Marketing Sales

            Selling goods or products, and services is a compound task. Aside from tangible materials used to sell products or services, such as promotional products, flyers, television and radio advertisements, and such, sales marketing also depend on trained individuals to realize the purpose of selling. Salespeople are tasked to sell. Either salespeople are gifted with the talent to persuade other people or they are trained to exhibit all characteristics required of this particular kind of job. Excellent salespeople are expected to be highly talented and trained in dealing with other people. Establishing rapport is the first and foremost concern in building good relationships with other people which will become beneficial during the sales process. Aside from building solid relationships, salespeople should be able to gain respect and trust from other people. This allows salespeople to communicate effectively and expand network for better sales return and outcomes. (Mednick, 2005)

            Exhibiting and acquiring aforementioned characteristics are important to any profession. However, one might ask why salespeople spend much effort in doubly mastering these specific characteristics? The answer to this question might be answered by understanding the evolving perceptions people have of salespeople. At present, marketing institutions are reconstructing the reputation of salespeople. For so many years, most people held unethical and immoral views on salespeople. These views are brought about by salespeople’s understanding of the nature of the profession. Salespeople believe in the obvious but lacking purpose of marketing and sales, which is simply selling. They have failed to consider the complex dimensions of the sales process, requiring other considerations to be made, such as consumer needs and expectations, and most especially ethics and morality. (Ng, 2008)

            Another reason why salespeople in the past fail to accomplish their tasks and responsibilities is that they fail to become a successful representation of sales and marketing. Salespeople do not live up to what they do leading them to not believe in the products and services they sell. Salespeople should understand that in order to become effective in selling, they should believe in their product and become the best salespeople they can be. (Montelongo, 2008) Due to their lack in expertise and professionalism, people do not respect of believe in salespeople. However, the views of people are changing at present time. Marketing institutions have started to develop the face of sales and marketing by focusing on improving the character and reputation of salespeople.

            Marketing institutions are thoroughly selecting salespeople and providing utmost training in order for them to acquire all necessary skills and knowledge to become excellent salespeople. Aside from focusing on the selling process for personal gains, salespeople are looking into character development as a means to further the roles and successes of sales and marketing. Salespeople are being trained on how to handle other people, establishing rapport and trust, becoming accountable and responsible for actions, practicing ethics and morality in the field of sales, and such. Honesty is also considered an important aspect in sales. (VendorSeek, 2007) People nowadays realize that salespeople are working on becoming honest, ethical, and efficient workers.

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            The primary reason why throughout the years, there have been changes on how people view salespeople is because of the type of character and reputation exhibited by them. Salespeople in the past are not the most qualified and highly trained employees, failing to deliver what the job requires to become successful. At this point, people have lost their trust and respect to salespeople. Since marketing institutions have been informed of this, they have started to change the reputation of sales by encouraging salespeople to engage in proper training and knowledge acquisition processes in order to become highly efficient and ethical salespeople. Instead of focusing on gaining profit, salespeople now consider the importance of acquiring the best qualities, such as honesty and trustworthiness, in order to become successful in the field of sales and marketing. Due to these efforts, people are gradually changing their negative views about salespeople.


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