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The relationship of art and culture to society

The society is the referred as a group people of sharing a common identity and a sense of belonging but the criteria used to tell that the people have something in common is their culture and with it comes the art.

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The art defines the culture and the culture in turn defines the society. The art of a society ensures that the people have a life style that supports their physical needs as well as emotions and psychological. The way houses are built in a given society as their way of showing their arts and behind it there are a lot of social offers attached to this way of making a house. The class of the person building the house is measured by the art used to make the building as stratification is a phenomena is the human society since time immemorial in today’s society , sky scrapper are the in thing to the rich while the middle class can afford bungalows and the low class live in flats and apartments furthermore the people living below the poverty line display arts of shacks- it’s the culture today the who is who in the society is showcased using the arts he or she can afford.

Art has is playing a major role in t he society by defining another basic need to of the human kind- clothes fashion industry has gone to higher heights more than its even been with professional models strutting the artfully made outfits clothes too are influential in judging the personalities of the members of the society as well as the financial ability of one.

A liberalized segment of people who are used to gauge what is in or out are the famous. The kind of art they uphold to be used in making their outfits goes platinum in the market. Art has created a click of a people who are making a professional living out of it not only through construction of buildings and designing clothes but also through teaching the people about the varying arts of different societies through showcasing the numerous cultures of the art is propelling the society to higher heights of new horizons with new creative look hitting the market everyday.

Technology is an outcome of skills of art and the social needs that needs to met. It has seen the invention of complex machines that are meant to make the society an easier and comfortable place to live. The life of a society is developed by the arts concepts that ensure that all the shortcomings of a society are met using the knowledge of arts culture and art are intertwined because out of their attachment to the society. A clean picture of the society picture of the society. Culture tells the traditions and practices of a society which reflected in various way and one of the m ajor channels of showcasing of a societies culture is the use of the community’s arts because this aspect of the people carry’s with it uniqueness that tells the origins and values of a given society. The archeologist are known to study the culture of a society by use of excavated artistic materials. T he history of human origin has been brought to book using the arts that were found in the sutes that were believed to have belonged to the human society- economic activities as well as social activities are part of a culture yet these are aspects that are clearly depicted by acts. Women are known to be associated with house hold arts such as knitting and cookery. This tells much about the culture because as the women works in the house the man goes out to use his arts else where for instance farming or doing business. The culture of such company is clearly shown that the gender roles divided using this criteria.

Culture strengthens the value attached to the society’s art. The positive oriented works are highly recognized unlike the arts that puts the people down or are gender insensitive in this era of gender equality. This has seen the upcoming of art gallenes where people shop for this art pieces. Culture is portrayed in the contents of arts with the people using their works to show what the society is going through for instance the m modern culture of rulers who dictate upon their subjects is under siege through the use arts like cartoons and written works which cutic such leaders. In addition art in the modern society has brought the importance of education to the people and schooling is a culture that has taken full credit in the modern setting of a society. People are learning various arts in addition to what they have from their native societies such the art of reading and writing and also how to handle various artistic inventions that are in use in the present society. This has resulted to uniting the whole world as a single society sharing various that’s of values and encompassing them in to one cultural society with a similar perception and bringing them closer into feeling like a close knit community.

In absence of art the culture is hollow and the in absence of culture, the art becomes just a piece flocking work. The past makes of culture and society. This like that continues to wear out as the people continue embracing changes.

Arts, culture and in relation to the society are elements that continue to change everyday. The strength of the past arts change and a new style sets in as is the case of fashion and feeds. This is based on the metempoisis the culture itself is going through, new concepts are discovered and engraved in the societies culture beliefs and with that a new ware of out sties preference set in. The need to make life easier and comfortable the critical desire of human beings to disassociate with un-civilization can be recognized as the elites of the present in contributing this.  Age is another factor that is influencing the image of the art and culture of the society, a new version un-similar to older group.

Exposure determines the kind of art and culture a society has not to mention the affluent and readily available source of various features that portray the faces of society’s culture and art. The medic with this art has found another definition and the cultural pace is defined by medic. Autistic creations have created entertainment and careers in the society and brought sub- cultures like the musicians actors and actresses as well as film makers who use the society to make works that highlight the arts and these cultures harts of human kind.

Media has also created a global culture of dressing.  A good example is the Rastafarian music lovers spread through the media.  This people have one same culture that is universal of instance they have a common hair style of dreadlocks and four  common colors are red, green, yellow and black.  They also believe in jagging or drooping trousers.  Local dressing identities hence are seen to have been tampered with.  Language identities hence are seen to have been media makings.  There are words that can never be found in any dictionary or any local language vocabularies yet music lovers can communicate and understand each other through use of such language i.e. ‘veve’ is a universal word that means———–.  If one does speak this language then he or she is automatically backward or from the village.

When it comes to greetings media has also come with a style of greeting that seems unusual to the minority people who are not in the world of music.  Since time immemorial each and every culture had its local way of greeting.  For instance the Maasai in Kenya had their interesting but reassured and recognized way to greeting for instant the young person was meant to give the elderly person his or her head which the elder was supposed to kiss.  According to the Buganda in Uganda, a woman was meant to kneel down before a man while greeting.  All this has been wiped away by the coming of media.


Art and culture are important part of a society. They help the society to progress and enable the dwellers of a given community feel a sense of oneness as they share their artistic knowledge and culture values.

Art should be preserved tirelessly in order to keep the history of a given society alive and memoirs written to preserve the cultural practices. The people should not object change and instead let it be a part of their lives and use it to shape their art and culture without causing the turmoil that a society get into what it conflicts with the how ideas.


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