Topic: Marketing Problems


     This is a research paper that focuses on the marketing problems. It is very clear that most marketers execute their plans but lack the intellectual of and the prowess of realizing and measuring g the impacts of their marketing activities. The research paper has identified that many organizations spend a lot of funds in this activity but faces a lot of problems. The three main problems that are  being experienced by marketers are; the problem of choosing an effective mixed media marketing, the problem designing a good and  effective marketing strategy and tracking while measuring the effectiveness of the marketing media and information


Marketing can be described as the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, services, organizations, and events to create and maintain relationships that will satisfy individual and organizational objectives. (Owyang 2008)

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            Marketing services are always designed and customized to suit the needs and circumstances of each client in three different ways, i.e. the marketing services are to be checked in fresh pair of eyes– this is objective consultancy, coaching and brainstorming to validate the  strategy and assess potential new directions, second concerns the marketing plans and actions  –  this is concerned with what the marketers are to sell, who it is to be sold for , how it is to be sold and when the product is to be sold   and then third one concerns the marketing campaign implementation – this is the whole project management of the  sharp-end activities that will win you business, get you known and keep you known. (Fagarty 2007)

          One of the main marketing problems in to track and check the effective ness of their media used, there are a number of companies who create a good marketing campaign and spend up hundreds of thousands of dollars in the implementation and running of the campaign, yet they don’t even bother to or try but never successful in the tracking of the results. This is a major problem in the marketing campaign since there is no way one will ever determine the success or the failure of the whole project. In the solution of these problems it is advisable to all the marketers to try and, track down how many people respond to the adverts- if the response is poor then the company ca n simply alter the advert and try again, the company should actually track when people respond to the ads – Do they respond immediately or do they wait a for some time .This helps the marketers to determine a time frame for sales activity and the company should also determine which ad copy or text brings the best results – The right words make all the difference in advertising. Tracking the results will help the company to determine which words will pull the crowd and increase sales. It is always very necessary to track the effectiveness of the information to make sure you know what works and what doesn’t (Esgate 2006)

           The second marketing problem is choosing an Effective Mixed Media Marketing Strategy, as discussed above, promoting, advertising, and marketing of products or services are the most basic ways to drum up business. But it comes as a surprise that the vast proliferation of media we have seen and used has been wreaking havoc with traditional approaches to marketing and promotion. Therefore the best one can navigate these increasing troubled waters is by choosing the correct marketing media and building a bridge over the media. There are three main guidelines marketers can take to ensure that their media dollars are not spent in vain, first they must identify their target audience and think carefully about the best medium/media to reach them. Different demographic groups (age, gender, income, even geographical location) have different media habits. Print may not be the best way to reach certain groups, while the Internet may not be the best way to reach certain other groups.
Second, it is very important for marketers to combine media. Relying on just one media may garner some new business, but combining that with another media will help build brand awareness and utility.

Third, be sure to keep your advertising message and design elements consistent across media. Use the same logo and logo colors, the same fonts, the same tagline phrasing, the same or similar text in all media permutations. This helps with branding and reinforcing your message. At the same time, the adoption of “design-once-reuse-many” strategy helps save costs on design and lets you get more “bang for your buck.”(Romand 2007)

            The last marketing problem is choosing on the product marketing design that can be appealing and would communicate the product details to the perceived buyers. Marketing and product design is a business philosophy focusing on a consumer wants and needs. The competitive marketing design emphasizes a consumer’s orientation, requiring coordinated efforts by all departments in the company to ensure customer satisfaction. This design is considered as a liaison which makes exchange of vital information to closing the gaps. The marketing department therefore must work on these factors to overcome the problems that might affect the marketing (Mozota2003)


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