In MIMIC practice I learned many things, as usual we didn’t knew about what it will be the scenario in the drill. In the drill there were different kinds of multiple Injuries out which required training We practiced In different places for example we did a review for our skills In practice room and divided 4 groups each doing skill’s for example one group reviewed how to check Blood Pressure (BP) for each other, the second group practiced on how to bandage different parts of the body.

The third group practiced on the removal of the patient from the car by using the Kindlier Excoriation Device (KED) or by doing rapid excoriation. The last group practiced to splint and used the spider straps. During the training session we went to the open Just before the mall MIMIC drill to get some handover experience. The scene we got in the training session was a man trapped in between two cars and in each car were one patient lying unconscious. We treated the first car with KED and backboard for the second along with standing implosion.

Moreover, we also went to the ambulance department which is located in Warsaw area and did some drills with the professional medic people. They should the different kind of equipment used for the scene and explain the Importance of It In he actual MAC We also did few. At the end, we got some feedback and advice from leader of disaster team Our-an AY Balloons), which was very kind of him sharing his expertise. After the MIMIC drill This year the MIMIC was about two cars and student bus Inside the college.

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As we know in each MIMIC, there is an incident commander who controls the scene. On our arrival to the scenario we first checked if the scene is safe or not. After we secured the scene, we are suppose to triages the patients ,transfer the patient to the treatment area according to the triage result (red,yellow,green) and the from the treatment area we were then had to transfer the patient In to the ambulance and take them to the nearest hospital. As we know when It comes to Incident scene not everything goes according to plan and there will always be on the spot decision making.

During our MIMIC drill this year we mainly faced problems with the triage tags. Some of cards did not had the required vitals signs displayed, which was crucial in order to disclose the patient’s priority whether it was red, yellow or green. Due to incomplete triage cards my Job was doubled which was the safe transportation transfer of the patient from the scene to the treatment area or from the treatment area to the nearest hospital. Approach in our MIMIC drill.

Another disappointed our team faced was that we were training the patients in a specific area and focusing in the same area rather then approaching the other patients which were scattered all over the scene. Overall treatment area was good, and after they got treated from the treatment area, they were transferred to the hospital. The ambulance and the students who were in charge of the transportation did not knew where the nearest hospital was and rather got confused and took more time to come back and take more patients from the treatment area.

This issue was noticed by the high committee teachers who observing the students and assessing them. Conclusion Therefore I learned in the MIMIC is to first secure the scene before dealing with the patients. After securing, triage the patient, Recheck the triage tags and make sure that the necessary requirements are complete. The good think that I achieved and engaged to do responsibly during the MIMIC drill was taking care of 6 patients all the way from the treatment area to the hospital, which was my Job.

I can improve myself by first training the patients and then transfer them because by proper triage the procedure will fasten and this escalating can cut time which will therefore transfer a patient quickly with the proper information to the hospital so that the doctor can take proper care of the patient after I have transferred him from the treatment area the hospital. By doing this will increase the probability of patient’s survival


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