1. 0 Executive Summary

The end of this selling program is to sketch the schemes. tactics. and plans that will do the gross revenues ends outlined in the Smoothie King concern program a world in the twelvemonth 2006.

Smoothies are one of the hottest franchise constructs traveling right now with the market in its babyhood. The Smoothie King construct was founded in 1973 and the franchise company. Smoothie King Franchises. Inc. was founded in 1973 with the thought of assisting people achieve health through good nutrition. Smoothie King was the conceiver of the nutritionary smoothy. Smoothie King starts with natural fruits and 100 % fruit juice dressed ores. adding vitamins. proteins. and minerals blended together with filtered ice to do a delightful. reviewing drink. Smoothies are consumed as a bite or a repast and at all times of the twenty-four hours.

Smoothie King Franchises. Inc. operates over 300 franchised retail shops selling nutritionary fruit smoothies. vitamins. minerals. athleticss nutrition and other healthy nutrient. bites. and nutritionary merchandises. Healthy Blend. LLC dba Smoothie King is a portion of that franchised system. basking support in every aspect of the concern including merchandise development. selling. and operational expertness. Our company belongs to a strong purchasing group with the buying power of over 300 units and turning. We expect to catch the involvement of a regular loyal client base with over 60 different fruit-flavored smoothies and nutritionary merchandises.

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Smoothie King. unlike a typical smoothy saloon. provides a alone forum for communicating and amusement through the medium of the cyberspace. Smoothie King is the reply to an increasing demand. The public wants: ( 1 ) nutritionary fast-food options. ( 2 ) entree to the methods of communicating and volumes of information now available on the cyberspace. and ( 3 ) a topographic point to socialise and portion these experiences with friends and co-workers.

Selling will play a critical function in the success of Smoothie King. Smoothie King has built a trade name but must construct a bigger trade name around the services it offers by to a great extent advancing itself through wireless. print. and out-of-door advertisement. Selling attempts are merely get downing by the clip a clients enters Smoothie King for the first clip. A strong accent will be put on client keeping and edifice trade name trueness through plans focused on staffing. experience. and client satisfaction.

2. 0 Situation Analysis

Smoothie King merely opened its doors for concern under three months ago. Business is good. and clients have been impressed with our offerings. but we need to concentrate our attempts on implementing the schemes. plans. and tactics outlined in the original concern program.

Distinguishing ourselves from other more traditional smoothy bars has given us the ability to efficaciously vie on the nutritionary merchandise side of the concern with the already entrenched competition. Gross saless are alert and in-line with projections.

The cyberspace services side of the concern is quickly being accepted by the local community. Frequent purchasers are run intoing the projections outlined in the concern program. and gross revenues of smoothies have increased therefore leting clients to shop the cyberspace while basking their drinks. Students love to garner for flushing Sessionss. nearby seniors are acquiring a glance of what the cyberspace offers. and local concern people love to halt by for a speedy smoothy and an email cheque.

2. 1 Market Summary

Smoothie King is faced with the exciting chance of being the first-mover in the local cyber-smoothie market. The consistent popularity of smoothies. combined with the turning involvement in the cyberspace. has been proven to be a winning construct in other markets and will bring forth the consequences here.

The market for the merchandises sold in Smoothie King is the general populace. In add-on. being competitively priced will run into the demand of the middle-to-higher income local market country occupants and tourers. Although the market for the nutritionary merchandises carried in the shop are more developed. the market for smoothies is developing and deriving acknowledgment. However. smoothies still may be comparatively unknown in certain markets. We’re faced with a big figure of possible clients. and we’re offering a needful service. Altogether the dominant mark market for Smoothie King is a regular watercourse of local occupants. Personal and expedient client service at a competitory monetary value is cardinal to keeping the local market portion of this mark market.

Target Market Growth:
? Women. who perceive smoothy shops as friendly. non-threatening meeting topographic points continue to turn at a steady gait. at about 4 % ? Many clients are immature and reasonably flush. to a great extent establishing their pick of smoothy shops on image and location. turning at 2 % ? Older clients tend to prefer in-store eating houses and tea suites ; nevertheless by offering services geared toward this group they provide an priceless beginning of usage in off-peak periods. turning at about 6 % ? Shoppers chiefly base their pick on an accessible location and do up the majority of a smoothy shop go throughing trade. turning at 6 % ? Office workers looking for a speedy bite and drink or a restful meeting topographic point. turning at about 4 %

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2. 1. 1 Market Demographics

Smoothie King clients can be divided into two groups. The first group is familiar with the cyberspace and desires a progressive and ask foring atmosphere where they can acquire out of their offices or places to bask a great smoothy and internet entree. This group is made up of pupils and people from the nearby business district offices and professional centres.

The 2nd group is non as familiar with the cyberspace. This group is made up of seniors from local churches. Seniors represent a turning section of cyberspace users. They use the cyberspace to pass on with household and they will be regular users of Smoothie King service.

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2. 1. 2 Market Needs

Factors. such as gustatory sensation. and historical gross revenues informations guarantee that the high demand for smoothies will stay changeless over the following five old ages.

The rapid growing of the cyberspace and online services that has been witnessed worldwide is merely the beginning of a durable tendency towards an economic system built on the substructure of the cyberspace. The possible growing of the cyberspace is tremendous. to the point where one twenty-four hours. a computing machine terminus with an on-line connexion will be as common and necessary as a telephone or lavatory. This may be 5 to 10 old ages down the route. but for the following five old ages. the on-line service supplier market is certain to see enormous growing. After set uping itself as the first cyber-cafe Smoothie King in the country. Smoothie King is basking the competitory advantage of name acknowledgment and client trueness. Initially. Smoothie King will keep a 70 % portion of the cyber market locally. In the following five old ages. rivals will come in the market. Smoothie King has set the end of systematically keeping a market portion of greater than 50 % .

2. 1. 3 Market Tendencies

The Internet has become a point of conversation in about all societal groups. Peoples are speaking about sites they visited. concern people are speaking about Internet-based concerns. and childs are speaking about the latest Internet nines and confab suites. Peoples like to pass on their Internet experiences with their friends. co-workers. and household. However. it can be hard to make it in forepart of a computing machine terminus at the office or in the household survey. A comfy topographic point to garner and portion these experiences is going a existent demand.

Smoothie King will supply:
• A meeting topographic point for concern people interested in sharing their Internet-based concern thoughts. • A societal hub for pupils and immature people interested in sharing a smoothy and their cyberspace experiences with friends. • A topographic point for nearby seniors to garner and larn about the powers of the cyberspace and better communicating methods. • A fillet point for travellers in demand of an internet connexion. 2. 1. 4 Market Tendencies

The market for the services Smoothie King will offer is turning quickly. The Smoothie King hasn’t come to this country yet. but similar services are turning quickly on a planetary graduated table. Large metropoliss that cater to big Numberss of going concern people and tourers have been saturated with concerns offering the services Smoothie King Franchises. Inc. will offer. Business people use the cyberspace services to catch up on electronic mail and communications with their household. and tourers do the same. Our country supports a population that has many of the same demands and involvements of this larger group.

2. 2 SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis provides us with an chance to analyze the internal strengths and failings Smoothie King must turn to. It besides allows us to analyze the chances presented to Smoothie King every bit good as possible menaces.

Smoothie King has a valuable stock list of strengths that will assist it win. These strengths include: a knowing and friendly staff. state-of-the-art computing machine hardware. and a clear vision of the market demand. Strengths are valuable. but it is besides of import to recognize the failings Smoothie King must turn to. These failings include: a dependance on rapidly altering engineering. and the cost factor associated with maintaining state-of-the art computing machine hardware. Smoothie King’s strengths will assist it capitalise on emerging chances. These chances include. but are non limited to. a turning population of day-to-day cyberspace users. and the turning societal bonds fostered by the smoothie experience and new cyberspace communities. Menaces that Smoothie King should be cognizant of include. new entry to industry with emerging local rivals. 2. 2. 1 Strengths

1. Knowing and friendly staff. We’ve gone to great lengths at Smoothie King to happen people with a passion for educating the clients and sharing their cyberspace experiences. Our staff is both knowing and eager to delight. 2. State-of-the art equipment. Part of the Smoothie King experience includes entree to state-of-the-art computing machine equipment. Our clients enjoy beautiful flat-screen shows. fast machines. and one level screen ceiling proctor demoing random films. 3. Up-scale atmosphere. When you walk into Smoothie King. you’ll experience the good health & A ; engineering. Wall paneled tabular arraies with chairs with flat-screen proctors oncomings onto the tabular arraies provide a comfy topographic point for surfing the cyberspace and/or look intoing electronic mails while waiting for that delightful smoothy.

Medium-sized unit of ammunition tabular arraies with Wireless Fidelity entree provide a location for clients with personal laptops. Aluminum path lighting and visuals of fresh fruit. activities. and engineering sets the temper. Last. but non least. quality smoothy machines behind a glass show instance provide luring smoothies being made to order. 4. Clear vision of the market demand. Smoothie King knows what it takes to construct a profitable smoothy shop. We know the clients. we know the engineering. and we know how to construct the service that will convey the two together. 2. 2. 2 Failings

1. A dependance on rapidly altering engineering. Smoothie King is a topographic point for people enjoy a healthy smoothy and to see the engineering of the cyberspace. The engineering that is the cyberspace alterations quickly. Merchandise lifecycles are measured in hebdomads. non months. Smoothie King needs to maintain up with the engineering because a batch of the Smoothie King experience will be engineering. 2. Cost factor associated with maintaining state-of-the-art hardware. Keeping up with the engineering of the cyberspace is an expensive project. Smoothie King needs to equilibrate engineering demands with the other demands of the concern. One facet of the concern can’t be sacrificed for the other. 2. 2. 3 Opportunities

1. Turning population of day-to-day cyberspace users. The importance of the cyberspace about peers that of the telephone. As the population of day-to-day cyberspace users additions. so will the demand for the services Smoothie King offers. 2. Social bonds fostered by the new cyberspace communities. The cyberspace is conveying people from across the universe together unlike any other communicating medium. Smoothie King will capitalise on this societal tendency by supplying a topographic point for local cyberspace users to run into. Smoothie King will turn this enterprise by set uping chat countries and community plans. These plans will be designed to construct client trueness. 2. 2. 4 Menaces

1. New entry to industry with emerging local rivals. Currently. Smoothie King is basking a first-mover advantage in the local cyber-smoothie market. However. extra rivals are on the skyline. and we need to be prepared for their entry into the market. Many of our plans will be designed to construct client trueness. and it is our hope that our quality service and up-scale atmosphere won’t be easy duplicated. 2. 3 Competition

The double product/service nature of Smoothie King’s concern faces competition on two degrees. Smoothie King competes non merely with juice bars. but besides with nutritionary addendum suppliers. The good intelligence is that Smoothie King does non presently face any direct competition from other cyber coffeehouse in the local market. There are a sum of one cyber smoothy shop in Atlanta: located in Lithonia. Georgia. The market is extremely competitory and we will be viing with other smoothie concerns. juice bars. national and local general nutrition concerns and wellness nutrient concerns. Heavy competition between smoothy shops creates an industry where all houses face the same costs. National and local eating houses may besides develop smoothie drinks as extra bill of fare points and national and local supermarkets and other retail merchants may transport some of the same or similar merchandise lines. In add-on. there is a positive relationship between monetary value and quality of our smoothies. Some smoothies retail at $ 5. 00 per 32 oz. cup. while other more expensive smoothies may sell for every bit high as $ 8. 00 per 40 oz. cup. Smoothie King believes that our accent on high quality nutritionary drinks that gustatory sensation good and our combination refreshment/general nutrition concern and its operating system gives Smoothie King a competitory advantage over the competition in the market. 2. 4 Servicess

Smoothie King will supply its clients with full entree to the cyberspace while waiting for their delightful smoothy ( s ) . Some of the cyberspace and computer science services available to Smoothie King clients are listed below: • Access to external POP3 email histories.

• Customers will be introduced to the Smoothie King web site. From here. clients can merely educate themselves on the alone merchandises we sell. • Access to Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. Smoothie King will besides supply its clients with entree to introductory cyberspace and electronic mail categories. These categories will be held in the afternoon and tardily in the eventide during off-peak times. By supplying these categories. Smoothie King will construct a client base familiar with its merchandises and services and bring forth more traffic. The computing machines. internet entree. and classes wouldn’t average half as much if taken out of the environment Smoothie King will supply. Great smoothies. alimentary goods. and a comfy environment will supply Smoothie King clients with a topographic point to bask the benefits of surfing the cyberspace in a well kept environment. 2. 5 Keys to Success

The keys to the success for Smoothie King are:
• Great smoothies and alimentary points.
• The creative activity of a unique. advanced. upscale ambiance that will distinguish Smoothie King from other local java stores and future cyberspace coffeehouse. • The constitution of Smoothie King as a community hub for socialisation and amusement. • The creative activity of an environment that won’t intimidate the novitiate user. Smoothie King will place itself as an educational resource for persons wishing to larn about nutrition and the benefits the cyberspace has to offer. 2. 6 Critical Issues

The hazards involved for Smoothie King are:
• Will at that place be a go oning demand for the merchandise offered by Smoothie King? • Will the popularity of smoothies and the cyberspace grow. or is it merely a craze? • Will the 4 months of cold clime remain profitable? 2. 7 Macroenvironment

The wellness nutrient industry in this country experienced rapid growing at the beginning of the decennary and is now traveling into the mature phase of its life rhythm. Many factors contribute to the big demand for good wellness. The popularity of smoothies and the cyberspace is turning exponentially. Those who are familiar with the gustatory sensation and information expressway are good cognizant of how fun and hooking sipping on your favourite smoothy and surfing the cyberspace can be. Those who have non yet experienced the cyberspace need a convenient. relaxed atmosphere where they can experience comfy larning about and using the current engineerings. Smoothie King seeks to supply its clients with cost-free cyberspace entree in an advanced and supportive environment.

3. 0 Selling Scheme
Smoothie King has three chief schemes. The first scheme focuses on pulling local occupants and supplying them with expedient client service with smoothies at a competitory monetary value. By supplying a novice-friendly environment. Smoothie King hopes to educate and develop a loyal client base. The 2nd and most of import scheme focuses on drawing in wireless cyberspace users. Wireless cyberspace users are highly familiar with the cyberspace and its offerings. This group of clients serves an of import map at Smoothie King. These users have knowledge and web-browsing experience that novice cyberspace users find attractive and exciting. The 3rd scheme focuses on constructing a societal environment for Smoothie King clients. A societal environment that provides amusement will function to pull clients that wouldn’t usually think about buying a smoothy or utilizing the cyberspace. Once on location at Smoothie King. these clients that came for the standard smoothy offerings will recognize the possible amusement value the cyberspace can supply while basking their smoothies. 3. 1 Mission

Smoothie King has one intent.
Smoothie King purposes to offer high quality smoothies and nutritionary merchandises at a competitory monetary value to run into the demand of the middle-to-higher income local market country occupants and tourers. Smoothie King’s selling will systematically construct on this mission. Everything we do. from the pricing construction for our merchandises to the atmosphere we create. must be done with this mission in head. We cater to: business district concern people. going concern people. university pupils. and seniors. Our atmosphere and our services are designed for this patronage and our selling attempts are focused on capturing this market. 3. 2 Selling Aims

Smoothie King’s selling aims for the first three old ages of operation include: • Grow sum gross revenues by 10 % yearly.
• Smoothies and addendums are our merchandises. They must be of the highest quality and value. • Service: Our clients are paying for great-tasting smoothies and expect expedient service. Their experience will endure if service is non of the highest quality. Each member of the staff will be gracious. efficient. and attentive. • Selling: We will necessitate to aim our audience early and frequently. While the concern is located in a cardinal and accessible location. many people will hold to be reintroduced. Continue to construct the Smoothie King trade name to the point where it becomes a family word in the country. • Management: We will necessitate to hold a steadfast appreciation on drink. and labour cost. The smoothie shop experience must be delivered in a manner that will non merely inspire repetition concern. but besides promote viva-voce recommendations to others. • Proper stock list. employee direction. and quality control are cardinal. 3. 3 Fiscal Aims

The end of this selling program is to sketch the selling schemes. tactics. and plans that will do the vision outlined in the Smoothie King concern program a world in the twelvemonth 2006. The vision outlined in the concern program includes gross revenues of approximately $ 275. 000 in the first twelvemonth with that figure increasing 5 % yearly. 3. 4 Target Selling

Smoothie King intends to provide both to people who want a delightful smoothy and to users eager to indulge their passion for surfing the cyberspace in a societal scene. Furthermore. Smoothie King will be a magnet for local and going professionals who desire to work or look into their electronic mail messages in a friendly ambiance. These professionals will either utilize Smoothie King’s PCs. or use their ain laptop computing machines with our wireless internet connexion. Smoothie King’s mark market covers a broad scope of ages: from members of “Generation X. ” who grew up surrounded by computing machines. to seniors from local retirement centres. Our primary mark markets include:

• Students. The big pupil population will go an of import portion of the Smoothie King client base. The pupil population continues to turn with the success of Clayton State University. Access to the cyberspace and the up-scale atmosphere will pull this demographic. • Business people. The business district concern community is turning quickly with the add-on of a new edifices and a bustle of professional centres. Smoothie King will supply a perfect scene for concern persons taking a interruption. It will besides give going concern people an chance to link their laptops via Smoothie King’s radio web to look into email communications. 3. 5 Positioning

Smoothie King will place itself as an upscale smoothy saloon and cost-free cyberspace service supplier. Business people of all types will utilize Smoothie King as a topographic point to recess and catch-up on electronic mail communications. Students from nearby downtown lodging centres will utilize Smoothie King as a topographic point to socialise and discourse the latest cyberspace sites. Seniors from the country will see the cyberspace for the first clip at Smoothie King. Simple plans designed to educate clients about nutrition and the power of the cyberspace will assist construct client trueness and spread the word about the merchandises and services Smoothie King offers.

3. 6 Selling Mix
Smoothie King’s selling attempts will concentrate on constructing a loyal base of clients that will buy smoothies and utilize the cyberspace services provided on an about day-to-day footing. 3. 6. 1 Products and Service Marketing

As the popularity of the cyberspace continues to turn at an exponential rate. easy and low-cost entree to the information expressway is rapidly going a necessity of life. Smoothie King provides the local community with the ability to entree the cyberspace. bask a smoothy. and portion internet experiences in a comfy environment. Peoples of all ages and backgrounds will come to bask the unique. upscale. and advanced environment that Smoothie King provides. 3. 6. 2 Pricing

Smoothie King bases its monetary values for smoothies and forte drinks on the “Retail Net income Analysis” provided by our provider. VISTAR. Smoothie King pricing will be comparable to the competition. but with the value-added characteristic of immediate convenience.


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