Matrix of the Life Span


One month to one year, relates mostly with mother, cortical gray matter decreases, cries for everything and experience the world through movement and sense.
Sleeps most of the time, shows preference for novel stimulus, cannot recognize object permanence, cortical white matter increases and is egocentric.

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One to four years, becomes self reliant, confident, cortical gray matter decreases, acquire motor skills.
Can walk, tends to become independent, cortical white matter increases, can get food for self, cannot use logical thinking.
Preschool age

Three to six years, relates with others, cortical gray matter decreases, self expression and cannot conserve logical thinking.
Become active, broadens social horizon, takes decision, cortical white matter increases and magical thinking predominates.

Middle childhood

Four to eight years, relates with peers, cortical gray matter decreases forms personal opinion and can think logically.
Acquire skills, can receive feedback  from outsiders ,cortical white matter increases,  develops a sense of competence and intelligence is demonstrated.


Thirteen to nineteen years, attracted to the opposite sex develops cortical gray matter decreases, formation of personal social identity and abstract thinking.
Active, cortical white matter increases has a sense of self and can think logically in the mind.

Early adulthood

Twenty to thirty nine years ,forms intimate relationship brain increases in size, develops a sense of identity
Peak of physical health, can depend on others, develops sociopolitical views

 Late adulthood

Sixty plus, socially more accepting brain gradually degenerates, full of wisdom, and feels a sense of accomplishment or failure
Begins to grow weak,


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doi: 10.1038/13158
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