With the emerging diversities and competency in the current work environment, there is a need for each one to constantly meet these challenges and improve. There must be an effort to constantly reinforce skills and expertise to remain adaptive and competitive among our counterparts. Moreover, this pursuit must also go hand-in-hand with the appropriate personality of an individual by using various assessment models. In the end, all these things can be used as an instrument towards the decision to pursue further education and development. With this, I present my intention to apply for an MBA degree in your University

            I do believe that it takes an amount of perseverance and effort to attain the goals and objectives that we aspire in life. It helps us captivate and influence us in overcoming any obstacles or hurdles that life may bestow. In addition, it provides us with the strength to continuously stand up and follow the path that we choose to take. With these experiences, it provides us insight that facilitates a learning curve which we acquire the future decisions in our lives. With this, I constantly embrace the new opportunities that may before my life and treat each one as a sign for self progress.

            Since I was young, my family has always been a source of inspiration for me. They helped me dream and aspire for what I wanted to be. With their love and care, I began to cultivate my own ideals and values. I used it as a building block as I engaged in my education and experiences in life. With the sudden death of my oldest brother in 2000, it shocked my whole family as I felt his loss. However, I used this incident to make me stronger in life. In addition, I made a promise to my parents to be the best in everything that I do; an adage I carry and practice up to the present.

            Now, being 24 years of age, the ambition to continuously develop still emanate in me as I develop my own personal goals. With the rising responsibilities behind my back, I need to rise above these challenges and be of control with the things that I do. With my marriage going strong for two years, I use my wife and my kid as source of inspiration in every decision that I do. It is my intention to give them the best life I could possibly do. They are the ones that made me strong even if the problems keep on pressing me down. It is through their support and presence that I had found a new resolve to fight everyday.

            The application into MBA School has been a hard thought decision for me. It took years of pondering before I finally decided that it is due time that I take one. I consider this initiative as a step further in advancing my career as a professional and at the same time a good investment for myself and my family. However, I understand that to be capable to be included in the roster of post-graduate students, I must have the necessary amount of proficiency and experience to shoulder the tasks and curriculum embedded in the system. Due to this, I wish to share my relative strengths that can land me that spot I desire.

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            Looking at my educational background, I acquired my bachelor’s degree in Business a few years back with the help of my parents. During these years, I had been immersed with the different theories and concepts surrounding business. It is with the tutelage of my professors that I was able to effectively use these ideas in my different professions. Moreover, I had also involved myself to various organizations and groups. This enabled me to widen my horizons into social relationships that paved for a good foundation in communicating with other people. Though there are relative problems and obstacles along the way, my college life was relatively nourishing and captivating.

            As I went on to become a professional, I was able to apply the concepts I had learned in college in the real scenarios. Also, having knowledge about my personality via numerous assessments has instilled in me my relative strengths that I can use in my work. Previously, I had the privilege of working in New Balance shoes as a manager and a teller at a bank. These events have given me an essential underpinning of the things I had learned in the past. Also, it catered a boost of my competency in leadership skills that is vital in the attainment of my goals and objectives. Lastly, these positions functioned to amplify my status as a professional. I am proud that I had started from a low position and strived to reach a managerial status during my career.

            Recognizing the importance of individual personality in professional work, I took the Jungian self assessment test to determine what my type is. After answering the questions, I got a score that can be related to INTP. In a nutshell, INTP people have the tendency to look things logically and in perspective by rationalizing every action that is made (Personality Info, 2007). Moreover, “they often seek to understand the full complexity of any situation and enjoy solving difficult intellectual problems” (Team Technology, 1998). Lastly, the traits associated with this category involve (1) flexibility, (2) openness, (3) adaptability, (4) quiet and (5) detached (Quiz Stop, 2008). Applying this to my own practice, I do feel that I am an INTP type of person. The actions and decision making that I commit correspond to the rational choice of doing things. Likewise, I tend to treat problems as caused by issues and concepts not addressed appropriately. The mindset about equity and appropriate distribution towards people also are part of the process of my involvement and work.

            With all of these, I do feel that my personality fits the overall scope of the MBA degree. This course trains individuals to use data and facts to support decision making processes with the least available risks. By considering my application, I can better augment all my current skills and expertise and at the same time focus on my weaknesses as an individual. My name is Amy Kay; a motivated and competent woman ready to take the challenges ahead.


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