The finish selling program will be based on a little island, which is non even seeable on the universe map, called Mauritius. It is a volcanic island of lagunas and beaches in the Indian Ocean, it is known for its stableness and racial harmoniousness among its blend of population. It is an island situated at approximately 900 kilometers east of Madagascar and about 3,943 kilometers south-west of India. ( Blunt 2005 )

It has more that 150 kilometers of beaches and the laguna is protected by the universe ‘s 3rd largest coral reef. Its population is estimated to 1,2 million which forms a blend of civilizations from India, Africa, Europe and China.

Mauritius was discovered by a Lusitanian crewman, Don Pedro Mascarenhas. It was occupied by the Dutch ( 1598 – 1710 ) , French ( 1715 – 1810 ) and British ( 1810 – 1968 ) . It gained its independency on the 12th March 1968 and its Republic position on 12th March 1992. It has a democracy based on the British democracy. The currency used there is the Mauritanian Rupee, made up of 100cents and its capital metropolis is Port Louis. The Mauritanian economic system is dependent upon the fabric, touristry and sugar industry.

Presently the finish is pulling tourer chiefly from European Countries and the finish ‘s current mission to maintain its loyal client and promote in states where people are non cognizant of Mauritius as a tourer finish. They want to keep the image of Mauritius as being a “ Eden ” to their current markets.

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The Destination would desire to recover the Gallic market following the chikunguya disease, to pull more tourers from American states and go the figure one tourer finish in the Indian Ocean.

Jobber ( 2004:210 ) defines cleavage as the “ designation of persons or organisations with similar features that have important deductions for the finding of selling scheme ” . In other words it means spliting a section into sub-segments because clients differ in gustatory sensations, demands, attitudes, life styles, household size and composing. Identifying these submarkets will assist the finish to function its clients with similar demands expeditiously and efficaciously. The more a finish knows about its clients the better they will be able to fulfill their demands. A section is identified by spliting them harmonizing to the intent of travel, the purchaser ‘s need/motivations and benefits sought, the purchaser ‘s behavior, their psychographic profile, the monetary value of the ticket and the demographic, economic and geographic profile.

The identified sections for Mauritius were people aged 25 and upwards with a medium to high income per twelvemonth, because the monetary value of a ticket for the finish is around ?600 – ?700 and the life rhythm identified was freshly married twosomes, full nest II, empty nest I and empty nest II. It has been found that it is largely leisure tourers that come to the finishs and their motive honeymoon, immature married couple seeking Eden for their honeymoons, looking for a quiet topographic point, this applies to retired people, households willing to get away the European winter and seeking sea and beach vacation, persons seeking for water- athleticss and tourer coming for cultural involvement. Most of the tourers coming to Mauritius are Loyal and pass a batch during their stay. Regarding monetary value, tourers are rather sensitive to this variable when the monetary value is high less tourist travel to the finish when the monetary value is reduced more tourers travel. Price is besides an index of the sensed quality, so when playing with the monetary value variable one should be careful of the quality that it is traveling to reflect.

Market Positioning

Position is about the sensed image of the finish by clients compared to other nearby finishs. Customer ‘s has this perceived image of Mauritius being Eden when they look at the booklet and see the white sandy beaches and the turquoise ocean. This sensed image would assist to do the island the figure one finish in the Indian Ocean.

Marketing Mix/branding image

The selling mix is defined as a combination of governable variables that can be used to accomplish the coveted degrees of gross revenues in mark markets. This combination is known as the 4 Ps, which includes merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and publicity.


In footings of the touristry industry, the merchandise covers the complete experience from the clip a tourer reaches their finish to the clip he/she leaves. Therefore the touristry merchandise is a mixture of attractive force and installations at the finish, installation and finish. The function of selling is to increase consciousness of the merchandise, better their presentation and their bringing to clients. One has to bear in head that when a client buys a touristry merchandise they are really purchasing the outlook of benefits ; it is the benefits that are the merchandise. Thus the merchandise should fit client ‘s demands.

The touristry merchandise comprises of five constituents:

Finish attractive forces and environment

Finish installations and services

Handiness of the finish

Images of the finish

Monetary value to the consumer ( Middleton 1994 )

The finish ‘s attack to the merchandise mix will be making a market research to see what client perceptual experiences of the merchandise are and used the information run into their demands. It can besides be done on non-users to see what attractive force or installations the finish will necessitate to construct up. To pull more clients the finish will present bundles made by circuit operators such as when tourers remaining in certain hotels they will hold free admittance at certain attractive force. This type of bundle will peculiarly accommodate households. Widening the use of the merchandises will assist to accomplish this scheme every bit good, such as offering one free dark to clients if they are remaining for a weekend. The finish could besides present an air hose, like Ryanair in Europe, which would make flights in the Indian Ocean merely, such as flights from Mauritius to other island in the Indian Ocean at a low monetary value.

Monetary value

Tourism concerns deal with different sections at the same clip and they often use different monetary value for the different sections. Pricing is a really complex determination due to the high grade of competition and the inaccuracy in prediction degrees of demand. It may change non merely because of the industry ‘s features but besides due to other factors such as conditions, terrorist act and work stoppages. There exists no cosmopolitan manner of pricing, monetary value will ever change. Pricing Acts of the Apostless as an index of quality, therefore it can be used to measure quality before purchase.

The features that affect pricing are the undermentioned:


Intensive capital investing

Cost of intensive staff employed

Customer ‘s features

Sing pricing the finish will utilize a low pricing scheme at the beginning to promote long-term demands, gaining control market portion from rivals and deter any possible new entrant to come in the market. If it is observed that there is a high proportion frequent client, this means that the clients are satisfied with the merchandise and client trueness has been created. Then monetary value could be raised at a sensible degree to maximize net incomes. The monetary value could besides be lowered during off-peak season to pull client and non-users every bit good that could seek the finish. Particular monetary value could be given to freshly married twosomes for their honeymoon, if they did like the finish by word of oral cavity they will state it to their other friends who might utilize the finish for their honeymoons. ( Ernie 1992 )

Topographic point

Topographic point is the component of the selling mix which includes channel of distribution and physical distribution. Channel distribution includes circuit operators, retail merchants and travel agents. Channelss should be chosen harmonizing to the other the other three marketing mix. Choice of location, which is the point of sale, should be good located to increase the flow of clients ( Ernie 1992 )

Since we already know who our mark markets are the finish will take circuit operators which specialize in their mark market and travel bureaus that are located where their mark market are. For case if the finish is aiming at households they will take a travel agent that is specialize in that market and located in country where households live. Since the finish is taking at non- users they will hold to happen an operator in these states.


Promotion mix consists of four elements: advertisement, personal merchandising, promotion and gross revenues publicity. They are designed to make exhilaration and involvement about the finish. These elements should pass on similar, consistent and non-conflicting messages to each of their mark markets. ( Ernie 1992 )

The purpose of the finish is to increase advertisement in mark ‘s market states and in non-user ‘s states as good. Mass media advertisement and aggressive advertisement will be used to direct the message that Mauritius was made foremost and so heaven ; and that Eden was copied after Mauritius. This message will be sent through the usage of telecastings, wirelesss, newspapers and hoardings. Market research could be use here to see what image our mark markets have of the finish and utilize it for the advertisement. The finish will publicize in trade magazines to make circuit operators and travel agents. The finish will utilize travel agents as an mediator for personal merchandising and they could besides be used as a manner of advancing the finish. Using gross revenues publicity would assist to accomplish the aims mentioned earlier, the finish will utilize monetary value publicity, particular ware usage to advance the finish and familiarisation Tourss for travel agents. Price publicity could be used when there is festival traveling on at the finish, such as the Independence Day, which would include price reduction on attractive forces, eating houses and hotels. Selling ware such as Jerseies, key ironss and keepsakes will assist to advance the finish by word of oral cavity when tourers go back to their states, this might promote prospective clients to see the finish. Familiarization Tourss are free trips for travel agents to allow them see the tourer finish before the clients. This would be for travel agents runing in an country where there non-users of the finish, the travel agents would be able advise non-users on the finish. Promotional impact can be managed by carefully pull offing the four elements of the publicity mix.


Tourism Area life Cycle

Tourism Area Life rhythm a model construct by Buttler ( 1980 ) highlights the touristry attractive forces and resources of a peculiar state. It chiefly involves harmonizing to Butler ( 1980 ) a six phase development of touristry viz. geographic expedition, engagement, development, consolidation, stagnancy and station stagnancy. . Mauritius Island can be classified between a

Development phase and stagnancy in the TALC ( buttler 1980 ) more people are making Mauritius ( see tourer Arrival stats ) by old ages, more people discover the finish, and the word spreads about its attractive forces and the comfortss which are increased and improved ( development ) with the attack of the transporting capacity* ( define below following content ) stagnancy rise with the societal and environmental bounds. Buttler ( 1980 ) mentioned that a rise from Exploration to Stagnation happens really quickly, as implied by the exponential nature of the growing curve. As this is the instance for Mauritius in a rise of substructure, development in Technologies, bettering services for quality clients. For Instance transporting capacity clearly explains the remainder of the state of affairs.

Transporting Capacity

Definition of transporting capacity

Transporting capacity can be defined as “ the maximal figure of people who can utilize a site without an unacceptable diminution in the quality of experience gained by visitants ” ( karma ; 2001 65 ) .Lime ( 1976 ) points to a significant enlargement of the significance of transporting capacity – from a focal point on Numberss of visitants to the full subject of “ how to be after and pull off a peculiar diversion resource “ .

Findingss in Carrying capacity

Transporting capacities are normally determined for the planning country affecting characteristics of cardinal attractive forces, development sites and even the tourer theodolite point. The transporting capacity analysis connoting the establishment of upper bounds on development in other words, the figure of tourers in footings of yearss, feedbacks and market prognosiss, Furthermore, transporting capacities can be established both for the development every bit good as developed tourer finish. ( Kamra ; 2001:68 ) he besides argues that transporting capacity analyse most the figure of tourer reachings to the figure of dwellers in the finish country, in a consequence they found to be truly mensurating the elements of socio-cultural environment and physical. More elements such as economical and substructure issues are to be seen as a portion of the transporting capacity.

A beginning of pollution can be a beginning of major job in an environmental facet, for illustration the beaches in Mauritius are good preserved by the authorities and by the hotels themselves, pollution ( land ) might impact the touristry industry, if non taken into consideration it might ensue to a lessening in tourer reachings in the finish, this one major issue can be classified as being a physical more on that is the saving of wild life animate beings, the animate beings in Mauritius Island such as “ the sparrow hawk ” and the Mauritanian Parakeet are alone in the species, saving of those natural resources have big impacts on touristry industry. Economic benefits are largely important for the authorities of Mauritius, as this is touristry industry is being as a major beginning of income, touristry industry besides bring employment for the local communities for illustration hotel resorts have been built in the coastal countries.



SWOT, is a tool usage to measure the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the finish. The purpose of SWOT is to insulate the cardinal environmental factors that are of import to the finish.


Distinctive and alien environment

Mauritius is known for its alien environment and its natural park.

The gap up of new hotels

Recently in Mauritius there a batch of new hotels opening up, this is an advantage for the island because now they accommodate more tourers than earlier.

High buying power for tourers

?1 = Rs 63.6447, which means that with ?1 UK tourer could more things in Mauritius than in their state. ( Anon 2006 )

Excellent service provided by hotels

The tropical island is non besides known for its physical plus but besides for the high quality service provided by hotels. ( Anon 2005 )



Recently in Mauritius there has been a disease, chikunguya, which is caused by mosquito bites and because of this the figure of Gallic tourer has declined.

Language Barrier

Although the official linguistic communication is English, non all Mauritanian speak English and

It is difficult for tourer to pass on since most of the tourers are English speech production.

Long haul flights

– The flights to Mauritius from Europe, America and Asiatic states is a 12hr flight, which is really exhausting.


Exploit Golf tourer market

It has notice that golf tourer spend a batch when they come to Mauritius, thereby Mauritius attempt to pull more golf tourer to maximize their grosss.

Growth in Spa touristry

New air paths such as flight to Russia has been unfastened therefore making a new market and if exploited sagely could convey in more grosss for the island.

Addition in the figure of flight to Mauritius

– There are now two new air hoses making the flights to Mauritius, TUIfly Nordic and Corsairfly. ( Chateau 2006 )



Future competition from the environing islands might be an issue ; Mauritius will hold to happen a manner of deriving the competitory advantage over them.


Following the tsunami that hit Indonesia in December there were some minor effects felt in Mauritius. Since that clip there are still some tourers that feel it is insecure to see the island. ( Anonb 2006 )


Mauritius Island has the best possible ability to go the innovator in Tourism industry in the Indian Ocean, The Government of Mauritius understand really good the importance of Tourists for the Economy, the betterment of the Hotels substructure is to be made ( now in procedure 2008-2010 undertaking ) , the saving of the wildlife park such as the rare animate beings and rare workss species, the debut of a new airdrome besides under future planning of the Government, the size of tourers reachings is increasing with old ages and several price reductions on Air Menus are available.

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