Marijuana is a really outstanding and controversial issue in society today. Although many calumniatory claims have been made about hemp in recent history. the truths are easy get downing to resurface. Unfortunately. these truths are under heavy unfavorable judgment due to the stereotyped position of what people view as the typical “pot tobacco user. ” This skewed perceptual experience of a lazy and unmotivated American is the consequence of over 70 old ages of propaganda and misinformation spread by private involvements who relied on illegal hemps illegal from their ain personal additions.

As a marijuana consumer and a current medical marihuana patient. I strongly believe that marihuana should be legalized for all users. Presently in the United States today. marihuana is prohibited by federal jurisprudence and has been a subject of controversial argument since the start of the prohibition. There are several. of import grounds for the legalisation of marihuana. including research refering these issues are good in understanding both sides of the argument. The consequence of get rid ofing our country’s marihuana prohibition by back uping legalisation will excite the economic system. to demo the medical belongingss. and lower the offense rate.

The legalisation of marihuana has both positive and negative results ; although. the benefits of legalisation outweigh the hazards of the negative impacts. Marijuana is a natural works with psycho-active belongingss that is normally used by Americans as a recreational drug. Additionally. marihuana has been used for medical intent for 1000s of old ages. Records show that “A indigen of cardinal Asia. hemp may hold been cultivated every bit much as 10 thousand old ages go. It was surely cultivated in China by 4000 B. C. and Turkestan by 3000 B. C. ” ( Grinspoon 3 ) . Furthermore. from 1900 to 1940. marihuanas. including opium and cocaine were considered portion of mundane drugs. As clip went on. the U. S. cracked down on cleft and opium. finally criminalizing them. nut continued to be really “loose” with the usage of marihuana. Finally. as clip continued to turn over on. the usage of marihuana became “frowned upon. ”For case. marihuana was made illegal and the U. S. authorities became really rigorous with cannabis Torahs.

This began around the 80’s and so started to go progressively worse. Then. around the late 90’s and early 2000’s. scientific surveies started to bring forth jaw-dropping consequences. Scientists started to detect that marihuana can significantly assist people that have become ill. Medical marihuana has been tested to assist people with cataracts. malignant neoplastic disease and terrible depression merely to call a few ( Zeese ) . States wanted to merely do medical marihuanas legal so it may assist vomit people. but the authorities did non desire any signifier of marijuana legal. The jurisprudence that was known throughout the United States was any signifier of marihuana was illegal. But now with this new find. physicians in provinces across the state wanted legalisation of marihuana.

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The first province to let the usage of medical marihuana was California in 1996 ( Zeese ) . The lone distribution of medical ; marijuana though is through the recommendation of a certified physician. Other provinces began to follow in the footfalls of California such as Arizona and Colorado. One thing led to the following and now there is up to fourteen provinces that have legalized the distribution of marihuana medically. with many more to come. These provinces allowed the usage of medical marihuana to assist people with anxiousness and certain types of malignant neoplastic disease. But the U. S. federal authorities has tried to forestall patients from obtaining hemp and threatened doctors who prescribe it with condemnable prosecution or loss of their licence to pattern medical specialty. But yet. the turning support for medical marihuana has grown massively in Numberss over the past 20 old ages.

Furthermore. the United States has worked its economic system into a fiscal crisis over the old ages and needs to get down coming up with some programs to equilibrate out the debt. The citizens of the United States are about every bit divided on the determination of legalisation. but when analyzing the facts. there are many outstanding benefits that would originate as a direct consequence of legalisation. A benefit of legalising marihuana includes supplying the authorities with purchase to this job. Marijuana is presently against federal Torahs yet medical marihuana complies with several province Torahs. Every twelvemonth. the authorities is obligated to pass money straight related to the cost of implementing marijuana Torahs. Marijuana is a hard currency harvest and can be used for apparels. paper. medical substances. along with many other utilizations.

The legalisation of marihuana would supply the authorities and our state with control over a immense hard currency harvest that can be easy cultivated to our clime. In add-on to exporting hemp and marihuana to roll up more financess. the authorities would be able to revenue enhancement the works really likewise to alcohol or tobacco. If this were the instance. it is estimated ‘according to the computations here. legalisation would cut down authorities outgo by $ 5. 3 billion at the province and local degree and by $ 2. 4 billion at the federal degree. ” ( Miron18 ) . These figures generated in the article the Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Prohibition reinforce that the deliberate values of acquiring rid of the outgo caused by marihuana wrongdoers along with the revenue enhancement of the substance would be a significant alteration to our economic system.

Furthermore. utilizing marihuana for medicative intent is non a recent find. In fact. written mentions to utilize medical marihuana day of the month back about 5. 000 old ages. Western medical specialty embraced marijuana’s medical belongingss in the mid-1800s. and by the beginning of the twentieth century. doctors had published more than 100 documents in the Western medical literature urging its broad for a assortment of upsets. These upsets include pain alleviation. sickness. glaucoma. and motion upsets. It is besides used as a powerful appetency stimulation which helps patients that had HIV/AIDS or malignant neoplastic disease patients traveling through chemotherapy. Today. 1000s of patients “like me “are able to utilize marihuana as an effectual method of intervention for their complaints. This is possible because 14 province authoritiess across the state have acknowledged cannabis’ effectual healing belongingss and legalized its ingestion for medicative intents with the consent of a accredited doctor. However. these patients are at the clemency of the federal authorities.

On the other manus. oppositions of medical marihuana or merely marijuana itself hold given many grounds for why it should non be legalized. One of the chief grounds they argue is that Marijuana smoke contains known carcinogens and produces dependence in users. In many surveies. it has shown that it does hold some injury. such as the injuries associated with smoke. But the National Academy of Science affirmed that “marijuana’s short term medical benefits outweigh any smoking-related injury for some patients. Though marihuana has been proven to be damaging to the lungs more than baccy a survey in 2006 found no grounds that marihuana tobacco users had higher rates of lung malignant neoplastic disease.

The FDA has tested the effectivity of marihuana and has found that the cannabinoids are helpful in handling hurting associated with chemotherapy. postoperative recovery. and spinal cord hurt. every bit good as neuropathic hurting. which is frequently experienced by patients with metastatic malignant neoplastic disease. multiple induration. and diabetes. There is besides no grounds shown that patients who use marijuana become addicted. Through the opponent side argues this. they show no grounds in back uping this claim. which hence. the claim is invalid. There are many pharmaceutical drugs used for intervention and they are habit-forming. yet it’s legal. Besides carcinogens can hold a negative consequence. but there are many things in society. such as baccy. that contains harmful toxins. yet it’s still legal. To state marihuana should stay illegal because it is habit-forming. is irrelevant because these points are still present in society today and are harmful to the human organic structure. but still they remain legal.

In add-on. a immense controversial topic on marihuana legalisation motion is the subject of condemnable activity as a consequence of the plant’s legalisation. Oppositionists in favour of maintaining marijuana illegal argue that offense rates will spike to unheard of degrees if marihuana is legalized. Advocates believe that the consequence of legalising marihuana will ensue in the antonym. The legalisation of marihuana will ensue in the antonym. The legalisation of marihuanas would make inauspicious effects on condemnable activity degrees. For illustration. the degree of condemnable wrongdoers on marihuana will drop to zero. This would straight ensue on lower degrees of offense as a whole due to the no longer bing costs associated with decriminalisation. The terminal consequence of this would be no longer filling prisons and gaols with marijuana wrongdoers.

Another cardinal issue on this point is whether or non organisations involved in cultivating. merchandising. or smuggling will beef up to get the better of the authorities control on marihuana. This is a conjectural state of affairs which more realistically would ensue in drug organisations keeping power of more serious drugs such as cocaine. Methedrines. or diacetylmorphine. Drug trafficking organisation control most of the power associated with these drugs already. The governmental control of marihuanas would non beef up drug organisations or packs as no 1 would be able to vie against them.

Writers from the Elliot school of International Affairs/Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission states that “a retail markup between 20 % and 50 % . and state-level revenue enhancement of 25 $ per ounce. the monetary value of legalized marihuana in California would probably be between $ 60 and $ 75 per ounce… legal marihuana regulated by the authorities would be approximately the same monetary value as its Mexican rival and between 23. 6 times as potent” ( Miron 28 ) . The advantage would be mostly held by the authorities if it was made readily available for public consumer usage due to the convenience. monetary value. and quality of the marihuana.

In decision. the United States as a whole is in demand of new more effectual policies to excite more economic growing. supply more advanced health care. and lower the nation’s condemnable activity rate. As it stands today. marihuana is against the jurisprudence and counteracts the promotion and prosperity of the United States. Through the research has been shown that marihuana has a big potency to go a solution and wiser determination to thee on-going issues. Some of the top issues in the arguments when reasoning either side of marihuana prohibition and legalisation were analyzed to efficaciously turn out the benefits of legalisation over prohibition. The legalisation of marihuana has been analyzed to be effectual add-on to the Federals Torahs set by the United States.

Many of the different grounds that the opposing side has given are irrelevant and can be easy proven by the grounds given by the advocates. The DEA has let 1000000s of patients suffer miserably for many old ages because they refuse to give them the proper attention. Research has already proven that it has medicative values and it shouldn’t be withheld from the patients any longer than it already has.


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