The initiative to change and create better opportunities for your career has always prompted me to engage in numerous tasks. Such ideas have brought me to finish nursing as a degree and now continue pursuing a degree in medicine. I had selected the field of medicine because of my untiring passion to provide better outcomes of patients. The role of nurses, though important in nature, now seems inadequate for my part. I want to create opportunities for cure and treatment. By having a degree in medicine, I can actively facilitate such methods.

            Seeing this, the will to learn more and develop holistically is what motivates me to study medicine. I believe that my experience in the field can also help me sustain the trials and challenges brought about by course. In addition to that, my experience and background as an ER technician and a nurse can prove to be beneficial my education. Coming across different areas of science has made me dynamic in nature and capable of handling any challenges that may come across my studies.

            If given the chance, I feel that I can be a vital contributor to a hospital I work. My continuous passion to learn and develop has never hindered me from becoming a good doctor especially to patients who need drastic help. In addition, I am committed in creating and facilitating better opportunities for patients who need my medical attention. Though there may occur challenges in my profession, I shall take it in a positive manner and learn lessons out of it.

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            I am Randa Beydoun and I hope that you consider my application in your university. I had been given the opportunity to apply at your institution. Being a nurse has always been a fulfilling and entertaining profession, but now I must take another step towards my career and create better opportunities for myself. It is through this desire for betterment that I urge you to accept my application.


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