My name is Wael Alkhatib. and I am a Canadian citizen presently analyzing at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal. Along with this missive. I am directing you my complete application signifier. through the National Student Exchange. for you to see my admittance to Stony Brook University’s autumn 2011 semester.

Because your establishment is extremely regarded by bookmans and specializers from around the universe. I understand a great figure of exchange pupils must use each twelvemonth to be admitted to Stony Brook University. In order to assist you do a determination. I will seek to use compactly about myself. my background. my ends. and why I believe I would do a great add-on to your pupil organic structure.

Sometimes classs can be deceptive: an otherwise first-class pupil. traveling through a personal or familial crisis. can see his consequences deteriorate drastically over the period of a semester. or even a whole twelvemonth. In my instance. though. they show a direct. simple narrative: the development of my motive and my work ethic over the last four old ages.

A glimpse at my academic record transcript will demo you that I have started my university surveies on the incorrect pes. Indeed. I “completed” my first semester in autumn 2006 with a ruinous 1. 58 GPA! I could province many alibis for this second-rate start. but I will merely state that I was non taking my surveies earnestly: unregistering from categories when the work load was excessively important. dropping out of those I was non instantly interested in. etc. But that first twelvemonth had the consequence of a wake-up call: I needed to get down using myself or reconsider my hereafter. Therefore. during the summer interruption. I began puting up some clear ends:

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I decided I wanted to see an exchange in another state. after discoursing with a friend who had had the privilege of analyzing abroad. Over the following semester. something else became clear to me: I wanted to obtain my master’s grade and Teach literature. Now. these aims meant that I needed to significantly better my GPA. It was non easy to come back from such a start. but one time ends were clarified. my motive and work ethic blossomed continuously over the following semesters. and better classs came of course. Therefore. over the last two old ages. I managed to finish each class I enrolled in. while keeping a 3. 65 GPA. Now confident that my academic record is strong plenty to warrant credence at your university. I am ready to ship on the way of accomplishing my first end.

There ne’er was a uncertainty in my head that if I were to use for a pupil exchange. the United States would be my one and lone pick of finish. I have been fascinated by American civilization since childhood: at first. through films and music. and. more late. through its literature ; most of my favorite writers are Americans: Ernest Hemingway. John Fante. J. D. Salinger and Raymond Carver are all authors I admire profoundly.

I have chosen to use at your establishment because it is amongst the best public universities in the state. If I could take part in an exchange for a whole twelvemonth. I would non believe twice about it. But unluckily. I merely have four categories towards the completion of my baccalaureate. However. I do mean on doing the best of the semester that is in front of me: acquiring involved in pupil life through activities. athleticss. pupil nines. etc. . or assisting Gallic major pupils perfect their Gallic through tutoring are many of things I plan on prosecuting following autumn.

I have no uncertainty that this is an experience I would ne’er bury. an experience that would enrich my life for old ages to come. and aid determine my hereafter alumnus surveies. and calling.

Thank you really much for your attending to all these affairs and for your consideration of my application. I look frontward to hearing from you shortly.


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