The media. and Hollywood in peculiar. stand for one avenue in which the general public becomes familiar with the function of nurses. How does the media positively or negatively act upon the public’s image of nursing? What other avenues may break educate the general populace on the function and range of nursing every bit good as the altering wellness attention system? In Media. the depicting of nurses vary inaccurately in forepart of the sing audience. The dominant image of nurse has ever remained stereotype to bulk of the viewing audiences. In telecasting nurses are tend to be merely assistants of the doctor in infirmary but in existent life and state of affairs its wholly different. In Television series named Grey anatomy and house it is represented that nurse are incapacitated. incompetent and doctor are given a epic image as stand foring triage medicine disposal. supplying psychosocial support. but in existent universe. it’s the nurse who do the above stated factor.

However the gray anatomy doesn’t reference anything about it. its nurse a who has a premier function in giving a entire patient attention and to be with patient 24 * 7 The medical media play has ever shown physician as a dominant. at top notch equivalent to god and salvaging life of patient and nurses are comparatively low skilled and differential to physician. As nurse are set to be feminine extremes as categortrized into blue nurse and in thoughtful words of X description. But in contrary its contrary and nurse are seen independent in determination devising for nurses expertise in medical specialty. public wellness and progress research. Experts have an apprehension that media merely undermine nursing profession and do non concentrate in wellness development issues and action in relation to it. As lone authorities and university conceptualize it in last. In today extremely equipped media universe. nursing focus many issue like staff deficit. hapless working status. low wage in high duty environment and many more which is non visualized. The factors has wholly undervalued nurses looking at them as uneducated.


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