Media Lab 3 Q 1

            In the present, the aspect of health science has significantly transformed enabling the professionals involved in this field to infinite possibilities towards achieving effectiveness in their ideal function. These changes is mainly influenced by the technological innovations and development that produce complicated treatments, examination, medication, and others to promote the health interest of the people. One particular health concept that is enabled due to the significant technological advancement is the approach of genetic counseling which transcends the barriers of problem determination and medication in the concern of health concern.

            Genetic counseling is mainly the health strategy of determining the likely health problems and ailments of an individual from the early stages of prenatal period. This approach is mainly based on the study of the genetic composition of the person involved, his or her family health history, and the genetic makeup of critical health problems. On personal opinion, the author of this paper particularly view this health approach to be very advantageous for each individual thus, should be accomplished by every parent based on their concern for their children. On some opinion, the approach of genetic counseling could be considered as mainly a guide yet, its intention of providing critical health assistance through early detection is significantly important. Adhering or even just considering the assumptions derived from this examination would not actually hinder normal life development but would only prevent certain abnormalities thus, people should consider the guidance if offers. In particular, consider the health condition called sickle-cell disease which can be early detected by genetic counseling, detection of this problem would critical pave window to its early control and treatment thus, benefiting the involved individual. In general, genetic counseling offers the possibility for early detection thus, giving important knowledge and awareness for the involved individual and his or her family about the health condition leading to its effective control and treatment.

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