Marlow And Kurtz Essay, Research Paper

A Word picture of Marlow and Kurtz

The word picture of Marlow and Kurtz begins with the physical visual aspect and so moves on to the psychological and/or emotional make-up of the two characters. Marlow is the supporter of the narrative, who ventures to Africa looking to sail a steamboat, but finds much more. Kurtz is the alone victim of colonisation ; the wilderness captures him and he turns his dorsum on all imposts and people that were a portion of him. Marlow and Kurtz are two opposite illustrations of the human status. There are many similarities and many differences between the two of them that will be discussed in this paper.

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I will get down with the physical inside informations about Marlow and Kurtz. The lone physical description of Marlow is this: Marlow sat cross-legged right aft, tilting against the mizzen-mast. He had sunken cheeks, a xanthous skin color, a consecutive back, and ascetic facet, and, with his weaponries dropped, the thenar of his custodies outwards, resembled an graven image ( Conrad1615 ) . As William Bysshe Stein has pointed out, Marlow is here sitting in the alleged Nelumbo nucifera position, familiar to us from its representation in the Buddhist art of India and the Orient. This position is the 1 adopted as a requirement to Yoga speculation and it suggests that Marlow is ready to prosecute in an exercising of intense self-contemplation that will take to some sort of personal enlightenment ( Adams 121 ) .

Marlow was a professional mariner and the captain of the Congo Rive Steamboat. He seems to possess a good work moral principle: working hard is a agency of accomplishing saneness. Marlow dislikes prevarications and hence Tells merely two of them, both in extraordinary fortunes. In the center of the narrative, Marlow interrupts himself to state, You know I hate, detest, and can t bear a prevarication, non because I am straighter than the remainder of us, but merely because it appalls me. There is a contamination of decease, a spirit of mortality in lies- which is precisely what I hate and detest in the world-what I want to bury. It makes me suffering and ill, like seize with teething something rotten would make ( 1633 ) . Mar

low ne’er vocalized a prevarication ; he merely allowed others to go on to believe an falsehood. First, the brick-maker thought Marlow was more influential than he really was, and Marlow allowed him to go on to believe this. Second, the intended thought her groom-to-be was a good adult male so Marlow allowed her to go on to believe this besides.

As a kid, Marlow had a passion for maps and it appears that he still does. He has a peculiar aspiration to look into the clean infinite of delicious enigma, bespeaking Africa, which was bit by bit being filled in with names and characteristics as it was explored and colonized.

For Marlow, the journey up the Congo becomes a pilgrim’s journey to run into Kurtz, the adult male of reputedly superb endowment and fluency who sends down more ivory than all the company s other bargainers put together ( 90 Reilly ) . Gradually, as the people that Marlow despised began to slander Kurtz, he ( Marlow ) became more interested in run intoing him ( Kurtz ) . Marlow, desperate to retain his semblances, wanted to run into a adult male reputed to be an emissary of commiseration, and scientific discipline and advancement ( 124Schwarz ) . Marlow tried to set the best possible readings on his motivations: Possibly he was merely a all right chap who stuck to his work for his ain interest ( 124Schwarz ) . The more Marlow became more disillusioned, the more Kurtz became the end of his quest.

The more Marlow learns about Kurtz, he fears that he might turn into Kurtz, he is however able to emerge from the Congo with his ideals, ethical motives and his civilised character integral, although slightly certain of himself ( 159Meyer ) . After Kurtz s decease, Marlow takes with him the cognition of human nature that he additions from him. He says, I remembered his low pleading, his low menaces, the colossal graduated table of his vile desires, the beastliness, the torture, the stormy torment of his psyche ( ) .

In many respects, the position of Marlow is that of a typical European. Still, he is intended to be a various character, one of the few who does non belong to a distinguishable category, and can therefore associate to different sorts of people with more easiness than his equals in the narrative.

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