Meaning of the literary terms

Plot – A plot can be described as an outline of a story or idea around which the whole story revolves. In other words it is the sequence of events that make a story.

Point of View – It is the viewpoint of an author or an extension of what he / she feels. It is the vision of an author through which the readers interpret the story that is being narrated.

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Character – This means the person that the author has created in his story to bring forward his point of view. There are several characters in a story, which together contribute in the formation of the story.

Setting – It is the circumstances, location and time in which the story takes place. It can also be described as the backdrop of any fictional or non-fictional work.

Imagery – This is a technique through which the author creates different images or the memory of the five senses in the minds of the readers. The author does this with the help of the figures of speech like personification, assonance, metaphors, similes etc.

Language – It is a medium through which an author puts forward or communicates one’s point of view, vision or story to his / her readers.

Theme – This is the unifying idea of a story or an integration of different issues presented in the story.

Symbolism – It is a trick of adding meanings to actions, situations, persons or objects, other than what their literal meaning is.


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