Norman Mailer one time said. “Masculinity is non something given to you. but something you gain. And you gain it by winning little conflicts with honor” ( Mailer ) . He is stating that the award of being masculine is non merely handed to one on a Ag platter. but is truly earned. much like the manner the toreadors earned their maleness by their successes in the sphere. One of the subjects in Ernest Hemingway’s novel The Sun Besides Rises is how masculinity creates much struggle between the characters and the station World War I society they reside in. Hemingway employs many literary techniques to convey the complexnesss of the subject. Hemingway is able to portray the subject of maleness through symbolism. the analogue between single powerlessness and the powerlessness of society. every bit good as the somersault of gender functions.

The bull provides great symbolic significance when maleness is the topic in this novel. Hemingway frequently uses the bull or the corrida as a metaphor with which characters engage. Brett Ashley is extremely attracted to the bull. and she admires its flawlessness of masculine qualities. shown in the transition where Hemingway describes the bull: Then I saw a dark muzzle and the shadow of the horns. and so. with a clattering on the wood in the hollow box. the bull charged and came out into the corral. skidding with his forefeet in the straw as he stopped. his caput up. the great bulge of musculus on his cervix swollen tight. his organic structure muscles quaking as he looked up at the crowd on the rock wall. The two tips backed off against the wall. their caputs sunken. their eyes watching the bull ( Hemingway 139 ) .

The bull shows beastly strength and great power. which amazes and stuns Brett. She reacts to this sight by stating “My. God isn’t he beautiful? ” ( Hemingway 139 ) . While Brett is taken off by the power of the bull. she struggles to happen such masculine qualities in the work forces in the novel. The bull is the most complete signifier of maleness Brett sees. and in contrast to the letdown of the work forces she sleeps with. In this manner. Hemingway shows how true maleness is about impossible to happen in existent work forces. To Hemingway. the closest work forces come to true maleness as the bull is when they have “aficion” . intending passion” ( Hemingway 131 ) . Bullfighters would hold the most “aficion” since they work closest with the bulls. Jake has aficion. and it is his nexus to a secret universe of work forces. The hotelier Montoya is an aficionado. as is Pedro Romero. In fact. all the great toreadors and lovers of the corridas are aficionados. with a kind of religious bond associating them and the masculine bulls ( Ford ) .

Another manner of the subject of maleness is expressed is in the battle to be masculine. particularly in the instance of Jake Barnes. Jake’s powerlessness is a immense challenge and creates much struggle between him and the other characters. Jake’s hurt in the War prevents him from being in a physical relationship with Brett. Hemingway continues to utilize the bull metaphor in exemplifying the battle of his characters in the universe. The tips in the corrida are castrated and have no pick. merely as Jake has no pick in the affair of his hurt. As Robert Cohn says in the fresh “It’s no life being a steer” ( Hemingway 141 ) . Jake is sometimes the tip because non merely of his hurt but because of the manner he lets his hurt control him. He allows it to weaken him and allow him travel numb to the universe around him. Not merely is being impotent demasculizing in itself. because being able to execute is a immense portion of the male function in society during this clip period. Jake’s failure in this regard consequences in him being disconnected from the remainder of his friends. particularly Brett. Hemingway parallels Jake’s powerlessness with the general powerlessness of the lost coevals during that clip. The lost coevals became as desensitized to the remainder of the universe merely as Jake did to his friends ( Oliver ) . Hemingway is demoing the injuring affects of war through the deficiency of maleness and something the bulk of people take for granted ( Oliver ) .

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The novel besides inquiries the true value of maleness. particularly in the character Brett. Brett proves that masculine qualities can be found in adult females every bit good as work forces. When Brett is foremost introduced in the novel. it is clear is that she is different from other adult females of the clip. She has a crowd of work forces around her and while she is rather beautiful. she keeps her “hair brushed back like a boy’s. ” ( Hemingway 22 ) . Another quality that makes her different is her inclination to imbibe like a adult male. Count Mippipopolous. one of the many work forces who become involved with Brett. and says that she is “the merely lady I have of all time known who was as charming when she was drunk as when she was sober. ” ( 59 ) . Her refusal to follow the regulations of society frequently excludes her. such as when she can non come in the church because she has no chapeau ( Ford ) . She has a series of personal businesss. even though she in secret loves Jake the whole clip. Her concluding matter is with Pedro Romero. the immature toreador who is another symbol of manfulness ( Ford ) . Bing that they both exemplify masculine qualities. they have great issues with being in a relationship. That relationship fails in portion because Pedro wants her to turn her hair out. to be “more womanly. ” He insists on matrimony. but Brett refuses to be bound by society’s outlooks of a adult female ( Ford ) . Ironically. Brett exemplifies maleness and develops that subject more than the bulk of the work forces in the novel.

Hemingway’s usage of symbolism. pulling analogues between single powerlessness and the Lost Generation’s powerlessness. every bit good as a complete somersault in gender functions set up maleness as a prevailing subject in this novel. It touches about every character and sets up major struggles between them. Masculinity non merely is a subject in the novel but was a subject among all who were portion of the Lost Generation after World War I. It is much easier to concentrate on holding successes in the sphere as a toreador than it is to hold successes with maleness in the society at this clip. The battles and failures of the characters in The Sun Besides Rises turn out Mailer’s point that maleness must be gained. non given.

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