Geography essay Mass tourism Is better than no tourism, do you agree? Yes, I agree with this point because countries which do not have tourism nowadays are hard to imagine nowadays if it is not a country with war or a desert through it entirely, although even countries with mostly desert have quite a bit of tourists in them so it is far more easy to imagine a town or village with no tourism.

And then there are those places with mass tourism which only have one noticeable problem – Overcrowding. Although, that problem is barely noticeable if you put it in one line tit all the other benefits so I assume that mass tourism is better, but there is still more to tell. In places with no tourism there are barely any accommodations and life in the villages is mostly counted dirty and dangerous. So are there any benefits?

Yes there are but they are hardly noticeable being put In line with all the problems: lifestyle Is really slow and peaceful which Is really hard to find In the growing trade centers of the world and I find It pretty good that you know all your neighbors In the ace and have talked to them at least once or twice but other than that there Is only a couple of other miserably small benefits which by far do not compensate living on “the moon” Now then there is some other places which have mass tourism, Yes there is lots of overcrowding but most of the world’s population is used to seeing large or even giant numbers of people around so mostly what people notice are the countless benefits such as lots of well paid jobs linked to tourism or the giant amounts of money made for the government which are 2 big benefits that people notice although some say hat there are countless possibilities that are made possible thanks to tourism and nowadays It can be noticed that tourism In fact links the world in Its own manner. And If the world Is Intercommunicated for a long enough time, there Is a chance for global malfunction.

If there is global unification it will be amazing in every way and for every branch of discoveries and this is really good for the whole world and every person since with combined effort the famine in Africa can be stopped in no time and as soon as the robbers of our world are solved, I guess that there is a good future beyond. All of these benefits are there because of tourism – so if the word tourism represents good then mass tourism represents mass good meaning that mass tourism is perfectly good with everyone and good for everyone because It Is a shard of the lost key to a brighter future but being a shard it Is still a big part of the future and having made our planet “smaller”

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