Media Lab 3 Q 2

            In the aspect of health management, the role of detection manifests to be a significant part on the effectiveness concern of the process. In this aspect, awareness towards the health condition of an individual and the possibilities of disease and problems increases the benefits of the concern towards treatment, prevention, health condition maintenance. In the field of health ailment detection, scientist in the present utilizes the modern technological advancement to promote the range of this health concern enabling them to determine genetic composition and similarities with critical health disease. Most of these diseases detected through genetic study are those involving hereditary characteristics shared within family lineage affected by the lifestyle, diet, and activities of each individual. In this concern, awareness regarding the health condition is indeed advantageous towards the approach of effective treatment for the said health problem.

            Employing the technological advancement of the present health science and genetic study, the health community is able to determine as early as prenatal stages the possible health problems of an individual. In particular, the process of genetic counseling ponders more on the likelihood of disease occurrence in an individual considering his or her family background and genetic makeup. Personally, the author of this paper view this health approach to be highly beneficial and advantageous wherein if involved in a theoretical circumstance, this author would be much in favor of the examination process. The result of this kind of health examination is indeed significant throughout the life course of a person enabling him or her to be aware of his or her physical situation and problems that he or she likely to encounter. From this knowledge, the involved individual can plan out ahead of his or her actions towards addressing the health condition, preventing its adverse manifestations, and possibly maintaining it a bay in terms of its influence towards the growth and development of the individual. In general, awareness and understand regarding the health condition and characteristics of each individual is considered to be the most effective and efficient approach towards treatment, prevention, and proper health maintenance.

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Harper, Peter S. (2004). Practical Genetic Counselling. A Hodder Arnold Publication. 6th Edition. ISBN-10: 034081196X.


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