In a fast phased world that we are currently into there are a lot of things that are subjected to innovations and modernity. These shifts of system was brought about by globalization per se and given this note, there are a lot of contributing elements which make a huge transformation not only with the system of our realm but above all, it depicts a colossal percentage in our individuality.

            Media has been considered as one of the great ingredients in building a persona since it has a huge say towards the common people. All the fascination of information was mainly brought to us by our media source – may it be on radio, broadsheets, and television.

            Indeed, television is one of the essential contributors of knowledge hand in hand with the greatest lessons we could possibly pick up as we watch as certain show. Take for instance the Gossip Girl, a TV series wherein it characterized different facets of life in a world of teenage kiddos. It was deeply felt on the series how a teenage life goes with all the challenges in their early lives such as relationship with family, friends, and even experiencing to get in love.

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            “Due to those very same omissions, distortion, inaccuracy and bias in the US mainstream media, it is difficult for the average American citizen to obtain an open, objective view of many of the issues that involve the United States” (Shah, 2007), for this matter United States has been very outspoken nowadays to different portrayals of media which truly can contribute to the knowledge of its people. It is good to take note how these media portrayals truly evoke a sense of direction to an individual and with this, it could also be an eye opener to most of the people having been equipped with the circumstances of life such as with the story in Gossip Girl. This could truly have a local applicability in the realm that we are currently into. The realization that life can be tough even when we are younger has been properly depicted in the story, thus, at some point we could be enlighten by this fact.


Anup Shah, article on Media in the United States, April 1, 2007


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