Intermediate Algebra Instructor Rob March 3rd, 2014 Some think that math has no place In the world, and I must admit that I am one of those people. I understand that we do use math everyday but in an age of technology it’s no longer needed as much as it once was; or is it?

I theorize that math is still an important tool that we must remain proficient at to keep up with the times, because without math we would not only be lost in the ever changing world of technology and programming but we wouldn’t be able to figure out simple tasks of daily life like how to eave a correct 23% tip after a good meal. In this paper we are going to review two problems. The first problem is a typical problem that a conservation officer would come across. The second problem is simply getting the x and or y variable alone.

We will also look at how these problems relate to real world situations and try to bring math alive Instead of making It Just about numbers. The first problem we have Is the Bear population. Which states: “To estimate the size of the bear population on the Awaken Peninsula, conservationists captured, tagged, and leased 50 bears. One year later, a random sample of 100 bears included only 2 tagged bears. What is the conservationist’s estimate of the size of the bear population? ” We would first let x stand for the bear population which we are trying to figure out.

We would then have x/sample that we caught= to the number we tagged and released (50)/the number of tagged bears we recaptured (2). So the equation would look something like this. WI 00=50/2. We would then multiple the 100 out from each side which would give us 2500. So there are 2500 bears in the population in the Awaken Peninsula and we caught Just 2% of the bears when we did our capture and release. This Is an extraneous solution because It Is to the simplest form of the equation.

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This problem may seem to be a tad bit ridiculous and far fetch but In Kentucky where I come from this Is a common practice to catch and release deer to see how many deer tags the state is going to give out for the given the conservation officer’s Job. I know when I was a police officer for the city of Henderson, KY I had to go out with Fish and Wildlife to help them set up traps to catch certain animals so they could do the tagging process. So this is Just one example of the real world application that math has.

In the second problem we have, and we will first solve for y. First we see that these two separate fractions are proportion because they equal each other. This will allow us to use the extreme means property, which is basically cross multiplying the -3 by x+3 and then y-1 by -4. This will give us an answer of ay-4=xx-9. Once we have this done we will simply add 4 to both sides to get ay by itself. This will have the problem look like this. IF-xx-5. Lastly we need to divide the 4 out to get the y completely alone so we will divide 4 room both sides.

This will give us a final answer of E-3/xx-5/4 and that is the solution for the problem. Now to get the x alone, we already did the hard work by using the extreme means property, so now we ay-4=xx-9 again. This time however, we will add 9 to each side. This will give us app=xx. Like we done before we would divide the 3 from both sides so that we would get the x alone and get the final solution for the problem. The answer would be. -ay/3-5/3=x. This problem is harder to find a real world application I think because I don’t see a time where there are two unknown variables.

However, we often times do need to find an unknown variable and this problem shows how we can use the basic concepts of math to figure out the solution for x or y and to get the variable alone. Often times, like in this problem, the variable is linked to another number and we need to isolate that single variable. A situation is I was out in Lass Vegas a couple of weeks ago and was given a price for an item. It was a flat out price that included the shipping to my house, taxes, and the cost of the item, and the framing of the item. I knew how much the dealer bought the item for, (from the T.

V. How Pawn Stars), and so I had to figure out how much they we charging me for the item and to see how much over cost they were charging me. Luckily for me, the person made a mistake and I got the item for well under what Core and Chummed paid for the item, but it was nice being able to use math to figure out if I was making a good deal or not. In closing, math is something that we all use every day. Even if we try to avoid it we still need to use it and count on it. If it is simple as seeing how many miles we have left in the tank before we run out of gas.

I stated that I was not a fan of math at the beginning of this paper and I am not going to change my stance, but I do respect the craft. You must respect it and know that it is a valuable tool that we all have and that it is important for daily living. Even in an age of cell phone calculators, and checks that tell you exactly what the right tip is we must be able to do it ourselves because without you knowing the concept of math then you will not know what to type into that phone calculator or you won’t know if the checks tip cheat sheet is correct or not. So be a fan of math or not, I still urge you to appreciate the value of it.


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