Intro/attention getter: What do the Great Wall of China. Eiffel Tower. The Pyramids. and the Mayan Ruins in Tikal have in common? They are all manmade admirations located around the Earth. In order to see any of these you have to travel outside the boundary lines of the United States. Intro: In today’s society people are invariably busy with school. work. and mundane life. These activities make it difficult to believe that the image on the calendar can be your following finish. The cupboard admiration. merely a two hr flight from Miami. are the Mayan ruins in Tikal. So why non catch your passport. baggage. and take a trip to beautiful Guatemala! ( Youtube cartridge holder ) Specific intent: At the terminal of my address today the audience will experience persuaded to take a trip to Guatemala. Credibility statement: Having a first individual experience going to Guatemala six times on mission trips to assist construct schools. provender kids. interact with the locals. and of class cheque out every bit much scenery as possible. I believe I can assist you understand why everyone should do this trip. Preview of three chief points:

* Scenery
* Food
* The experience

The first ground you should see Guatemala is its dramatic scenery. A. Flying into Guatemala you have a bird’s oculus position of the flaxen coastline. dramatic volcanic mountains. and exuberant wood. 1. Guatemalan beaches are brilliant. The black volcanic sand at the underside of your pess and the cool haste of the Pacific Ocean waves eventually makes that calendar image a world. Guatemala doesn’t have really many beaches but you don’t want to lose out on the few they have. If you enjoy surfing. catch a board and sit the moving ridges everyone is get downing to speak about or you can catch your towel and merely loosen up in the tropical Sun. 2. In the Guatemala Highlands are many of Guatemala’s 37 vents. A hiking up one of these vents merely takes a few hours but will stay a life 3. Hidden among the exuberant wood of Guatemala are the Mayan ruins of Tikal. My 2nd favourite ground for sing Guatemala is the nutrient! A. Guatemalan nutrient is everything you’d hope to anticipate and more! It’s a dainty for your gustatory sensation buds. “Grilled beef. poulet Rice. beans. tortillas. tropical fruit. and fresh veggies are some of the standard nutrients that travellers can anticipate in Guatemala.

A few Mexican dishes such as Tamales and enchiladas are besides common. ” Harmonizing to Adventure-Life. com. 1. The standard Guatemalan breakfast that is inspired by the Mayan civilization consisted of eggs. plantains. black beans. white cheese. flour tortillas. plentifulness of fresh fruit and veggies. and you can complete it off with a fresh cup of java from Antigua. Breakfast is the figure one repast of the twenty-four hours and Guatemalans start it off right. 2. Lunch and dinner are really similar. Lunch normally consists of poulet. rice. and leafy vegetables or you could replace the poulet for some hot fresh soup. Dinner ever has some kind of meat whether it is inside a soup or plated with black beans. guacamole. and rice. Both repasts are ever prepared with fresh ingredients bought directly from the husbandmans market and leave you desiring more. 3. Beverages are present at every repast. A good cup of Guatemalan java or Rosa de Jamaica. which is a hibiscus tea. are popular picks. If fresh squeezed fruit juice doesn’t fulfill your thirst so possibly an ice cold Coca-Cola made with existent sugar will or a chilled bottle of Guatemalans favourite beer. Gallo. The culinary art of Guatemala is an exceeding dainty you won’t acquire in the States.

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