1. What is meant by the term media convergence with respect to engineering. and how has it affected mundane life? Honestly from my point of position I was ne’er cognizant of the phrase “convergence” until I was enrolled in my current HUM 176 category. Convergence is by and large classified as the transmittal and compatibility of assorted digital composings such as music. wireless. picture. images and informations through an array of electronic devices which include nomadic phones. telecasting. computing machines. and bet oning consoles. Along with this. convergence in a technological signifier can be acknowledged as the compatibility of informations among assorted computing machine platforms. Technological convergence becomes present when an plus that is dismissed portions or borrows legion factors and addendums other merchandises with the purposes of taking advantage and executing multiple maps. Harmonizing to the reading. Modern Media convergence has broadened in such a manner that the simple meeting of newer and older signifiers could be.

Furthermore. technological convergence has influenced the mundane life by impacting telecommunication. A good illustration of this would be categorized as “triple drama. ” In stating this many people entree the cyberspace by utilizing a DSL line that uses a peculiar IP reference and allows an mixture of options such as Internet Television whether it is free or on demand. voice telephone options such as Skype and other simple cyberspace services which include Facebook and Windows Live Messenger. These services allow an person to hold free sound and calls between users. I believe that our engineering has an utmost affect on mundane life. most of us would non cognize how to work without it. including myself. I ne’er thought I would depend so much on engineering. because I grew up in a clip without it.

2. What is meant by the term media convergence with respect to concern. and how has it affected mundane life? Media convergence in respects to concerns is define as “companies across the concern spectrum from media to telecommunications to engineering who have merged or formed strategic confederations in order to develop new concern theoretical accounts that can gain from the turning consumer outlook for “on demand” content” ( World Wide Web. Britannica. com ) . Surveies have shown that in the quickly underdeveloped universe of convergence engineering. content. and distributing are roll uping at a velocity that has ne’er been seen before. Consumers are now more educated on modern engineering and its distribution platforms and have actively decided to prosecute with media and advertisement in new ways.

Convergence decidedly has the ability to basically animate today’s concern maps. fueling a displacement towards consumers that connects them on this societal revolution. It has been proven that if a concern continues to encompass the thought of media convergence that there is a wealth of chances that would be available to them. With stating this little concerns have the ability to market globally thanks to the World Wide Web site. As the technological developments make convergence possible the media companies see this as a good chance for concerns to unite companies. One of the most evolving illustrations of convergence of corporate ownership happened in 2000 when Time Warner and AOL decided to unify. To be honest with you I truly don’t retrieve this being a large issue but it seems like from making excess reading yes the determination to unify has led companies to seek more net incomes through cost-cutting but at the same clip it has increased investing in communicating services.

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3. What are some of the issues that result from dependence on modern media? Describe at least three issues. ? One of the issues that became present as a consequence of modern media dependence would be |internet dependence. Internet dependence is characterized as a impulse control upset. which doesn’t involve the usage of drugs but can be compared to chancing. It’s typical for some cyberspace users to set up an emotional fond regard to their on-line friends and activities that they have brought to life on their computing machine screens. Internet users have the luxury of basking the characteristics of the cyberspace that allow them to meet. articulation. and exchange thoughts by the usage of confab suites. societal networking. web sites. or their practical communities. Other users spend hours upon hours researching subjects of their involvement through blogging. The true definition of blogging is when an single tends to post commentaries and maintain path of events.

Internet nuts use the “virtual fantasy” provided by the cyberspace to link with others as a permutation for the existent life human relationships. ? Another issue that has a toll on society in the media universe is cyber intimidation. For those who are non knowing on this term it is referred to as when a kid. preadolescent. or adolescent is tormented. humiliated. harassed. embarrassed or in other words targeted by another kid by utilizing the cyberspace. synergistic and digital engineerings. and nomadic phones. Many lives have been taken and destroyed due to immature people being so average to other kids. ? The concluding issue that I would wish to advert is the overload of multi-tasking. It’s really evident that holding all of your resources and the tip of your finger has become the manner of life today but surveies are demoing that this full overload is truly taking a toll on our encephalons. With all the overload focussing is one the elements that we are sing a decline in.

4. How does media literacy aid with responsible media ingestion? For those who are non cognizant media literacy is the ability to understand precisely how aggregate media plants. produces their significances. how they are organized. and how to utilize the beginnings sagely. It has the ability to utilize enquiries based on an educational theoretical account that pushes persons to inquire inquiries about what they see. hear. and read. Media literacy provides instruments to assist people critically analyze messages to separate propaganda. censoring. and prejudice in intelligence and public personal businesss programming. Furthermore. media literacy aims to enable the people of today to go really tactful Godheads and manufacturers of media messages by supplying an understanding. every bit good as to develop independent media. This construct has expanded beyond conceptualisation of literacy.

By transforming the procedure of media ingestion into an active and critical procedure people gain greater consciousness of the potency for fiction and use which is normally present in commercials and public dealingss techniques. As a consequence of this we now understand the function of mass media and participatory media has an consequence in building positions of world. Educators in this |field of media strive to turn to the balance between protections and authorization. They emphasize the demand to be cognizant of the negative facets of mass media. Even though it pays to knowledgeable of the technological progresss as persons we need to measure on how the negatives facets every bit good. To each its ain but I feel like in a sense people are truly taking advantage of a good thing and mistreating it.


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