Capitalism was chosen as the best economic system when the establishing male parents were seeking to find the hereafter of America. A capitalist is person who owns a production system and who additions money through misapplying the attempt of workers. Through capitalist economic dealingss. socialistic thoughts are broken down to bias net incomes of an person. Through making such divisions as the upper. center. and lower category. the theory of Marxism analyzes what ways capitalist economy can be used against the people. In the Grapes of Wrath. John Steinbeck confronts this ideal and reveals what he believes sing this topic. The Marxist theory of unfavorable judgment examines the economic and governmental system that Steinbeck uses throughout the novel and reveals that Steinbeck does so believe that capitalist economy is of course flawed.

Steinbeck starts his expansive confrontation with capitalist economy. by making the feeling that there are two categories with a 3rd stuck someplace between. In the start of the novel. Tom Joad wants to catch a drive with a driver who has a “No Riders” spine on the truck. Tom make the driver go trussed and twisted in his emotions and moral feelings when stating. “sometimes a guy’ll be a good cat even if some rich asshole makes him transport a sticker…the driver considered the parts of this reply. If he refused now. non merely was he non a good cat. but he was forced to transport a spine. was non allowed to hold company” ( 7 ) . The driver is forced to believe that in order to be a “good cat. ” he must set aside pride and assist out a fellow adult male. Tom tries to do the driver recognize that a adult male does non necessitate to work for “some rich bastard” to be a nice individual. It is besides interesting to observe that Steinbeck sees that “power corrupts. absolute power corrupts absolutely” .

He shows that those who have higher authorization tend to take advantage of others for their ain selfish desires. One character of the intercalary chapters notes that the greed of the upper category dominates society and says. “You go steal a tyre and you’re a stealer. but he tried to steal your four dollars for a broken tyre. They call it business” ( 81 ) . Using “he” can come to stand for the strong concern proprietors because its shows the selling techniques used so. Businessmens would seek to take everything off from those who were merely seeking to do ends meet. By stating that “he tried to steal your four dollars for a broken tyre. ” means that they merely take for their pleasance and their corrupted desires. This motive of the separation of the current society into many categories based on greed shows how profoundly ingrained it is and so shows how deeply it affects everyone.

Steinbeck delegates incrimination of the complete and arrant misfortunate of the lower category onto the upper category. While looking for a occupation. Uncle John and Pa start talking to a group of work forces about work. and the work forces respond by stating. “You can’t feed your fam’ly on merely twenty cents and hr. but you’ll return anything. They jes’ auction off a job…pretty shortly they’re gon na do us pay to work” ( 352 ) . The upper category promises the other luck. nutrient. and other physiological demands for their households and through this wholly and absolutely dictates every individual move of the lower category by ruling their basic demands that must. perfectly must be met. He so undertakings a specific quality and image to stand for the upper category.

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“The Bank-or the Company-needs–wants–insists–must have–as thought the Bank or the Company were a monster…they were work forces and slaves. while the Bankss and machines were Masterss all the same clip. Some of the proprietor work forces were a small proud to be slaves to suck cold and powerful masters” ( 32 ) . The ground the Bankss and companies are symbolized as monsters is because they consume net incomes and involvement on money. If no commissariats are given to this monster. this maestro. so its “slaves” would non be taken attention of either. so it feeds from the weak. This is merely another manner in which those with the power can rule the lower category through the basic needs that everyone has. It is through many other cases that follow the same form as the others that Steinbeck shows how the upper category wholly dominates all facets of society and the life of everyone else.

From every corner of the fresh drops the disdain that Steinbeck has for those who wholly disregard the demands of others in order to gain. To this terminal. Steinbeck uses the cantonments to demo how he believes that society should presently be runing. In Weedpatch. the Joads gathered at cantonment with everyone else and noticed something different about the ambiance. “There grew up a authorities in the universes a Man who was wise found that his wisdom was needed in every cantonment ; a adult male who was a sap could non alter his foolishness with this world” ( 197 ) .

This scene showed how the households united as one under their ain government. It showed that each individual was equal to the following. falling off from this category defined society. Steinbeck headed towards socialism with this quotation mark. opposing capitalist economy and its mistakes labeling a individual and their household. By unifying. it seemed as though more work was able to acquire done and more people enjoyed a feeling of freedom. Families were able to acquire off from a higher authorization and be able to work and believe for themselves. Finally. an reply is presented to the inquiry and jobs. which Steinbeck had been constructing up. through the simple connexion of the many thoughts that flowed through this novel.

Through the agony and wretchedness that is faced by the husbandmans. Steinbeck sets the construct of separation of category based on fortune and circumstance ; the greed of those in bid so does non let for any alteration of any type to happen at all. The power that lies in the manus of the upper category has been abused and used to mistreat those that it was meant to assist. The greed that prevails throughout all cases of merchandiser traffics throughout this fresh indicate that this is the footing and the lone true representative of the upper category ; through the battles of the other people. Steinbeck believes that there is much more to life than simple philistinism.

In Weedpatch. he shows that one time people can cast pettiness and greed that capitalist economy Fosters. they are able to link and make something much better. From the first event of the novel to the last. Steinbeck focuses on demoing the defects of capitalist economy and supplying a better solution to the job that plagues the bulk of the state. Socialism will work where capitalist economy will non. one is based off of the unanimity whereas the other focal points on the few persons that are able to work their greed and neglect for civilisation to the extreme.


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