Mattie Vs Etta Mae Essay, Research Paper

The Women of Brewster Place by Gloria Naylor is a authoritative novel foregrounding the battles of inner-city adult females. As they live and work, the reader is exposed to the adversities these adult females have faced over their stay on Brewster. Many characters are similar and connected in some ways, but none are so like Mattie Michael and Etta Mae Johnson. They are so similar but yet so different at the same clip. Friends since their younger yearss on Brewster Place, these two adult females led two opposite lives that led them away from Brewster Place and each other and back.

Mattie Michael was quiet and sheltered as a immature adult female. Her male parent s sheltering fastness was merely the thing that changed Mattie s life. A slick immature chap by the name of Butch Fuller was ill-famed on Brewster for loving and go forthing adult females. He left her with a boy that tore Mattie s household apart and sent her away from place finally settling with an old adult female known merely by Miss Eva. Mattie spoiled her boy, Basil, rotten. Any small smiling or whimper was plenty to acquire Mattie to undermine into his selfish wants. Mattie s extraordinary love, comfort, and attention blowback when Basil skipped bond and left Mattie with no topographic point to populate and no topographic point to travel except Brewster Place.

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Etta Mae Johnson was a fast adult female populating the fast life. She was a kid from Rock Vale, Tennessee who decided to acquire out and happen a adult male that could back up her and demo her the good life. This was known to the occupants of Brewster and upon her return she was greeted with the same rustle and deficiency of regard that she had come to ca

ll common with regard to the people s attitude towards her. Despite how she may look on the outside, as a adult female traveling from metropolis to metropolis, trailing adult male after adult male, Etta Mae does

non desire that life. She is representative of the yearss when a adult female believed that she could pull a adult male that would do her a queen and promote her to the position of the upscale adult females populating luxuriously.

Mattie and Etta Mae shared a similar circumstance that led them back to Brewster Place. Both had jobs with good-for-nothing work forces who finally put them back on the street with merely the walled-off, dead terminal street to look to. For Mattie, it was Basil, and for Etta Mae, it was her latest fellow. However, the manner that they took this was merely the opposite. Mattie became mother to the people on Brewster. She was a strong adult female who didn t necessitate a adult male and held her caput high even still. Etta Mae nevertheless, still keeping strong to her dream, pursued a outstanding curate who left her with nil more than the soap and matchbook from the local motel.

Etta Mae Johnson and Mattie Michael took two distinguishable roads that both led to Brewster Place. Mattie s dream, to hold person to ever necessitate her, resulted in a spoilt and troubled boy who left her high and dry when she needed him most. Etta Mae s dream of a adult male that would brush her off her pess left her vulnerable to anyone that could demo her a good clip. However they shared a common bond of support, Etta Mae wanted it, and Mattie had to give it. The ensuing combination spawned a permanent friendly relationship, doubtless the strongest relationship depicted on Brewster Place.



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