Matrix Essay, Research Paper

The Matrix is a Perfect Movie for the twenty-first Century

The Matrix has found many fans since the release of the film on March 31, 1999.

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The Matrix is based on a scientific theory that we are being run by computing machine plans.

The computing machine plan allows people inside the matrix to make anything they would wish to

make. In the gap sequence of the film, it shows Trinity leaping across edifices that

are separated by big streets in a extremely populated town. Three is being chased by

clandestine officers that are out to acquire her and the matrix.

The Matrix truly starts to acquire exciting when Neo takes the ruddy pill that will assist

him acquire into the matrix. Neo has to travel through several trials on his encephalon to happen out how

he will respond to the matrix. Once Neo takes the pill, the action begins. He so gets

trained by Morpheus and so goes into the matrix.

The matrix has many different significances. The matrix is like a dream province. Angstrom

individual is non in the existent universe, yet is indoors a computing machine plan. A batch of people have

different sentiments on precisely what the matrix is after sing the film. Bret Polish stated

in a film reappraisal that the film was how our world is a mere practical world used to

cover up a hereafter controlled by machines ( 1 ) . Another film referee for stated that it would be better to watch the film than read a reappraisal

that tells some of the plot line.

The film shows many positions on how engineering is increasing for the 21st

century. The whole film is based around one computing machine plan, which is called the

matrix. Computers are going popular in the new century. Almost everyplace in the

universe, a computing machine is someplace about. Many new movies are going more popular by

utilizing new computing machine engineering while shooting. If anyone asked histrions twenty old ages ago if

they thought that some of the ocular stunts that are done today were possible, the bulk

would likely hold said no.

The Matrix stars Keanu Reeves as Neo, a computing machine technician, Laurence

Fishburne as Morpheus, the leader of the matrix, and Carrie-Ann Moss as Trinity, the 1

chosen to assist Neo battle. Together, these three stars make the film an action-packed

thriller. Every character has their ain alone features. Morpheus is the leader of

the film. He is in the film in order to happen the one, or the individual who is able to


everything while in the matrix.

The one facet that puts the movie into a category of its ain is the particular effects.

There were a batch of particular effects that have ne’er been shown in another movie. During one

of the scenes, Neo is contending person on the top of a edifice. During this shooting, Neo is

shown dodging slugs while the camera is revolving 360 grades. The velocity of the movie is

besides slowed down to enable the audience to see the existent slugs whirring past him.

Animal Logics helped both of the manufacturers during many of the 3D scenes. Examples of

the 3D scenes include the gap sequence, the gun that shoots lightning, and the

corridor of codifications.

The cinematography of the film took 10 months. Much of this clip was spent shooting the

kung-fu scenes. The histrions had to larn kung-fu in less than 3 months to make many of the

stunts that were required for the cinematography of the film. Kung-fu was used during several

scenes. Neo is shown traveling through a strict kung-fu preparation session. During the

whole scene he is larning his superhuman strengths before traveling out and contending.

Trinity is a miss who helps Neo. Many films these yearss are largely composed of

work forces. Even though this is all right in most films, it added a batch to the overall secret plan.

Carrie-Ann Moss showed that she is an actress who deserves a batch more attending than she

got earlier.

The plot line for The Matrix was perfect. The whole film lasts about two

hours and 15 proceedingss. Many films these yearss are set between an hr and a half and

two hours. The film was a perfect length for any motion-picture fan. There are no slow parts.

Action is ever waiting around the corner of the following scene.

Many people say that there is excessively much action and non plenty plot line. I believe

that the film is perfect. I thought that there was both adequate action and plot line. The

apprehension of what precisely is the matrix is difficult to catch the first clip while sing the

film. I have viewed the film over 10 times and I ever catch something that was

missed during one of the other screenings. The plot line reminds me of a Quentin Tarantino

film, due to the confusion. One of the most confusing parts of The Matrix is seeking to

figure out precisely what the matrix is. The narrative behind the matrix is told in pieces and

while watching the film they all fit together organizing the confusing, yet powerful matrix.

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