us could be that we will supply other states with our H2O system. First. to spread out to one more state within five old ages and secondly. supply our H2O system in five states in entire within 10 old ages.

These ends fit to the SMART analysis as follows: Specific – We aim to construct our H2O systems in one more state and to supply our H2O system in five states which are in demand of H2O. Measurable – Our ends are mensurable. We set the deadline of being in one more state for the terminal of the twelvemonth 2018 and the deadline of being in five more states in entire by the terminal of the twelvemonth 2023. If we do non accomplish our ends we would see the figure of genuinely provided states. There is a demand of making a research onto which states in Africa are in the demand of H2O the most and besides which villages we would take. Accomplishable – our ends are realistic. We will hold the exact sum of clip to accomplish these ends. Realistic – Another inquiry is related to resources.

As we wrote down antecedently. our H2O system is non an expensive issue. We would utilize the same stuff providers as for the first clip and so we would transport them to one peculiar state where we would wish to construct this system. We would hold to make research onto which companies with building machinery and trucks are the nearest 1 and utilize their services. Refering the work force. we would besides utilize programs for the old program. We would necessitate five more people which do non hold to be needfully proficient skilled. Timespecific – We aim to construct our H2O systems in one more state by the terminal of the twelvemonth 2018 and to supply our H2O system in five states by the terminal of the twelvemonth 2023.

VI. Product Specifications ( 4P’s )
1. Merchandise
The basic thought is to roll up rainwater and transform it either in potable H2O or “grey water” for its ulterior distribution to small towns in southern Namibia. Our thought is to utilize a big funnel together with fog backstop which will roll up the rainwater of the showery months and carry on it to a immense belowground storage armored combat vehicle. Once at that place. it will be filtered and disinfected to do it potable. Hence it will be pumped through a grapevine system that will transport it into a public fountain located in a centric point of the small town where their dwellers could supply themselves.

Namibia’s one-year rainfall informations is 285mm/year on norm. but this information could take to confusion. That’s because there is a large difference between the raining period in the north portion of the state ( October – April ) and the south one ( January – April ) . Northern city’s mean precipitation is around 500-600 mm/year. whereas in southern metropoliss is merely 150 mm/year. About the characteristics of our funnel. although its size can be adjustable. it will be square-shaped ( 100mx100m = 10000m2 ) and it will be made of nursery foil plastic beds because it is lighter and cheaper than other stuffs such as unstained steel or aluminium. This fictile screen will hold a characteristic to turn up and blossom. if there is a demand to conceal it from storms or bad conditions conditions. It will besides be made of separate parts. so if it is someway damaged. we would non necessitate to alter the whole plastic screen. but merely that portion that is damaged. 8 lanes with 14 fog backstops each will be installed in the fictile beds of our funnel. This fog aggregators will be particular fibre based. and 3D stuff with micro- and nano constructions and surfacing for utmost light conditions that will roll up obscure out of the air. This 3D fiber-based stuff has the capacity of roll uping 3 liters/day of H2O. per each square metre. Taking into history we will hold 112 square metres installed. this means we can roll up 122. 640 litres per twelvemonth.

This funnel will carry on the rainwater into an belowground armored combat vehicle. as mentioned. and there three procedures will take topographic point: – The H2O will be stored.
– The H2O will be treated. That means filtered and disinfected with chemical merchandises that will turn it potable. – The H2O will be pumped ( clean ) through a grapevine system into a much smaller belowground armored combat vehicle. merely under the fountain system.

The armored combat vehicle will be a regular container ( the 1s used for large cargos ) . It’s a determination based on the thought of cost decrease. It will besides be a disinfection chamber attached to the armored combat vehicle. which will add some chemical merchandises to the rainwater to do it potable. The pipes will besides hold filter systems incorporated. A water-pumping system is besides needed to carry on the H2O to the 2nd armored combat vehicle. and from at that place. to the multiple-tap fountain. where the dwellers could acquire it. Taking into history a human being demands to imbibe 2 litres of H2O each twenty-four hours. the one-year rainfall informations in the South of Namibia ( 150mm/year ) and the rainwater reaping capacity of our funnel ( 1. 500. 000 liters/year ) . and the harvest home capacity of our fog aggregators ( 122. 640 liters/year ) ( this means we can supply an norm of 2222 individuals per twelvemonth. which is. the 88. 9 % of the population of Aroab ( 2500 ) . one of Namibia’s southern small towns.

We could place our merchandise. as an industrial merchandise. based on definition –

‘’Industrial merchandises are merchandises purchased for farther processing or for usage in carry oning a business’’ Classifying the ground why merchandise is purchased:

This is a works that provides H2O for the people in demand.

We besides identified. that branding. design. labeling and packaging are non necessary for our merchandise. The most of import thing for this instance is efficiency of our works. lastingness ( sustainability ) . and quality – how much H2O we can supply with one works. What is indispensable for our merchandise. is ‘’product support services’’ . We would be supplying support services such as altering filters. supplying chemicals. repairing broken parts. We will besides engage people to keep workss. to take attention of ‘’little things’’ and analyze if everything is traveling good. and if something is broken. We would besides supply preparation for the mentioned staff so they would be capable to keep our simple workss.

2. Topographic point. Distribution

We have done a research on happening an appropriate land for sale or to lease but unluckily. there’s no such land in offer right now. We have decided to speak to Namibian authorities and discourse the possibility if we could lease or purchase a public land near to Karasburg. where we would be able to construct our H2O system. We have to calculate how we can take the stuff of the funnel from Germany to Namibia. After research we think that by ship it is faster and cheaper. Ship conveyance is watercraft transporting people ( riders ) or goods ( lading ) . Sea conveyance has been the largest bearer of cargo throughout recorded history. Conveyance by H2O is cheaper than conveyance by air and that is one ground why we choose utilizing lading ship. Truckload bearers normally charge a rate per kilometre or stat mi. The rate varies depending on the distance. geographic location of the bringing. points being shipped. equipment type required. and service times required.

The nearest seaport is Port of Luderitz in Namibia. Luderitz has been a fishing port ; functioning the demands of the Namibian fishing industry at a national degree. more late the port has besides catered for the demands of the seaward diamond industry. It is located in sou’-west Namibia. about 476km from Karasbourg and it takes about 6 hours by truck. Transportation system to Namibia by Cargo transporting takes about 20 yearss from port of Hamburg to port of Luderitz. After we have brought our stuff into Namibia. we need trucks to transport to material into our small town. We have done some research on this subject and we have found few companies which offer leasing such equipment which are necessary for constructing our funnel. However. all these companies are far off from the metropolis of Karasburg so we might desire to see whether we rent their equipment or if we should present to Africa our ain equipment for building.

3. Monetary value
A unsmooth cost based computation can be found at the terminal of the selling program.

4. Promotion

VII. Resources Needed to back up schemes and run into aims Developing a successful scheme in order to accomplish a sustainable competitory advantage is determined by the Key Success Factors ( KSFs ) of an Industry. which are those things that determine the ability of members of an industry to thrive in the industry. Key success factors vary from industry to industry and even from clip to clip within the same industry as drive forces and competitory conditions change. To find the KSFs of our industry we can inquire ourselves some inquiries such as: * On what footing do clients take between the viing trade names of Sellerss? What merchandise properties are important? * What resources and competitory capablenesss does a marketer demand to hold to be competitively successful? * What does it take for Sellerss to accomplish a sustainable competitory advantage? About consumer outlooks. the end here is to place and extinguish all the possible hazards in the H2O supply system. and the possible hazards of H2O pollution in the catchment throughout the distribution web to the consumer lights-outs. Concluding consumers expect:

* The H2O they receive will ever be healthy.
* That it will be available when needed.
* Must be safe. for womb-to-tomb ingestion.
* Should non incorporate any chemical or radiological substances harmful to wellness.
*Should be free of infective beings.
* It will be supplied at the equal force per unit area.

In our instance. since the merchandise we are offering is classified as an industrial. technology-based merchandise. we can find the undermentioned factors: Effectiveness of Final Merchandise: the system has to be effectual to run into the concluding end. the supply of clean H2O. Reliability of Technology: is a really of import factor in order to run into indispensable demands for successful merchandise life rhythm. After Sale Service: periodic care or fix of equipment. Low Cost Structure: decrease of concluding costs towards simpleness of mechanism leads to success. Strong Supplier Network: supply system must be efficient. effectual and dependable.

The Organizational Capabilities we have to make for the proper execution of an effectual scheme in order to run into the Key Success Factors of our industry are based on a figure of different resources. We can split these resources in three major classs. viz. :

Tangible Resources


Such as capital. hard currency. debitors and creditors and providers of money. The building of our first funnel in Namibia requires an investing of capital. First. a fixed sum of capital is needed. and we could make that in three different ways. Using our ain fiscal resources for edifice at least the first funnel. Searching for private investors who want to lend with the initial capital. or inquire for a recognition line from a bank. Showing the undertaking to our possible clients. such as NGO’s or authoritiess and acquire financed for that. We besides would be paid for the executing of the undertaking. non merely for the natural stuffs. since we have the know-how.


Such as the machines. edifices or the production capacity of the organisation. As we mentioned. our really short-run end is the building of merely one funnel. the 1 that will be placed at Aroab. in Namibia. For that we wouldn’t need a large building works. alternatively of that. we would construct the funnel straight in Aroab. conveying at that place the stuffs and different parts required.

Intangible Resources


Technology is an of import resource for us. Although our system is simple. some technology-based parts are required. We would inquire ProAqua to provide these parts. such as fog aggregators. disinfection Chamberss with its chemical merchandises. and grapevine systems.


Normally people are afraid of the word ‘’Plant’’ . It causes associations with detrimental environment. like fouling the air with emanations. That is one of the grounds why we are avoiding that name. and naming it merely a ‘’Funnel’’ name. Of class we know that we cause no harm to environment. but local people do non. For that ground. and to keep good repute. we would necessitate to inform people that we are friendly to environment. and we cause no harm. Furthermore for keeping ‘’Proaqua’’ repute in Germany. we would make a going saloon collapsible shelter run. The collapsible shelter would look similar to our funnel ; it would hold a H2O metre for how much H2O we could roll up from the rain. and selling drinks. that contain H2O. while donating gathered money for Namibia. The collapsible shelter itself and barmans would hold ‘’Proaqua’’ Sons on them. so people know who is behind this.

Human Resources


After edifice and set uping our funnels we need to do certain that everything runs smooth and good. For that we would necessitate a support section. This section should be established in Namibia itself. We would engage people that travel around our funnels all over south Namibia. to do certain that everything works good. if something is damaged. to repair it. or study to ‘’Proaqua’’ . We would set up a ‘’hot – line’’ merely in instance the H2O stops fluxing into small towns or for any other unexpected issues. to increase the consciousness of our funnels efficiency. The staff of support section should non be large. Just the indispensable figure of people. This figure should be based on the figure of funnels established in the country. Furthermore those people should be indigens. so we can get the better of cultural and linguistic communication barriers while pass oning with people having the H2O. Low labour costs in Namibia give us another ground to engage local people. Finding staff for that should non be excessively hard. sing that Namibia has a immense unemployment rate. Before get downing to work. staff should be trained. Our engineering is simple and easy to understand. so the preparation would non be long or hard. and no excessively expensive. Support section activities:

* Watching conditions prognosis. folding and blossoming funnels based on that. * Traveling through all funnels in the country for care check-up * Answering the ‘’Hot – line’’ calls.
* Visiting small towns that are having the H2O for care check-up * Visiting small towns that are having the H2O to explicate how they receive the H2O. and that funnels are friendly to environment * Replacing old parts and telling new 1s

VIII. Selling control
As we set the three chief ends. we have to set about some actions to mensurate
and measure the activities we are making for accomplishing them. We will look into quarterly if we are following the clip agenda. If non. we must take certain actions.

IX. Decision
The hereafter of our thought is first-class. All over the universe everybody needs H2O to last. It is easy to construct and keep. The funnel is made from good but inexpensive environmental friendly stuffs. We will besides offer work chances to people who live emerging states. In twelvemonth 2020 our thought will be around the universe. The first funnel is in the driest portion of Namibia. sou’-east Namibia and twosome of old ages subsequently it is in every portion of Namibia. Then we will spread out in other emerging states in Africa. Africa has so many states that have the same job that Namibia has. A large figure of unemployment rates and deficiency of H2O are the biggest jobs in Africa’s emerging states. When we have conquered Africa. it is clip to travel in other parts of the universe where potable H2O is needed. Hopefully in the twelvemonth 2020 we have conquered the whole universe.


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