Marketing strategy plan for immigrants service in Hamilton Canada

Maple Plus Immigrant Consultant Centre

Company overview

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Maple Plus Immigrant Consultant Centre is one of the leading consultant institution in the world recognized for its valuable services. It’s located in Canada in a serene and quiet environment suitable for business. Its main aim is to provide quality, relevant and affordable information to people, mostly students applying for academic registration and people who wish to extend their academic studies. In addition, it provides services to people with skilled labor seeking jobs as immigrants within Canada, business investors from other countries as well as working class people willing to extend their working permits. More over, it helps in the certification and proofing of the necessary documents required in Canada. Further, it aids in registering companies and businesses within Canada. It also provides translation services for other languages to Canadian English or the vise versa

It’s continuously introducing new concepts to its services provision to tap the increasing demands of students and business people in the world such as the introduction of online application programs that will offer more and quick services at affordable rates.



The following are the marketing objectives for the marketing plan strategy:

·         To introduce the services successfully in the Chinese market within a period of 6 months,

·         To ensure that there is a high level of awareness of the presence to immigrants Consultant Company and the services it offers in the Chinese market by using effective marketing strategies.

·         To put in place a wide range of marketing strategies available in the Chinese market including e-commerce strategies to ensure that there is overall growth of the product in the market.

·         To acquire the highest percentage of the market segment within period of 3 years from the introduction of the brand in the market


        This marketing plan is looking to market a consultant company services to the Chinese population.  The introduction of this brand in the market is based on an extensive research that was carried out in the Canadian market which shows that there is a high demand for consultative services from the Chinese people seeking education as well as business opportunities in Canada.

Projected Outcomes

        The following are the expected outcomes of the marketing efforts: One of the most important expected outcomes of this project is a successful introduction of the company’s services to the market and increase product portfolio. Apart from successfully introducing of the product in the market within a projected period, it is also expected that the marketing efforts will lead to increased financial performance of the company. This will be the short term expected outcomes of the market. It is expected the product will have acquired a large market segment of the Chinese population in the market.   On the long term, it is expected that the product will acquire more than 50 percent of the market share.

Description of the Target Market

The Maple Plus immigrant Consultant Company targets Chinese people from all walks of life who are willing to immigrate to Canada. It seeks to draw its customers from the large number of students applying for academic opportunities in Canada. This includes first time applicants as well as those who want to extend their academic life in Canada.

The company also targets people in the business world. Businessmen and women wishing to come and do business in Canada can seek the companies’ assistance or services. These include their help in obtaining the necessary certification and documents as well as company registration cervices.

It also targets Chinese clients who are not conversant with Canadian languages and in one way or another wish to get translation for their smoother operations in the country. It also provides for translation services.

 Maple Plus Immigrant Consultant Centre also targets people from china coming to Canada for official duties, these includes government delegation and representatives.

The company also helps people from the Chinese community who come to Canada for tourism. It helps them in the translation purposes, accommodation and also in locating the intended area of exploration.

The company mainly targets the Chinese students who are willing to join higher education institution, like McMaster University, Mohawk College and Columbia International College.

Marketing strategy planning

Several marketing strategy planning programs can be implemented to make the company more competitive and attractive to its customers’ base. These strategies should be aimed at attracting more attracting more customers, raising the company’s sales, building a good relationship with its clientele and maintaining its high reputation. The following strategies can be implemented to achieve this:

Marketing and promotion:

        This marketing strategy will use above and below the line advertising strategies to reach the potential customer. Above the line strategies that will be employed will include advertisement on the mass media like radios and TVs, online advertisement like in the internet, on billboards along the major highways, and in other popular places. Below the line strategies that will be employed by the company will include off street promotion and sampling which will be carried out in all the corners of the Chinese country.

Marketing objectives: (David, 2004)

·         To introduce the product successfully in the Chinese market within a projected period.

·         To ensure that there is a high level of awareness of the presence to company’s services.

·         To put in place a wide range of marketing strategies available in the Chinese market including e-commerce strategies to ensure that there is overall growth of the product in the market.

·         To acquire highest percentage of the base clientele in the market segment within a projected period after the introduction of the company’s service in the market.

Promotion and advertising objectives:

The company will be launched in the market during seminars that will be organized by the company. The company will carry out a number of advertisements in the mass media and online. There will also be outdoor advertisement activities in the billboards, and popular places. The company will also carry out off street promotion and sampling activities which will give consumer the true information about the company. The company will also establish a site for the service to promote sales and to have timely response from customers.

Branding strategies:

The success of the company in the market will depend on the branding image. In this case the company will create a personalized brand images. The brand image will be distinct from other through, creating a slogan that will make it more distinct from others to aid in its recognition, for example, “Maple Plus immigrant Consultant Company, for a better stay in Canada”, or adopting a company’s logo that will make it easier to identify. In the logo, we can inscribe the company’s name and its slogan.

Creating brand image:

To create a brand image, brand personality approach will be used. In this case the launch of the product will be tied to Chinese values and characteristic which they can easily identify with.  This will identify the characteristics of the service in relation to the target market. This will use key elements such as respect to Chinese traditions and cultures as well as their national values

Product description:

This marketing strategy will be offering a particular product in the market. It is specifically offering immigrants consultant service to a Chinese market. The main brand that is to be introduced in the market is immigrants’ consultants’ service which is mainly targeted for the Chinese population. The product will be offered terms of information provision to the customers as well as real service delivery.

Pricing strategies:

Since the product is being offered for the first time in the market, the company will use price penetration strategy where it will use low prices strategy to penetrate the market. However this will be combined with cost plus pricing since it will have to operate at a profit market. However the initial price set up will be based on the low prices to penetrate the market. This will help raise it sales, attract more customers and increase it profitability.

Distribution strategies:

To ensure that the service reaches the intended customers, the company will use the current existing distribution chains. To reduce on the cost of operation, to customers will be expected to obtain the services mostly from the assigned service provides or credited agents. This can be achieved by opening up of new offices in all the Canadian states to tap in the Chinese immigrants’ as well opening overseas offices in china and its provinces to serve the wider Chinese population. Taking the service near to the consumer will be the main pillar for the success of the distribution marketing strategy.


Public relations strategy:

Stakeholders are the important part for the growth of any business. In this case the company will use its public relation department to ensure its success and reputation stands, it can use this to correct any ill information about the company previously or any information or image painted against it by its competitors in the business. It can also use the department to provide the information on the companies’ successes, offer assistance to customers in need as well as posting its progress and results to its shareholders and other potential customers. Through this company’s department also, it can identify areas where it con exploits its corporate responsibility. This can include organizing of tours to its customers or get together parties to promote the relationship between the company and its customers.

To ensure its high reputation it should employ skilled as well as friendly work force.

Traditional medial public relations strategies:

It is not all the stakeholders for the company who are conversant with the use of the computers and not everyone is connected to the internet. Therefore the traditional medial public relations strategies remain particularly important for the company. The launch of the product will be announced in all the mass Medias while the consequent performance of the company will also be communicated through the same media.  The performance of the product will also be posted in the company magazine. The mass media will still remain important in the overall advertising strategy for the company

Action plan

This market strategy will be implemented in stages to ensure all the activities are carried out in a way that they meet the expected market results.  It will also help monitor the product growth. This will also help to make intervention in case where the expected activity does not meet the expected market target.  The overall aim of this marketing plan is to strengthen the program in the market and therefore it will need to be well implemented to achieve the objective.

The first step in the implementation of the market plan will be to put advertisement in the mass media. This would inform the target market of the impending existence of the product in the market. This stage is very crucial since it will determine how the product will be penetrating the market following the awareness that will have been created on the target market about the introduction of the new product.

The second stage will be the actual launch of the product in the market. In this stage an overall launch of the product will take place which will be spiced up by modeling competition. This would serve the purpose of   helping the target market to identify with the product while performing the activity that they know best. The tying up of the launch with modeling activity is expected to launch the product in a different way in the market compared to how other brands have been launched. It is expected to be a unique launch.

The third stage would follow the initial launch of the brand in the market. This would be followed by a series of promotional activities which may include offering discounts to people who are seeking to people for the second or more time, discounts to large government delegation, to students and to those who introduce a new customer to the company, this will ensure that the product is well positioned in the market. This will be an important stage in the marketing plan which will determine how the product succeeds in the market.

This stage will include the effective expansion of the program in the market. It will be marked by a series of advertisement on bill boards, mass media, off street promotions and sampling and others. This stage will also mark the expansion of marketing activities to the whole world by opening up new offices as well as delegating the duties to approved agents. (Giuly, 2000),

Marketing Budget

The following is the marketing budget analysis and the forecast for the business that can be used by the company in the implementation of the services for the next five years

Break-even analysis

Fixed cost = $1,500,000

Variable unit cost = $0.54

Expected unit sales = 6.7 million units

Unit price = $1.0

Total variable cost (Expected unit sales * variable unit cost) = $3,641,500

Total cost (Fixed cost + Total Variable Cost) = $5,141,500

Total revenue (Expected unit sales * unit price) = $6,700,000 million

Profit (Total revenue – Total cost) = $1,558,500

Sales Forecast

                                   2008                2009        2010               2011             2012

Cash inflow ($)

Cash balance                   200 000       250 000        280 000      300 000       350 000

Operating Capital           60 000             80 000          90 000     100 000        110 000

Cash sales                     6 700 000    7 000 000      7 300 000   7 600 000   7 900 000

Net profit after tax       1 558 500    1 722 500      1 935 500   2 023 000   2 156 000

Expenses Forecast

Cash out flow:

Expenses ($)  2008               2009                2010                2011                2012

Promotions     1 500 000       1 550 000        1 600 000        1 650 000         1 700 000

Salaries            2 130 000       2 140 000        2 140 000         2 140 000        2 150 000

Rent                    600 000          600 000           600 000            600 000            600 000

Labor                  130 000          140 000           150 000            160 000            170 000

Stationeries         20 000           30 000             40 000               50 000              60 000

License                 20 000           20 000             20 000              20 000             20 000

Logistics               15 000           20 000             25 000              30 000             40 000

Office expenses    30 000          30 000              40 000              40 000             50 000

Advertisement                  20 000          20 000              30 000              30 000              40 000

Tax (30%)           676 500        738 000            829 500            867 000            924 000


Start up cost                     $

Operating capital           200 000

Purchases                    1 500 000

Salaries                       2 130 000

Rent                               600 000

Fuel                               130 000

Water                               20 000

License                             20 000

Office Expenses              30 000

Advertisement                 20 000

Total start up cost       4 560 000

Monthly Budgets               $

Salaries                         177 500

Rent                                50 000

Fuel                              130 000

Water                               10 833

Office Expenses                2 500

Total                              370 833

5 year sales figure

Sales ($)                                 2008                2009          2010          2011          2012

Achieved Targets          6 700 000    7 000 000    7 300 000   7 600 000 7 900 000

(Mark, 2003)


David, L (2004), Strategic marketing in a new market, Harvard Business Review

Giuly, B (2000), Essentials of marketing, Oxford University

Mark, T (2003), Marketing in practice, Princeton University



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