As the touristry is of import industry in Hong Kong, more and more travel bureaus use different selling schemes to pull tourers. These travel bureaus have like Hong Thai travel and Smart Holiday. Hong Thai Travel is a large organisation. It is established in 1966, and now has more than one 1000 employees. On the other manus, Smart Holiday is a little organisation. It is established in 2007, it ‘s been merely two old ages since it established. They can be existence together through usage different selling schemes. In this proposal, I will compare Hong Thai travel and Smart Holiday can be existence grounds together. I would concentrate on Hong Thai and Smart Holiday in Hong Kong to deeply cognize about the selling schemes, that ‘s average I would wish to compare on marketing schemes of Hong Thai and Smart Holiday every bit good as what factors will impact /attract tourers, what publicity channels will utilize for tourers and so on.

By utilizing questionnaires, 140 tourers will be asked, in other to look into which 1 may pull tourer between Hong Thai and Smart Holiday. Relationship between factors such as bundle monetary value, travel bureau location, service quality and so on. Besides, I will utilize the informations aggregation method to complete this proposal like communicating attack. Beside, trying method was used by this proposal. I will through interview, telephone, e-mail, cyberspace to analyze and analysis the selling scheme of Hong Thai and Smart Holiday. And I would wish to utilize those methods to prove what are schemes usefully. In extra, I will be refer to some relevant literature to analysis and survey about selling schemes, such as Medial Tourism Business Plan ( Medial Tourism Business Plan 2009 ) and some grounds lead to consumer to take travel bureau ( V. C. S. Heung and R. Chu 2000: 52-59 ) .


A comparing of Hong Thai Travel and Smart Holiday refering about the facets of selling schemes is conducted and information regarding of that is traveling to be shown in this undertaking in which some evocations hopefully can be given out. Besides, because the selling schemes must be affect travel bureaus gross revenues, I have involvement to analyze their selling schemes.


Hong Kong travel bureaus developed really quickly. In the past, Hong Kong has merely big organisation of travel bureau, such as Flying On Travel bureau, Hong Thai travel bureau and so on. In some study showed that tourers are instead good instruction with 34 per centum holding station secondary school and another 37 per centum university making or above. ( Eturbonews 2009 ) More and more people have money to go because much more peoples have high instruction and they have some force per unit area in working. Besides, they want to cut down a batch of force per unit area through a trip. Therefore, the travel industry needs larger. In travel bureaus, big organisations of travel bureau has usage difference discriminatory monetary value to pull more peoples. Besides, little organisation of travel bureau has usage difference selling scheme to pull more peoples, hence, these operation are progressively successful. Now, Hong Kong has more than 133 travel bureaus. It is including little and big organisations of travel bureau. In the past 10 old ages, Hong Kong has merely 105 travel bureaus. It intending travel industry developed really quickly.

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In some travel bureau make a study in the past 12 months, 37 per centum of tourers went to mainland China and Macau, 34 per centum of them want to north and northeast Asia that including Taiwan, 15 per centum of them went to south and Southeast Asia. ( Eturbonews 2009 ) It intending china trip, north trip and south trip and so on, it is really popular trips. Besides, travel bureau can do above trips to pull peoples. It is a merchandising point for tourers.

In smart vacation travel bureau, it is focus on to supply Southeast Asiatic line for tourer because this line trip has cheap cost monetary value. So, Smart vacation travel bureau can set up more and more shops from one to eleven subdivision shops. Besides, south and Southeast Asia line trips have large development countries.

In some travel industry study, it showed that when Customer chose trips, they are sing dependability of the subdivision, monetary value, quality, client services and popularity. So, in this state of affairs, Hong Thai travel bureau has above high quality. it is big travel bureau which have much more experience in operation. So, it can do tourers dependability and satisfaction.

For the late touristry, more and more rivals have different selling schemes to heighten their gross revenues. Such as Hong Thai Travel and Smart Holiday. They are use different methods to pull consumers. In facet of Hong Thai Travel, it is established in 1966, and now has more employees around 1000. A subdivision shops was distributed in different location like Kowloon, Hong Kong, New Territories, Macus and China. There are 30 subdivision shops because Hong Thai Travel is a large organisation. In extra, based on Nielsen Media Index Hong Kong Report of 2001 to 2008 show that Hong Thai Travel has maximal tourers in Hong Kong. Hong Thai travel is a full services travel bureau. It provides tour bundles, sail planning to individual and groups. Hong Thai travel focal point on tourers throughout Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore and so on. Hong Thai of Hong Kong is a full service bureau, it offer group and individual circuit bundles, sail bundles to a assortment of finishs, fining and hotels and more. Hong Thai travel offers the best degree of travel services and quality of touristry to client. It offers quality services as a scheme that it leads concern attracts more tourers. It includes concern and personal travel. Hong Thai travel bureau is a one-stop travel section shop to offer broad travel merchandises and services. Travel bureau pull offing manager Mr.Jackie Wong is widely recognized as one of the leader in travel industry of Hong Kong. Hong Thai motto “ we make it for you ” , that is Hong Thai ‘s committedness to continuous to develop better and more invention and services. In facet of Smart Holiday, it is established in 2007, which is it ‘s been merely two old ages since it established. Although Smart Holiday is merely two old ages operation experience, it has been ain of import place in travel bureau. Smart Holiday have 11 subdivision shops that was distributed in different topographic point such as Kowloon, Hong Kong and New Territories. Hong Thai Travel and Smart Holiday have different merchandising point. In facet of Hong Thai Travel, it ever provides much more different trip line to consumer. Therefore, Tourists have more pick about touristry.

Hong Thai vision has become the client ‘s most darling travel agent. Hong Thai ‘s have ability to develop new merchandises to their success. They work closely with touristry boards and managing bureaus worldwide to convey the newest travel finishs to clients. Hong Thai ‘s a topographic point of unfastened communicating and preferable topographic point to work in. Hong Thai ‘s provide concrete service warrants, viz. is “ section warrant ” , “ monetary value warrant ” , and “ Itinerary warrant ” . These promises make their client worry-free since they ever book their trips months in progress. They match up possible chances and menaces from external environment with their strength and failing in internal competency, organizing strategic enterprises in four facets. It includes fiscal, client, internal concern procedure, larning & A ; growing. They use “ client touch point ” strategic for the clients.

Its mission is advanced, receptive to alterations and socially responsible in offering high quality travel services. In facet of Smart Holiday, it merely focuses on to supply Southeast Asiatic line for tourer. Because of Smart Holiday is little travel bureau, there trip monetary value is cheaper than other large travel bureaus. Its mission is supplying high quality travel services and cheaper monetary value touristry. Smart vacation enhance web selling for their successfully. Much smaller travel bureau tells us clearly that the market has played an of import function and they maintain close contact bing clients and pull new clients. Smart vacation guarantee that the company name, logo, message and tone in consistent from a communicating tool in other to assist beef up the trade name callback. Smart vacation should construct a links to their web site, web log and societal web throughout all their communicating channels. And, this makes it easy for interested reader to happen out more about their company and what their can provides. Smart vacation use an event selling tool to pull off their event, and advance it via their societal webs. Smart vacation can supply some price reduction inducements in shopping event and client grasp.

Above information ‘s is really of import for me. I will mention to above information to compare their selling schemes, and I would wish to cognize they can be existence grounds together. On the other manus, travel bureaus are affected by economic environment factor and social-culture environment factor and so on. For illustration, a travel bureau sale was affected by economic environment severely.


Below are the chief points of the aims of this research:

Comparison of 4’p selling scheme of Hong Thai Travel and Smart Holiday ( topographic point, monetary value publicity and merchandise )

Analyze the grounds why they join the trip from that channel? ( Hong Thai Travel and Smart Holiday )

Analyze the relationship between factors ( bundle monetary value, travel bureau location, service quality, developing between staff etc. )

Study the consumer behaviour of Hong Thai Travel and Smart Holiday

Analyze the most darling touristry lines? ( in Hong Thai Travel? In Smart Holiday? )

Compare travel services in Hong Thai and Smart Holiday ( client services quality )

Examine Smart Holiday can be existence grounds ( hold lower cost? Focus on Southeast Asiatic line? )

Research Methods

I will utilize the informations aggregation method to complete this proposal like communicating attack. Beside, trying method was used by this proposal. I use trying method because it is lower cost. In extra, it has greater truth and greater velocity.


During making the undertaking, I need to make a research for roll uping the informations from director of Hong Thai and Smart Holiday and some tourers. Therefore, I decide to plan the questionnaires for research with my focal point group. I will discourse some inquiries about roll uping the information which I want to cognize from interviewers. Besides, I need to believe that what kinds of format of questionnaire that will assist me to analysis the informations more easier, for illustration, yes/no inquiries or open-ended inquiries. After determination in the pick in format of questionnaire, I so publish out some questionnaire and do an out-of-door research by face to confront method or by uploading the questionnaires onto the cyberspace for roll uping the utile informations. 100-200 interviewers will be asked about the questionnaires.

Sampling: First I sample the tourers which are in shops of Hong Thai and Smart Holiday. Those topographic points are many tourist visits that place every twenty-four hours. After that, I sample the director of Hong Thai and Smart Holiday. When I am making the study at that minute, I use convenience trying the tourers or directors who are male or female.


The Internet is the worldwide, publically accessible web.On cyberspace, I can happen tonss of information such as intelligence, besides many other services including e-mail, file and sharing. About my study, I will happen the primary informations or the 2nd informations though the treatment countries of cyberspace, on treatment country, I can happen the specify one such as travel bureaus country.On this country, I can go forth the message to people who are the travel lover or I can see whether there are tourer in treatment web site, waiting for their response within some yearss.

Sampling: I use the convenience sampling, because I do non cognize who are on cyberspace, I post the questionnaires on cyberspace and they will making the study who are stating me are tour ushers. Another manner is seeking the tourer on the cyberspace forum, I focus on the touristry portion to happen out the tourer.


Tele-interviewing is simple procedure of utilizing a telephone interview as a agency of roll uping informations about the interviewees ‘ experience in touristry and life style. I can acquire the information about the clients ‘ satisfaction of touristry though telephone. By telephone, I find friend, household member, co-worker, classmates etc. Furthermore, different people have different accounts, so, their response to my inquiries will hold different consequences. Those in formation merely merely for my mention to more understand tourer and I can garner some primary informations about the selling schemes of Hong Thai and Smart Holiday.

Sampling: I will utilize the quota sampling, foremost I may be told to Hong Thai and Smart Holiday to inquire about the selling schemes, To interview tourer who are stay in at place at that minute, inquire about the selling schemes of they think.

Electronic mail:

Send the informations and inquiries by e-mail which include my university name, class name, capable rubric, major inquiries and our intent are to tourism hobbyist, leader, tour ushers and other relevant individuals.

Sampling: I will utilize the quota sampling, foremost I may be told to Hong Thai and Smart Holiday to inquire about the selling schemes, I sent electronic mail to above travel bureaus in Hong Kong because I want to cognize their selling schemes. Besides I do non anticipate they are asked the inquiry about selling schemes.


I gather the information by utilizing face to confront interview. Interview is a process designed to beg information from a individual ‘s unwritten responses to unwritten enquiries.

I will use structured interview for garnering the information from interviewees in that research. I am traveling to fix the inquiries that will be asked before traveling out. During puting inquiries on questionnaires, I have to analyse the current state of affairss in the Hong Kong so as to do the inquiries on questionnaires more updated. Besides of this, I besides decide whether the duologue will be recorded or non. As interview need to be allow by directors, I will direct them a require missive, want they will let me to carry on interview. Or, possibly to interview tourer who are stay in travel bureaus at that minute, inquire about the selling schemes of they think.

Undertaking program

Please refer to other paper

Critical reappraisal of relevant literature

The literature reappraisal is focused on information hunt. Mentioning to that subject, I shall take about travel selling schemes and pick of Hong Thai and Smart Holiday.

Harmonizing to Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce in 2006, HKGCC Judging Panel said that now is Hong Thai Travel has successfully marketing schemes. It shows that Hong Thai Travel has successfully identified a market function and provided “ love seeking circuit ” to specific group of consumers who expect comrades. Using by a strong advanced civilization, Hong Thai Travel is able to develop new catchs continually, adding value to its traditional services, and heightening its leading in a highest competitory market. Therefore, the company can success is demonstrated by singular accomplishment in Hong Kong ( HKGCC 2006 ) .

After that, Tourism Consultative Council suggests that travel bureau may promote invention in future. Travel has an built-in component in selling schemes. I think that an built-in component can utilize in marketing schemes of Hong Thai Travel and Smart Holiday Travel. If travel bureaus has built-in component of selling schemes, it will research how this will impact countries of work force and engineering in touristry market ( the Tourism Consultative Council 2003 ) .

On the other manus, harmonizing to Medial Tourism Business Plan information, it shows that Travel bureau should offer consumer VIP services and it ensures the highest degree of consumer services. Besides of the merchandise scheme, in facet of publicity scheme, travel bureau may engage a professional director to bring forth promotion that reinforce their images and pull more consumers by concentrating on consumer satisfaction. Therefore, it may anticipate to accomplish strong viva-voce advertisement as consumes portion their touristry experience with their close friends. Hence, it may be to minimise advertisement cost through this manner. Furthermore, travel bureau can utilize the cyberspace to advance themselves, they can put in a best-in-class web site that is designed to appeal to the esthesias of upscale consumers. Other manner, travel bureau can do limited usage of direct mail by making an highly high quality mail piece that will be send to the consumers. In facet of gross revenues scheme, Medial Tourism Business Plan suggests that travel bureau may use professional instance director who will be first point of contact with prospective consumers. Therefore, it can promote up-selling of their VIP services. Above schemes might be usage to Hong Thai and Smart vacation ( Medial Tourism Business Plan 2009 ) .

In extra, there are many grounds lead to consumer to take travel bureau. A sum of 183 Hong Kong consumers were surveyed and were asked to rate 29 properties that might impact their pick of travel bureau for all- inclusive bundle Tourss by V. C. S. Heung and R. Chu. The consequences showed that 29 properties were affected about pick of travel bureau in travel bureau repute. V. C. S. Heung and R. Chu said that Travel bureau repute was rated as the most of import property in travel bureau choice, followed by ‘word-of-mouth communicating ‘ and ‘staff attitude ‘ . V. C. S. Heung and R. Chu suggested that might utilize seven factors to analysis pick of consumer. Besides, Hong Thai and Smart Holiday are use seven factor to analysis pick of travel bureau of consumers. It includes viz. , Interactive Agent Quality, Formal Communication, Overall Convenience, Pricing, Product Features, and Image. Those factor can utilize to analysis selling schemes to consumers ( V. C. S. Heung and R. Chu 2000: 52-59 ) .

Besides of above schemes and some information, Susskind, A. M. , M. A. Bonn, and C. S. Dev suggested that travel bureau must allow consumer has trust and trustiness of an information beginnings every bit good as booking channel ( Susskind, A. M. , M. A. Bonn, and C. S. Dev 2003: 256-64 ) . Nysveen H suggested that travel bureau has on line booking channel, which should be security and trustiness. So, Hong Thai Travel has online engagement services, which website should be based on added values foremost of all aimed at the decrease of hazard and uncertainness ( Nysveen, H. 2003:113-127 ) .

On the other manus, Susan Segal-Horn suggests that director demands to better operational efficiency which through plans, such as entire quality direction, time-based competition, and benchmarks. Besides, both smaller and big organisation may alter how they public presentation of the activities, to extinguish efficiency and heighten client satisfaction and successful the best pattern. In order to maintain gait with alterations in the productiveness of boundary line direction has accepted the uninterrupted betterment, authorization, alteration direction, and alleged acquisition organisation. ( Susan Segal-Horn 2001: 75 ) .

In extra, Combes, G.C. and Patel said that the cyberspace offers a potentially low-priced Retail distribution channels to make clients 24 hours a twenty-four hours anyplace in the universe. In add-on, as the transportation of client minutess to electronic channels, the elaborate informations that can be stepped up to roll up Targeted advertisement and selling work, and cut down other operating disbursals. The Internet has increased the monetary value of entree to information and merchandises, so that Clients find the best intervention, in the online and traditional channels to better their communicating with providers. Hence, Hong Thai travel and Smart Holiday is unfastened 24 hours communicating channel for their clients. ( Combes, G.C. and Patel 2000: 1 )

After that, Susan Segal-Horn implies that companies are success that merely it can make different schemes, and the demand to salvage the strategic. So, Hong Thai travel and Smart Holiday are must supply greater value to clients or at a lower cost to make a higher value, or both. Arithmetical superior profitableness is as follows: to supply greater value, enabling the company to bear down higher mean unit monetary values, higher efficiency ensuing in lower norm unit costs. Lower or higher monetary values in the cost of clip to the creative activity, production, selling merchandises and services to them, such as harmonizing to client demands, can better the concluding merchandise assembly and develop their employees. ( Susan Segal-Horn 2001: 74 ) .

Besides, Shohreh A. Kaynama, PhD and Christine I. Black, suggests that many service industries, travel agents believe the Internet is an chances and menaces. So, some of the smaller bureaus like Smart Holiday Travel Agency will take to utilize the cyberspace simply as a medium of communicating, in order to advance with their concern Static web site or as a manner to have electronic mail with the client. These little constitutions Wish to take part in the competition and offer extremely specialized travel services to clients and pull client ‘s attending. Other traditional travel bureaus are in a province of passage. These intercrossed organisations besides provide single clients by concentrating on Walk in and telephone services, while at the same clip through their Web sites to develop machine-controlled reserve and engagement system. Hence, it can increase company benefits. ( Shohreh A. Kaynama, PhD

Christine I. Black, MLS 2000:65 ) .


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