Angiosperms are most closely related to _____.
a. gymnosperms
b. bryophytes
c. green algae
d. seedless vascular plants
e. charophyceans
Which of these was the dominant plant group at the time that dinosaurs were the dominant animals?
a. bryophytes
b. charophyceans
c. angiosperms
d. gymnosperms
e. seedless vascular plants
This is an image of a(n) _____.
a. seedless vascular plant
b. angiosperm
c. gymnosperm
d. bryophyte
e. charophycean
Plants evolved from green algae approximately _____ million years ago.
a. 475
b. 400
c. 2,200
d. 3,500
e. 130
_____ are an example of seedless vascular plants.
a. Pine trees
b. Lilacs
c. Ferns
d. Charophyceans
e. Mosses
The living plants that are most similar to the first plants to bear gametangia are the _____.
a. bryophytes
b. angiosperms
c. charophyceans
d. seedless vascular plants
e. gymnosperms
Which of these characteristics is shared by algae and seed plants?
a. roots and shoots
b. embryo development within gametangia
c. vascular tissue
d. pollen
e. chloroplasts
Which of these represents the sporophyte generation of the moss life cycle?
a. D
b. A
c. E
d. C
e. B
In moss, _____ produce sperm.
a. embryos
b. antheridia
c. archegonia
d. protonemata
e. sporangia
The sperm produced by mosses require _____ to reach an archegonium.
a. animals
b. the development of a flower
c. moisture
d. light
e. wind
In the moss life cycle _____ cells within a sporangium undergo _____ to produce _____ spores.
a. haploid … mitosis … haploid
b. haploid … meiosis … haploid
c. diploid … meiosis … haploid
d. diploid … mitosis … haploid
e. diploid … mitosis … diploid
diploid … meiosis … haploid
In mosses gametes are produced by _____; in ferns gametes are produced by _____
a. mitosis … mitosis
b. mitosis … meiosis
c. meiosis … mitosis
d. meiosis … meiosis
e. binary fission … mitosis
mitosis … mitosis
In mosses gametes are produced by _____; in ferns gametes are produced by _____.
a. mitosis … mitosis
b. meiosis … meiosis
c. binary fission … mitosis
d. meiosis … mitosis
e. mitosis … meiosis
mitosis … mitosis
Which of these structures is diploid?
a. D
b. B
c. C
d. A
e. E
Where do fern antheridia develop?
a. on the underside of the gametophyte
b. on the tip of the haploid protonema
c. on the tip of the gametophyte
d. on the underside of the sporophyte
e. on the tip of the sporophyte
on the underside of the gametophyte
The conspicuous part of a fern plant is a _____.
a. haploid sporophyte
b. diploid gametophyte
c. diploid sorus
d. haploid gametophyte
e. diploid sporophyte
diploid sporophyte

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